Tempest 2000

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Television Is The Representative Of The Mind's Eye.

The Good
Tempest the arcade game is a great game. Tempest 2000 is a great game of virtual acid. If there was ever a game that drew me in solely on graphics and audio, this is the one.

As mentioned above, the original Tempest was fast-paced, interesting and addicting. This is the proper way to upgrade a classic game: Retain all of the gameplay and the elements that made the original so popular, then crank it up to give the player more.

The graphics are fascinating, and showed such promise for what the Jaguar could do. Bright and colorful with things going on in the background, it kept the rapid-action of the game flowing smoothly. Coupled with all of the particle explosions, and the trippy bonus rounds, and it was an experience onto itself.

Sound-wise, it still remains as one of my favorite game soundtracks. It fit the action so well with its house-techno beats and sound samples. All of this being blended with the sound effects of the original game. The pseudo-orgasmic "yes" commentary for passing through bonus round rings was funny, and a little disturbing all at once.

Gameplay-wise, if you like Tempest, it's just that, but better. The newer power-ups rock, and add more depth to gameplay. There's even a two-player mode, which handles well.

The Bad
The initial bonus rounds are a little confusing since the control is so vastly different from the rest of the gameplay. One can't feel prepared for what's going on at first, but it's able to be overcome.

The particle effects, as pretty as they are, can be a distraction when you start destroying everything on screen at once. The action gets to a point where it moves so fast that you feel like you can't keep up at times. But it offers a save feature and continues.

The Bottom Line
I will praise the audio and visuals of this game until people run away in fear of my rantings. I love the soundtrack to this game. So much so, that I ordered a copy of it from Atari (And still play at times to this day).

I wrote a review for Alien Vs. Predator, saying that it is THE Jaguar game to have. On that note, this is the OTHER Jaguar game to have. Those two titles were such a strong lead-in to the system, one can't help but wonder what happened.

But Tempest 2000 still remains one of my personal favorites. It's not so much a classic arcade upgrade as it is an experience. This should be a blueprint for all game designers on how to do an arcade remake properly. As a gamer, find a way to play this game. It's still a remarkable title, and highly recommended.

Jaguar · by Guy Chapman (1748) · 2004

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