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In the future, maybe in the year 2000, people will be forced to move underground and live in tunnels. Unfortunately, these tunnels are infested with mutated rat/alligator creatures known as "ratigators." You are the pilot of a Sewer Shark, a craft designed to navigate the Sewers and rid them of ratigators. It's a dangerous job, but if you clear out enough vermin you can win a one-way trip to Solar City and sunny beaches.

Sewer Shark is an FMV-based shooter, and one of the first games released for the Sega CD. You move a crosshair around the screen and shoot targets. Occasionally, you can also choose to change directions at fixed points.

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Girl Friday
Voice of Catfish
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Motion Control Puppets
  • Chiodo Bros. Productions
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Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 24 ratings with 2 reviews)

Welcome To The Next Level!

The Good
Sewer Shark was probably the first game that people played on the Sega CD, especially if you bought the second model. It dazzled us with its B-minus acting, dark and grainy full motion video. The science fiction storyline about how most of humanity was forced to live under ground, as a result of environmental devastation, seemed mighty topical.

The Bad
Sewer Shark is a linear 'rail gun' game. Generally, you must remain on a certain path shooting sewer bats and rats in order to advance to the next level. You only venture off the rail when you want to refill your precious energy and or avoid ramming into a wall. Both of which require split second timing while you are attempting to rack up enough points. Lose one life or fail to score enough points and you get to start the game from scratch. Not only is the game frustratingly difficult but the quality of the full motion video (FMV) is no where near television or cinema quality. Some bozo at Sega decided to veto any suggestion that the Sega CD be able to display more then 64 on-screen colors. As a result the "next level" turned out to be some really grainy, muddy and pixelated video.

The Bottom Line
Sewer Shark showed the potential for the CD-ROM revolution. Credit has to be given for Digital Pictures in helping to bring extensive Full Motion Video to consumers, something that we take for granted today with video on demand web pages. Initially the Full Motion Video, was very impressive for gamers who grown up in the era of computer disks and video cartridges. Yet, once the initial praise and awe died down, consumers were left with a game that was not really that fun to play.

SEGA CD · by ETJB (428) · 2010

Early FMV Shooter with live action storyline.

The Good
It reminded me of The Running Man movie. It has very cheesy funny dialog like a bad Sci-Fi movie. Most parts of the game besides the gameplay itself is pretty good. And every time you get a little bit farther it was incentive to continue on.

The Bad
Only one thing. The tunnel sequences only have so much variety. So after a short period of time they are extremely repetitive. Although that helps you predict the enemy positions so maybe it's not so bad.

The Bottom Line
You and your co-pilot fly a special ship in the sewers blasting mutant monsters before they have a chance to eat everybody. If you can make it all the way through the sewers you earn a special trip to the outside world above the underground where you live. But be careful who you trust.

You need to get so many points to advance to the next level. You earn points by shooting critters. You lose points every time you shoot so shoot carefully. Also some critters damage your ship if you don't shoot then. And there are deadly gas buildups that you need to disperse with a flare.

Along the way are recharge stations. Make careful note where and which side they are on because they are the same every time and you need to hit all of them.

You have a robot navigator called catfish running ahead of you finding the correct route through the tunnels. Pay attention to his coordinates and always lock your turns as early as possible. After the correct jumps are made it's all critter blasting. Since this is a common game found loose I'll include the instructions here.

Catfish will signal you on the com line and give you navigational directions to target locations. Catfish will let you know the path where he's opened the hatch doors by calling out clock face directions Twelve, Three, Six and Niner.

His directions are the Tube Jumps you need to make to follow him.

Catfish's directions will require you to make three consecutive tube Jumps.

For example, he'll call Out: ''Three, Niner, Six.'' You must then take Tube Jumps at the three intersections immediately following his directions first RIGHT (Three), then LEFT (Niner), then DOWN (Six).

For Example, if Catfish calls out, ''Twelve, Niner, Niner,'' your controls would be:

B BUTTON to activate Steering, then D PAD UP when you See the UP Arrow on the Tube Jump Indicator flashing; then

B BUTTON to activate Steering, then D PAD LEFT when you See the LEFT Arrow on the Tube jump Indicator flashing; then

B BUTTON to activate Steering, then D PAD LEFT when you See the LEFT Arrow on the Tube Jump Indicator flashing. You know a turn is locked-in when the arrow turns yellow.

If you do not follow Catfish's directions exactly, he'll try his best to find you and open hatch doors ahead of your new course but he won't always make it... and neither will you.

A flashing green light means you have an option to jump to another tube-you don't have to take it. TO make a Tube Jump, you'll need to engage the Hole Hawg's Steering Controls, then Steer into the Tube you want. lf, following a jump, the lights change to yellow, your jump is locked. If that light turns red, you've made the wrong turn or missed the correct turn.

The recharge station is just a left or right jump depending which side is green.

When the hydrogen level ( line indicator ) gets red hit your C button to fire a flare.

OK let me add my personal thoughts on how to beat this game. First, try to memorize the tube pattern and where the enemy critters show up on the walls. They repeat. Do NOT waste energy firing without hitting enemies. You need to have a certain score and energy level to move on to the higher levels. Concentrate on Catfish's tube jump directions and follow them exactly. Lock jumps in as early as possible. Pick off wall crawlers first and follow up with the flying critters. Try not to waste shots on the flying things. After a while you can see their pattern also. The bats and ratigators do not hurt your ship. Everything else will damage you if you don't shoot it. Drop everything to hit the scorpions because the drain energy. And they take two hits to kill.

It was worth finishing this game to see the final movie :)

SEGA CD · by gametrader (208) · 2006


Sewer Shark wasn't originally made for the Sega CD in the first place. It was originally made for a system that used VHS tapes instead of cartridges or CDs. Hasbro, who developed the system, decided to drop the idea, may be for money reasons, or something else. So when the time came to release the Sega CD in the U.S, Sega probably decided to release this game as a launch game because it featured FMV and Sega wanted to show how powerful the Sega CD was through FMV. Thus, Sega bought the rights for it and published it under Sony.

Tom Zito, the president of Digital Pictures, said the game's development costs were $3 million.


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