The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

aka: Der Herr der Ringe: Die Gefährten, El Señor de los Anillos: La Comunidad del Anillo, Il Signore degli Anelli: La Compagnia dell'Anello, LOTR1, Le Seigneur des anneaux: La communauté de l'anneau, O Senhor dos Anéis: A Sociedade do Anel, Władca Pierścieni: Drużyna Pierścienia
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Based on the legendary novels by the late JRR Tolkien, you take control of the Fellowship as they follow a path of evil to the steps of Mount Doom, in order to cast the One ring of Sauron back into the depths of the volcano, in turn destroying the evil that lies within it. This first in a trilogy follows Frodo and the fellowship as they begin their journey to Mount Doom, only to find that what lies ahead may be too much to handle.

The Xbox version, a 3rd person adventure, has you scaling the lands of middle earth in real time combat with a host of evil creatures to find your way past. Along the way, you will come across familiar characters that will aid or hinder your progress.

Unlike the movie trilogy, this adaption of the tale includes characters not seen on the big screen, including Tom Bombadil and others, as well as including many of the songs written by Tolkien as puzzles.


  • שר הטבעות: אחוות הטבעת - Hebrew spelling
  • 魔戒首部曲:魔戒現身 - Traditional Chinese spelling
  • 魔戒:魔戒同盟 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 60% (based on 39 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 44 ratings with 4 reviews)

I expected more of this one...

The Good
Not much really... the music was nicely worked out and very suitable for the world you actually play in. You do feel like you are in Middle Earth. The graphics are dark, mysterious, even creepy with moments. The fighting styles are acceptable but could have been worked out a lot deeper for a game which purely focuses on battle.

The Bad
Firstly, I finished it in about 5 to 6 hours, even the first time I played it. Secondly you can only play in 3rd person because in 1st person the game appears to be buggy (very slow speed and trembling view when running on non-horizontal surfaces). Third: the AI simply sucks. Enemies are totally predictable and can always be killed by the same repetitive attack pattern. 4th: For a combat game, the possible moves of the characters are too limited.

The Bottom Line
It's a game you play once and then leave it on the shelve to collect dust. I would not recommend it. Other Lord of the Rings games (the Hobbit, Return of the King, War of the Ring) are far better than this one.

Windows · by Ruudje_1976 (4) · 2005

Destroy it in Mount Doom... or bury it in the desert

The Good
The versatility of being able to play multiple characters from the novels and films in several favorite settings is the game's biggest appeal... and once you've actually played the game, you realize that that is the game's one and only appealing aspect.

The Bad
There is no single aspect of this game that is good. Unless you are a complete Tolkien completist, avoid it like the plague. Even Sierra's atrocious The Hobbit is better.

The Bottom Line
Play the later two games in the trilogy instead, especially Return of the King. Or put your hand through a meat grinder. Either option is better than playing LOTR:FOTR.

PlayStation 2 · by Sean Curtin (1) · 2004

Not worth the money...

The Good
The atmosphere was pretty good, and the handling of the characters was pretty fun, especially the "finishing moves" executed by Gandalf or Aragorn whereby a fallen enemy is stabbed through vital organs and killed.

The Bad
I completed it in one day, no jokes. In the end I brought it back to from whence it came. Also, the plot was atrocious. GAME SPOILERS IMMINENT At the end of this game (which is supposed to be the first book), the Fellowship is attacked by the Witch-king who, for some reason, kidnaps Sam. Am I the only one who missed that bit in Tolkien's Novel?

The Bottom Line
I'm a LOTR fanatic, and still couldn't glean much joy from this hack 'n slash. Don't waste your money.

Windows · by emmamomocat (29) · 2003

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Live Tree William Dewar Jul 11th, 2007

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