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aka: Fúria Sniper, Modern Combat: Future War
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Sniper Fury is a first-person shooter that consists of several short missions played in succession. The story chapters take place in Murmansk (Russia), Shanghai and a jungle environment. As of December 2015 a fourth environment, Dubai, is announced as well, but not yet a part of the game. The player starts as a sniper who is hired by an organization to complete various missions.

The game is played entirely played from a stationary position. Swipes are used to look around and move the camera. Swiping vertically over the zoom sliders provides a scope or an ironsight mode. The game does not only provide sniper rifles, but also missions where assault rifles are used. Sometimes a mission consists of multiple locations. After completing a first one the camera moves to a second location and the player does not need to control movement. Sniper rifles generally only fire a single bullet and then require some time to reload, so the player has to aim carefully. Kill shots are shown in slow motion. A separate button is used to reload the weapon, also for assault rifles that have a larger magazine size.

Completed missions are rewarded with cash (the default currency) and experience. Extra cash is provided for headshots and it is possible to target specific body parts. With enough experience the player character levels up, providing cash, gold (a second currency) and rubies (the premium currency). It also replenishes energy, used as an energy/stamina system where each mission consumes some. When out of energy, the player has to wait or spend money to refill energy. The currencies can be used to buy new weapons and upgrade them. The main statistics are scope (zoom), stability, thermal and mag size. Thermal refers to a mode where all heat resources are revealed for a few seconds. Similarly a radar scan can be used to reveal the location of enemies in the environment. It is also possible to upgrade the damage and collect weapon parts to craft new weapon components for upgrades. Many missing parts required for a complete set can be found in specific missions or in battle packs that are bought on the black market. Sometimes a basic combat pack or a rare elite pack can be found for free, but mostly rubies are required. Rubies are rare and often need to be bought as in-app purchases with real money. The game is free-to-play and does not have advertisements. Weapons can be customized aesthetically.

From the main menu four game modes are available: Story, Sniper, Assault and Contracts. Missions are often based on identifying and killing specific targets, stopping waves of enemies, or preventing certain enemies from calling for reinforcements. There is a separate part of the game based around managing and expanding a base with recruits that can be sent out on missions. A base has a basic defense level and up to five squad mates (bought or earned during missions) can be assigned. They gather gold from contracts and provide a steady flow of currency. They also defend the base against enemy raids for the player's vault with gold. Squad mates can be trained extensively to improve their statistics through training tokens and the base can be upgraded multiple times. It is also possible to attack the bases of online opponents. It is not real-time multiplayer, instead the computer provides AI-controlled enemies based on the troops' statistics in the base. Rubies can be spent to install additional defense systems such as drones. In the base mode of the game it is also possible to level up, improving the amount of gold earned per hour, the vault capacity, the drone defense level and the base defense level.


  • Операция «Снайпер» - Russian spelling
  • スナイパーフューリー - Japanese spelling
  • 炽热狙击 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 熾熱狙擊 - Traditional Chinese spelling
  • 스나이퍼 퓨리 - Korean spelling

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