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Ignition is an action packed racing game viewed from above and slightly behind the player. The cars on offer range from police car and VW Beetle to school bus and truck, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses - trying to win with the bus, which involves blocking everyone behind the hideously slow vehicle for 3 laps, is perhaps the ultimate challenge.

Initially there are 5 tracks available, with practice and single race modes as well as full championship at 3 levels - winning each of the first 2 levels unlocks an extra track. They all have hazards running through them, and sections where you must make a split-second choice between the safer route and the risky but potentially rewarding one. Multiplayer can be done via network or by split-screen - in a break with convention the screen is split vertically rather than horizontally.


  • 欢乐大飞车 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 75% (based on 16 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 61 ratings with 1 reviews)

A great party game

The Good
At it's time, the graphics were spectacular, even before they released a 3dfx patch for it. In fact, just booting it up recently at 800x600 (but without my trusty voodoo2 anymore) it still looked fantastic. The tracks all have a lot of depth to them, i.e. twisty roads along mountains, bridges that overlap, etc, which add immensely to the visual splendor.

The best part is multiplayer options. I've never tried the network version, but I recall when we first got it my roommates and i spent countless hours playing it split screen. I even stopped playing need for speed 3 (or was it 2, I can't remember) for it!!

And of course, everyone loves to drive the big yellow schoolbus around.

The Bad
Probably the main shortcoming is the length/amount of tracks. Even though there are 10 tracks, each is quite short. It would have been nice if they made a track-reverse mode. It makes for nice quick races, but the longevity of the game is compromised.

Also, while all handle distinctly, only a few are suited to win races. Basically you have to choose a fast one or one with good acceleration.

The Bottom Line
This is a wonderful and fun racing game that withstands the test of time very well, graphically and gameplay-wise. Plus, it has split-screen options which, while phased out almost completely on the PC due to network gaming, makes for nice gatherings when LAN parties are not feasible.

Windows · by grimbergen (433) · 2001


Game Engine

Runs on a custom-built engine called LISA (named after one of the team member's, Kalle's, cat).

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