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Choose from 8 ships, each with different handling and weaponry characteristics. Fly with up to 250 other players simultaneously, fighting for points, a good win/loss ratio, and the respect of your peers.

Subspace is divided into "Zones" which provide different game types. You can join in on these games at any time. Some zones run "Capture the Flag" style games, others "Soccer" style, where players must compete over a ball, with their object to reach 10 goals for their team first. The most popular variant, however, is "Chaos", where literally anything goes. Kill or be killed.

Offering unique multiplayer gaming based on a beautifully simple game concept, Subspace incorporates the best elements of online gaming into one package. A variety of different game styles, team or solo play, IRC-style chat, and infinite re-playability are only some of its many virtues.

What started as a project to test the viability of a massive multiplayer environment with commercial backing quickly became one of the most entertaining and popular multiplayer games available.


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Average score: 78% (based on 9 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings with 5 reviews)

Best Massively Multiplayer 2D Spaceship Game Ever

The Good
In this game you get to meet people from all over the world...then kill them. I enjoy the soccer, capture the flag and deathmatch types of gameplay the most. It's very addictive and there's always new game types being added. I participate in several of the competitive leagues that are available and they're my favorite part of the game.

The Bad
The game can be frustrating at times because it's filled with many skilled players..and occasionally they get the best of me.

The Bottom Line
This is a massively multiplayer 2d spaceship game. There are 8 different ship types. There are many different types of gameplay such as capture the flag, deathmatch, hockey, soccer. There are competitive leagues, a very good chat system and many special events and arenas. The game is also always evolving and being improved upon. I must warn you: this game can be very addictive so watch out!

Windows · by Andrew Clark (2) · 2007

SEE Interesting locales, RUN from trigger-happy pilots, MEET interesting people... and blow them out of the sky!

The Good
Subspace lets you do things your way. Do you like running into the middle of the fray guns blazing? Choose the Warbird or the Leviathan. How about lying in wait quietly, then uncloaking and blasting your unsuspecting victim? Then the Spider is your ship. There are 8 different ships with their own specialties, so you have some strategic choices to make.

This game is massively multiplayer. There can be up to 250 players on in one server. Some of them might not even be playing. If you just feel like watching the action, you can go into spectator mode. This many people can make for a lot of chaos. Or if you want something more structured, you can play capture the flag, soccer, or several other kinds of planned games. Me, I just like to blast indiscriminately.

The Bad
Since Virgin Interactive gave up on Subspace (after putting it through a TWO YEAR beta test!), the game is still going strong. This is because they included server software with the CD. But this can lead to quite a bit of cheating. There are some sysops that cheat, and will let their friends cheat. This can make things really annoying for the rest of us. Luckily, there are more non-cheating servers, than ones that do.

The Bottom Line
Subspace is fun. Just plain fun. You get a wide variety of games to play, several choices on ships that alter how you play, and many servers to choose to play on. And they give you the best opponent: Many other people.

Windows · by Narf! (132) · 2000

The ultimate Internet action game!

The Good
From the minute I loaded version 1.09 from the demo disk that shipped with Red Alert , I knew I had found something special.

The simplicity of this game is beautiful. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Imagine, if you will, Asteroids with hundreds of players, rowdy power-ups, safe zones, and mad trash talking via built in chat. Add a spectator mode for lurking and multiple game types for those who want more structure than just "Chaos". Does multiplayer gaming get any better?

Sure it does. Open beta test it for around 2 years, build a huge underground following, tweak every last bug right out of the code ... then release and include a server with the game and your multiplayer classic lives forever. I can't say enough good things about this game. I turned all my friends on to it and now most of them are hopelessly addicted! :)

The Bad
VIE could have done a better job promoting and marketing this game, and turned it into the phenomenon it deserved to be. (In many ways it is one anyway, so ...) Unfortunately, for many reasons, this didn't come to pass. Fear not, however, the designers are currently working on Infantry , another massively multiplayer soon-to-be classic!

The Bottom Line
Go right now to "Related Sites" and download a copy. It's free, it's fun, and it is totally fantastic.

Windows · by JubalHarshaw (163) · 2000

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SubSpace went through over 30 revisions during testing, most of which were released for open beta. Open beta testing continued for almost 2 years, building one of the most fanatical user groups in the history of gaming. When the game was finally released, it shipped with both client and server software, guaranteeing that SubSpace would exist long after the company stopped supporting it. This happened in late 1998, but player-run servers still exist, with a large contingent of players. Unlike many other multiplayer-only games, SubSpace never charged a monthly fee.


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