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Twenty is a puzzle game that draws inspiration from the concept of Threes! even though it was initially started as a clone of Money Idol Exchanger. The game is played on a board filled with tiles of different colours and numbers. Only the numbers are important as the game is won by creating a tile with the value '20'. Similar to Threes! this is done by combining two tiles with an identical number. When a match is made they both disappear and a tile with a higher number is created. For instance, combining two '3' tiles creates a single '4' tile. This process needs to be repeated until a tile with the value '20' is created.

If movement is not blocked by other tiles they can be dragged anywhere around the board (and they drop when released). Matches can be created both vertically and horizontally. There is time pressure as a new row with random numbers is created from below when no more moves are possible. There is also a time bar and when it is empty a new row is created as well. Later on the game is made more difficult when two tiles appear connected through a black bar. These can be dragged around, but not separately until they are released when a match is created with one of them.

The game is free on all platforms, but the mobile versions include additional game modes such as Zen (no time pressure), Panic (more time pressure), Bubbles, Drop and Flip-Flop. It also contains a two-player mode called TwentyTwo where two players race each other to reach twenty first and can steal tiles from each other and it has a system to save and resume the game. The game mechanics are introduced through a brief tutorial.

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