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Alarm für Cobra 11: Die Autobahnpolizei (included games)

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The Alarm für Cobra 11: Die Autobahnpolizei CD-ROM is a multimedia reference and interactive making-of about the successful German action TV series of the same name. The series revolves around cases of the fictitious highway police department 11 and its two main investigators, handling cases from smuggling to kidnapping, extortion and murder. The show is known for featuring high-speed car chases, massive pile-up crashes and explosions in most episodes.

This Apple Media Kit-based CD-ROM mainly features a reference section on the first 15 episodes of the show, including plot summaries, snapshots, actor and character biographies, and background information on the production process and stunts. Numerous video clips serve as illustrations.

Two games are also included:

  • The Cobra-Quiz is a timed trivia game that tests the player's knowledge of the series. There are two stages of 12 randomly selected multiple-choice questions each. If at least half of the questions are answered correctly in both stages, the player is rewarded with an outtake video. The answers to the questions can be learned from the other sections of the CD-ROM.
  • The Action Game allows players to try their hand at stunt coordination. Given a wind speed, they have to adjust the angle of a ramp, and the speed of the car that will drive onto it, to try and have it clear a certain distance. Depending on whether the car will clear the obstacle, or overshoot or undershoot the target, one of two different outcomes is shown in a video clip.

Other interactive sections of the CD-ROM include the Trailer Director screen, where a trailer for the TV show can be assembled from nine given clips, and the Foley Stage where a sequence of action scenes without sound can be enhanced by playing sound effects from a selection of seven samples. Both of these screens allow saving the created sequence in order to play it back again later.

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Macintosh version

Even though it isn't mentioned on the game's packaging, nor in its documentation, the CD-ROM is in fact a Windows/Macintosh hybrid. The HFS section of the disc contains a fully functional Macintosh version. (The CD-ROM was developed using the Apple Media Tool, an authoring tool that allows the creation of applications for both Windows and Macintosh systems from the same code base.)

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