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Search and Destroy is a shareware, mouse controlled implementation of the classic Battleships game. The game consists of two grids, the right hand grid is where the player places their ships and the left hand one is where they player shoots at the computer's ships.

The game has six levels of difficulty;

  • Random Easy: Here the AI opponent fires randomly into the right grid.

  • Random Hard: Where the computer fires randomly into every other square. This is the default opponent.

Random Expert: This uses some AI logic as the computer will not fire into areas where the smallest remaining ship will not fit. - Pattern Easy: The AI opponent randomly chooses either a Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal pattern with which to seek the player's ships

  • Pattern Hard: The opponent uses the same patterns as in 'Pattern Easy' but varies the spacing of the shots and ignores areas too small to fit a ship. This is the toughest opponent.

  • Grab-Bag: A randomly selected search pattern from those listed above

The opponent's search pattern can be changed mid-game

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