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Golden Axe III is like its predecessors a beat 'em-up game that puts players in the shoes of a hero out to save the land from evil. This time Damud Hellbringer, the 'Prince of Darkness', has taken away the Golden Axe and put an evil curse over all the warriors of the land. However, one of the heroes has their curse relieved and is sent to set things straight and lift the curse off other warriors, defeat the villains and return with the Golden Axe.

The barbarian and amazon of the first two parts remain although receiving new names (Kain Grinder and Sahra Burn). The two new characters introduced are the panther warrior Chronos Raid and Proud Cragger the giant. Gilius Thunderhead the dwarf gives you instructions, but is not playable. The gameplay has been expanded slightly, but is essentially the same hack 'n' slash as in the previous games. New features to the series include junction points where you can choose which path to take. Like in the first Golden Axe, you get magic potions and health power-ups by kicking gnomes during the occasional intermission. Every character has unique magic spells, but they function in the same way: the power and the damage of the spell increase with the number of potions available (and you can't choose a weaker one if you want to spare more potions for later). New moves include blocks, grapples, sweeps and team attacks.


  • ゴールデンアックスⅢ - Japanese spelling
  • 战斧3 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 61% (based on 16 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 49 ratings with 5 reviews)

The Best Of The Series.

The Good
Golden Axe III, takes elements of the first two Golden Axe games. All the while introducing new concepts to the series. Making the third installment of Sega’s hack n slash the best.

In Golden Axe III, the heroes have been cursed, after breaking free of the curse, one or two, in two player mode. Golden Axe warriors must save the others including two new fighters. You battle across the land in order to once more claim the Golden Axe, and save the land from evil.

Two new warriors are not the only new entry to the series. There are points were the player must choose a path to travel, certain paths may be harder, and make the game longer. This is an interesting feature, and adds replay value, as you explore all the various paths.

The Graphics in Golden Axe III are easily the best in the franchise. Fighter are large detailed sprites and the backdrops are all colorful and unique. And the magic spells, which are Golden Axe’s version of special moves look better then in the other two games. Each warrior has there own magic element, and each magic has multiple levels of power. The fire magic for example wielded by Tyris Flare, the Amazon, ranges from a fireball, to a fire breathing dragon attack.

The music excels as well. And Golden Axe III’s score is also the best of the series. And the sound effects from the death cries of your enemies to the casting of magic all sound as they should.

The gameplay is further enhanced by new combo moves, and faster gameplay. The warriors no longer feel stiff as they did in previous entries in the series.

The Bad
For some reason Sega of America did not release this game in the USA. Despite the fact that it is the best in the long running series. Therefore American Genesis gamers missed out on one of the best games on the console. That would be like if Shinobi III, Phantasy Star IV, or Shining Force were never available in America.

The Bottom Line
If you are in Japan or Europe you can probably still find this game. If in America you could always play the rom, which is not illegal as this game was never for sale in America. However you have to play it I suggest you give it a try.

Genesis · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006

There was a reason it was not released in the USA.

The Good
I didn't like very much about this game. It was not terrible by any stretch, but so inferior to Golden Axe and Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder that it turns my stomach.

They tried to add a lot of special moves and it is two player cooperative. It has more levels and you can choose different paths, but the game is so banal I can't imagine anyone would play it more than once.

The Bad
The original Genesis / Mega Drive Golden Axe game released in 1989 is several times better than this joke of a cartridge.

The graphics were mediocre and washed-out looking. The sound was terrible. It was very generic and uninspired.

The Bottom Line
This game was quite simply an inferior clone of earlier Golden Axe games with inferior graphics and more levels.

If you like this type of game check out the original Golden Axe arcade game, the Mega Drive version (few extra levels), Golden Axe: the Revenge of Death Adder, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of Mystera, and King of Dragons. There is also rare arcade game called Blade Master. You will like each one of these games at least 10 times as much as Golden Axe 3.

Genesis · by Majestic Lizard (670) · 2006

My most-played game on the Genesis!

The Good
This is the game I've probably spent more time playing than anything else on the Genesis and I've played a lot.

Story: There isn't much that can be said about the story but it's the typical Golden Axe stuff: Bad Guy wields the powerful Golden Axe and the main characters have to save the kingdom from his reign of terror. Simple but it works for these type of medieval hack and slash games.

Gameplay: The game itself is a solid beat em up/hack and slash kind of game. Controls are fluid and very responsive. Combine that with the excellent Sega Genesis controller and it becomes are very enjoyable experience. Compared to the original Golden Axe, this one has way more moves and ways to attack which the player can execute. The characters can perform multiple jump attacks, a wide variety of grappling attacks and a power move unique to every character. There are plenty of levels and the ability to choose which path the character should take. Pretty awesome.

Graphics: The sprites in the game are awesome. The whole visual remind me of a 80's barbarian movie and that is really nice. The spells which the characters use are well animated and please the eye with 16bit goodness.

Sound and Music: For me this is where the game exceeds. Although I love the Sega Genesis, I've rarely seen a game with an above average music score but Golden Axe III has some of the best video game music I've heard on any console. Every song track fits the level perfectly and helps make each of the stages and boss encounters be more memorable. The sound is also excellent. My favorite sound being when you break a barrel or a road sign.

Multiplayer: Like the previous entries in the series the game becomes twice as fun when you played it with a friend. It makes up for some very tense gameplay since the enemies increase when the game is set to two players. Oh, and there are special moves you can only execute with another player which are awesome.

The Bad
I do have some minor gripes with this game.

Story: Nothing to complain here.

Gameplay: Some of the characters' power moves are really overpowered. They can easily breeze through the game with ease if the player masters their power move. There are other things that can be exploited as well like hitting a boss character with the same move repeatedly and that can really break immersion. Also, wish there was a bit more variety of enemies.

Graphics: No major complains.

Sound and Music: Absolutely no complains.

Multiplayer: Players can beat each other player to death and throw themselves in pits which is fun but sometimes it happens accidentally and that can ruin the game. I'm not against being able to hit each other during multiplayer but I wish there was an option to turn it off.

The Bottom Line
If you have a Sega Genesis and you are looking to expand your collection, get this game and I promise that you will not regret it. It's a medieval beat em up mixed with Conan the Barbarian with great visuals and amazing sound and gameplay. High replay value and exciting multiplayer guaranteed.

Genesis · by Ivan Obretenov (30) · 2015

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