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In this game the player controls Major Eugene Wheeler, a radical tactics expert sent to the Mars base to investigate the loss of communications. Once there, he discovers that the base has been taken over by alien invaders who plan to use it to launch an attack on Earth. Wheeler must use all his wits and skills to prevent this from happening.

RTX: Red Rock is a third-person action-adventure game which splits itself between combat with a multitude of weapons and some puzzle-solving. The protagonist is also equipped with a robotic arm with multiple attachments and a 'bionic' eye which gives him four different vision modes. The game is comprised of ten levels, some of which involve driving vehicles and controlling robots.

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Revives the true LucasArts adventurous spirit.

The Good

  • Characters are very few but very well selected. Introducing new character in a brand new game (it was about time to say "stop to all this vast sequels and give us something original!"), Eugene Wheeler (commonly referred to as E.Z. Wheeler who used to take his job as 'easy' (read E.Z.), half human, half... well, synthetic. He's somewhat a mixture of Indy's and Guybrush's personality. UPGRADEABLE NON-RPG
  • The main protagonist, Wheeler, has synthetic hand which he uses even for pulling the trigger. But that's not all, as you progress through the game you will acquire many different utilities he will be able to 'hand', literally. Bolt remover, plasma torch, grappling hook, catapult for ejecting gas canisters and more. That of course gives him an upper hand on interacting with the surroundings. COMPELLING YET SIMPLE STORY
  • The story may strike you as simple sci-fi with super-ultra heroic character saving the world. Well it's not actually, it's more like The Dig, a standalone new game, with just as similar situation and challenges. This is one of those games you wouldn't expect to see in a time like this, where everything is saluting to cutting-edge effects and graphic amazement with no space for nostalgia. This one bears quite a nostalgic touch, makes you remember how much fun you had playing those very first Monkey Island adventures and such games by LucasArts. It adds a touch of likeness not because it looks amazing, but because it is amazing. VOICE-OVERS AND MOTION
  • Acting always was the best when it comes to LucasArts, and I keep saying that over and over again. But motion in this game is simple amazing. Character motion, from talking to frowning is so real. Due to cartoonish tendency this may be a bit neglected but it's there alright, quite spotable. Voice-overs are representing every character so astonishing you couldn't wish for something better, and each word is fully backed up with characters motion. EASY INTERFACE
  • Aside from synthetic arm, Wheeler also has a synthetic eye that can cast several different vision modes. One that will show you every object you can interact with or pick it up, one that will show cloaked enemies and even see them through walls and closed doors, one that scans for bio-signs, and a night vision mode. Helps a lot that there's a zooming ability included just as well. RIDE ME A VEHICLE
  • Wheeler will interact with several different and quite unique vehicles suitable for different terrains, aside from his uniform or cosmo-suit with jet pack, he will commandeer ground as well as enemy flying units. LOVE STORY
  • There isn't any obvious love story, but IRIS and Wheeler have a cute relationship to boot, one that mirrors out in all those dialogues they'll have. It's simply wonderful to listen for two of them to talk. Especially when Wheeler encounters a female survivor and 'jealousy' enters the drama. I.R.I.S.
  • She's not only your best friend, but she can control many different bots, ranging from small scouting and repairing bots to hovering bots and various types of cranes. This add incredible boost up to the gameplay, 'cos most of time, you won't just be playing E.Z. but having many different bots under your control as well. BOSS BATTLES
  • There are four boss battles in total, and not single one is being waged by mere action. They all require some strategic planning and thinking, and once the solution is out in the open, each of them is easy. It's something more games should tend to have, to dismiss the idea of non-stop shooting and add some thinking to it. EXTRAS
  • Unlocking extras is quite rewarding. You can watch some cinematics from the game, as well as see the RTX: Red Rock comic, development team photos, blooper, tons of artwork, and a couple more things.

    **The Bad**
  • It's unacceptable for any console game to have some major bugs, mainly to the fact you cannot download a patch for it. This game has at least one serious bug that puts you in a position where you get to wonder what should you do next, yet you can never do that next step. And it doesn't depend on whether you did something wrong, it seemed quite random on me. This is intolerable for any PS2 game, especially if it comes from LucasArts, such a renowned company. MISSION SELECTION
  • As you progress through the game, you can play the levels you already passed, but the problem is, you are put in the same position where you were after leaving them, that means near the end, only now mission objectives won't always work as they should, and basically there is no point of being on that level, since there isn't any option such as "restart" that particular level. DRAGGING
  • This game tends to drag on occasion, dropping framerate obviously, usually when in bigger fights and on earlier levels. I noticed this on Splinter Cell for PS2 when you're near the fire, but all this shouldn't be allowed, there're no means for upgrading our PS2, perhaps on PS3 it'll run even too smooth, but still, so it should on this one. I've played much more graphics requiring games on PS2 without any problems.

    **The Bottom Line**
    This is one underrated game for sure. Just because cutting-edge games are out there doesn't mean all less than super should be neglected. This is by far one of the finest 3rd-person action-adventure game out there and should be tried without some nonsense expectations on your mind.
  • PlayStation 2 · by MAT (240068) · 2012


    At some point while on the Red Rock Town mars colony, you'll use IRIS to control a small robot. With it, you'll be able to enter a small hole just near the spot you found it. Inside you'll notice three posters which are front covers from three different games made by LucasArts. Furthermore, you'll have to pass a room where only that robot can enter, and that room will seem like a huge game store. All over the shelves will be game boxes and all over the walls game posters. You can clearly recognize Outlaws, Grim Fandango, The Curse of Monkey Island, and Escape from Monkey Island games there.


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