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Blazing Dragons

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SEGA Saturn Specs
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Blazing Dragons is an adventure game based on the Nelvana cartoon of the same name. In this twist on the King Arthur legend, the player controls a young dragon named Flicker who lives in the kingdom of Camelhot. Flicker is an inventor who wants to become a knight and win a tournament. The prize is the hand in marriage of Princess Flame, Flicker's lifelong love interest. The player must solve puzzles to defeat the evil mechanical Black Dragon, the human race's entry into the tournament. The gameplay is mostly straight inventory-based point-and-click, but there are several arcade sequences that the player must successfully complete in order to progress.

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Average score: 74% (based on 16 ratings)


Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings with 1 reviews)

Adventure Gaming Nirvana

The Good
Blazing Dragon features impressive, cartoon quality graphics, big name comedians doing the voice talents, plenty of point n' click graphic adventure-style puzzles and lots of British comedy, satire, innuendos and jabs. It is one of the few true graphic adventure games made for the Playstation 1.

The Bad
I was surprised that this game did not warrant a slightly higher rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, in light of some of the game's jokes, puns and or innuendos. Just so you know, the humor is very much in the same vein as the Discworld or Simon the Sorcerer games or the Monty Python films. If that sort of humor does not click, then you may not appreciate much of the game's appeal.

The Bottom Line
Not many true graphic adventure games made their way onto the Sony Playstation 1. For one reason or another the entire genre does not seem to translate often onto the home console systems. Even if you are not familiar with the short lived cartoon series, Blazing Dragon is a wonderfully funny and intelligent British adventure game.

PlayStation · by ETJB (428) · 2010


German version

The German version has some remarkable differences:

The cricket player no longer speaks with a Pakistani accent, instead of that they have given him a German-American accent that makes no sense at all.

In the English version the strong guy in the juice bar speaks with an "Arnie" accent. In the German version, it was replaced with a foolish sounding voice.

Some characters have strange translated names. The lead character Flicker is now called Funsel which precisely translated means "bad burning oil lamp"

The name of the city Camelhot is now called Gammelpot, which is the Danish name for the comic charater Douwe Dabbert.

The Jester Trevot is now called Dreifuss. This is a typical German joke, because it has a double meaning. It can be translated to "three feet" and "tripod".

The arcade sequence Rabid Rabbits was impossible to translate literally so it was called Kirre Kaninchen. Again it doesn't make any sense because it can be translated to "tame bunnies".


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