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Golden Sun: The Lost Age

aka: Golden Sun 2, Golden Sun: Die Vergessene Epoche, Golden Sun: L'Era Perduta , Golden Sun: L'Âge Perdu , Golden Sun: La Edad Perdida , Ōgon no Taiyō: Ushinawareshi Toki

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Following on from where Golden Sun left off, you play the role of Felix, another powerful magic user who has been given the task to complete the same mission that Isaac began: saving the world from total destruction at the hands of deadly mages.

Along with 40 hours of brand new gameplay and the ability to battle a friend in a 2 player battle mode, you can also transfer information from the original Golden Sun to The Lost Age, giving you an upperhand when former character return to the action.


  • 黄金の太陽 失われし時代 - Japanese spelling

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Often in Heroic-Fantasy oriented video games, the hero doesn't speak except when he should take binary decisions (Yes or No). Golden Sun is included, but in a weird way: In the first Golden Sun game, this happens just like normal, as you control Isaac who doesn't have anything to say since the player takes his role. But in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the weird thing is that now the player controls first Jenna (which speaks a lot), and after a short while Felix for the rest of the game and he "seems" almost mute. He should have taken the new role of the speechless hero, but there are a few exceptions: * He says "..." several times in the game, which isn't like he doesn't have any lines to say, because this especially indicates he says nothing instead of let the player's imagination let him tell whatever * He say "Why?" once: In the Shaman village when the rules of the competition are explained. * He actually has quite a lot of text in the ending, as the player doesn't have any role to play, so here both Isaac and Felix are free to say what they want.


After you'll join with members from the first Golden Sun, you'll be able to change the regular battle music as you like : * If Felix is in your party, the battle music is the normal one. * If Isaac, but not Felix, is in your party, you hear the battle music from the first Golden Sun. * If Jenna is in your party and if there is neither Felix or Isaac, you'll hear a third battle theme that you hear at the very beginning of the game when you fight with Jenna alone. * If neither Felix, Isac or Jenna is in your party, the battle music is the normal one. * The normal one is swapped also when fighting on boat, but the other two aren't.

Those are only true at the beginning of the fight - if you swap party members during battle the music will keep the same anyway.

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