Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

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Average score: 89% (based on 41 ratings)

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Average score: 4.3 out of 5 (based on 47 ratings with 4 reviews)

This game is worth the buy

The Good
The game seems to have all the graphics needed for a good GBA play. All the graphics contain the great looking colours and textures (well, not really textures,but you know what I mean), and it the amazing array of different colours really catches the eye. It is amazing how the game truly comes all the way to being the Snes version.

Playing the game is also very fun as you move Yoshi along the levels. They aren't too hard, nor are they too easy, which makes for a very balanced game without too many retries and not too easy at the same time.

Sound is also quite good, as the sound effects are good, but you wouldn't really care about them after a while.

The Bad
The only bad thing about this is something that was also in the SNES version. I didn't like the level select screen. Had they made it more like Super Mario Worlds level select screen, this game would be much better.

The Bottom Line
Bad select screen or not, this game is a definite must. If you have got a GBA and looking for a worthy game, definitely go here first.
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Game Boy Advance · by ThE oNe (180) · 2002

A great game, but with a few technical flaws not present in the SNES version

The Good
NOTE: This is about the GBA conversion

  1. The GBA version adds an additional 6 secret levels that are unlocked after you complete stages with 100% completion rates on top of the SNES's 6 secret levels. Bonus!

  2. The portability of GBA means I can take YI anywhere.

  3. Porting this game into another generation of consoles ensures that YI will continue to influence gamers for another generation or so.

    The Bad
    NOTE: This is about the GBA conversion

  4. The conversion makes the sound come out a little strange. I'd describe it as sounding a little weak and slightly metallic. I don't know how to describe it, as I'm not an audio person.

  5. There is slow-down in the graphics of some stages. It's not enough to put you off the game, but there you have it.

  6. My opinion is that YI is not suited for the "small screen" simply because the graphics look so much nicer in front of you on a big display. If you don't have an SNES but have a GameCube, think about getting a GameBoy Player on the cheap, hooking it up to your GC, and giving Yoshi's Island a try through your GC. It's worth the effort.

    The Bottom Line
    Here's a URL to cut'n'paste for the Moby Games SNES listing of this title: http://www.mobygames.com/game/snes/super-mario-world-2-yoshis-island

For the SNES version, I submitted a much longer review in which I basically write that this game is a classic and is something every gamer should experience. For that reason, I think the GBA port is a fantastic way to keep this game "alive," so to say.

If you have a GBA, buy this game and play it. As I mention above, the graphics are compromised only slightly by the GBA, and that meager shortcoming doesn't take away from the outstanding gameplay and truly inspired design. If you can do the GameBoy Player on the GameCube, do that, otherwise play this game on your GBA.

If you give this game a fair chance, it will instantly join your list of favorite platformers and (perhaps) overall favorite games.

Game Boy Advance · by MagFram (33) · 2005

Great port of the SNES classic that still stands out today.

The Good
This game still has those amazing graphics it had on the SNES. This game is easily one of the most beautiful games that are available on the GBA. In Yoshi's Island you get too see Mario as a baby. A stork flies with the baby Mario Bros. in his beak. Luigi gets been kidnapped by Kamek the Koopa who has foreseen the brothers' numerous successes in defeating the Koopa's. He fails to capture Mario however, who lands on the island of the Yoshi's. The Yoshi's decide to escort Mario on their back and free Luigi. This takes you trough various very colorful and hand-drawn levels that look like they have been drawn with crayons. The game may look like it's only fun for kids, but it has enough depth to satisfy older players as well. They game is very easy since Yoshi doesn't get hurt when hit but loses Mario and when he is not in time to pick him back up in his bubble Kamek's goons will appear and take him and you will lose a life. Though this gameplay system makes it much easier than other Mario games it's not hurting the game overall since this game has lots of secrets you will have to find to unlock more levels making the very replayable so you won't put it down after the easy main quest. Attack can be done by trowing enemies or eggs which can be pointed at anything an made by swallowing enemies. This system works surprisingly well and adds depth to the gameplay. The enemies are very fun too and every world has two bosses which are XXL versions of normal enemies. Though the enemies are usually easy to defeat they are original and varied and you will see old and new ones with their own weak and strong points. The sound is great too and is full of fitting tunes to the themes. Some classic sound effects are here too making sure you remain the Mario feel while playing a game that is totally different since Yoshi is the main character rather than Mario. The Mario Bros. game is included too and although it's the same as in previous Mario Advance titles, it's a nice extra.

The Bad
Some of the weird graphical effects are a bit choppier than they would on the SNES and it's a bit of a letdown that the Mario Bros. arcade game is still the same. May be a bit easy although there is enough replay in this game to keep you busy for hours.

The Bottom Line
A great package with very few flaws and a very memorable graphical style that still amazes after the ten years it's been since it was released. Highly recommended, simply one of the best platform games on the GBA.

Game Boy Advance · by Rensch (203) · 2005

Yoshi's back... this time for BLOOD!

The Good
Bah, not really. He's too damn cute to do that.

Anyhoo, this game offers an outlet in the Game Boy Advance side for Yoshi fans who can't get enough of the little guy on the SNES. This game has a simple storyline, which doesn't require much thought but to go from stage to stage. Easy controls and fun enemies to deal with really sweeten the deal. Egg-whippin', head-stompin', baby Mario-luggin' fun! The music is pleasant to listen to, and really sets the mood for the level. Sounds aren't that new, but hey, who cares? They're still good, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it! The visuals are pretty slick as well, because I for one am glad the import didn't mess with the Mario-esque look of things.

The Bad
Well, this game lacked diversity. The levels were simply awesome, but there were only two or three mini-games to play, and no silly "fun" mode like I would expect. The power-ups also disappointed me EVER SO SLIGHTLY. They were neat and fun at first, but few and far between. I'd also like a couple more, like have another Yoshi come in or possibly a shield. Just something to make the experience more delightful.

The Bottom Line
A fun Yoshi port for the Game Boy Advance. Like Yoshi? Pick it up! Definite buy for any fan of Mario.

Game Boy Advance · by Kain Ceverus (30) · 2007

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