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Executive Suite

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After a short job interview, you get hired to Mighty Microcomputer Corporation. You have only one goal in your mind: to become the president of the company as soon as possible!

The game presents you with situations and problems which you must solve by choosing from multiple choices. After a series of questions the game evaluates your performance. If you have made the right choices, you get to advance in your career, but if you have made the wrong decisions, you get fired from the company and the game ends.

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Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings with 2 reviews)

Fun game with little replayability

The Good
There is a wide variety of things that can happen in the game as you work your way through many different types of jobs. From the mail room to the Vice President of Marketing, or any number of other jobs, you must do the right things in order to be considered for promotion.

The large number of jobs and types of jobs adds a decent amount of variety to the choices you must make in the game. Will you support the management, or will you support the union? Will you risk everything by having an assistant get you vital information so that there is no delay, or will you accept a delay with a client in order to make sure you have the correct information? Everything hinges on your choices.

The Bad
The only thing I didn't really like was the low replayability of the game. Once you have done one of the jobs in the game, you will know the right choices to make the next time you do that job. Even if you have problems getting to the top of the corporate ladder at first, once you learn what to do at each job, your task will be simple. There is still some replayability as you can avoid doing the same jobs each time around, but eventually you will do every job and then there will be nothing new for you.

The Bottom Line
This is a fun game to play for a few times until you start learning what choices to make at every job. If you want a game that is fun for a few times through, try this game out. If you want something that you will enjoy playing for a long time, you should find a different game to play.

PC Booter · by Riamus (8480) · 2014

Very Innovative Game

The Good
This is a very innovative game, as far as I know, there's been no other games made like it. There's no graphics or sound to speak of, it's simply white text on a black background. Some questions, as you get up to higher levels get very interesting with no easy to see correct answer. Also, you get to make up your own character, which seems to influence your starting options, as far as I could tell, nothing else.

The Bad
It starts off with questions that are way too simple with a correct answer immediately obvious, and the majority of questions on later levels don't really get that much harder. There's only about 4-5 questions per level, with all the questions being exactly the same in the same order every time you play. Fortunately, there's a fairly big amount of jobs you can play, to make it somewhat more replayable. Although, the game itself really is way too short, for the first few time you play it (as you're having the most fun). You're forced to retire at 75 years old (you can start at any age), not once you finish all the possible options, and there really is no exciting ending.

The Bottom Line
Try this game out, it is fairly easy to find now in abandonware and since it's free the price can't be beat! It will hold your interest for at least a few playthroughs and it's very interesting to see a type of game that really hasn't been reproduced today, having been released over 20 years ago!

PC Booter · by CubbyKatz (83) · 2014


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