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Champions Forever Boxing is a boxing game licensed from the 1989 documentary about the sport, featuring the likenesses of five all-time greats: Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Holmes and Norton. Players can both control the legendary boxers or measure up against them in the ring.

The game includes single player exhibition and career modes, a two-player versus mode and an auto-play mode which sees AI boxers taking each other on for demonstration. Career mode starts in 1968 and lasts up to fifteen years, with one fight per year, taking into account the actual historical standings of the featured boxers. In career mode, all fights last 12 rounds, while in the other modes the number of rounds can be set between 3 and 12.

Fights are shown from the side of the ring. Controls allow for five different punches: Button II launches a jab, while button I in combination with a direction button enables left and right hooks, a body blow and an uppercut. Pressing Run blocks high, Run + Down blocks low. Clinching is possible when in close proximity and it is also possible to taunt the opponent with a showboating move. Strength and stamina meters show the condition of the boxer: the opponent landing a blow lowers strength, throwing punches lowers stamina. When strength is depleted, the boxer is knocked down and must button-mash to get back up, the difficulty of which increases with each knockdown.

Rounds last 3 minutes. Between rounds, the corner screen appears for 30 seconds, showing judges' scores, statistics about punches landed, successful blocks and knockdowns made and a visualization of the damage to the boxers' faces. In the 30 seconds, it is possible to either regain strength or stamina or to increase the power of certain punches.

Progress in career mode is stored via password or backup memory on a TurboGrafx-CD or with a TurboBooster-Plus.

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