Army Moves

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Let's get out of this hellhole!

The Good
It is nice that you get to control more than one vehicle in the game, and that you get to fire multiple missiles at your enemies. I also like the way you get to go over several terrain appropriate to a war setting. And that high score table looks amazing.

The Bad
The aim of Army Moves is to fight and shoot your way through seven levels, to get some documents inside a locked safe. You must get these documents because they could help swing the balance of power in the war. This sort of plot really doesn't interest me at all.

Both the music and graphics are unimpressive. The music is basically an inferior version of the Colonel Bogie theme. According to the game's tile screen, there are sound effects in the game, yet there is no way to turn them on, so you are stuck with it throughout the game. It would have been nice if the sound could play at the same time as the music. Fred Gray composed the music for the Commodore 64 version, and his version sounds a lot better.

Army Moves is also a very difficult game. More often than not, you'll make one mistake that could cost you a life and you go all the way back to the start of the level. If you think that the first level is difficult, wait until you reach level five, where you have to deal with toucans and guerillas hurling grenades at you. Let me tell you about how difficult this level is. One shot at the birds is enough to kill them, right? Wrong. It only makes them go up in the air. The guerillas throw grenades at you like you wouldn't believe. You wait until their explosion is cleared, but as soon as it is cleared, they are quick to throw another one; the game does not even give you the chance to jump.

The Bottom Line
There are some 8-bit titles out there that got translated poorly to 16-bit machines, and Army Moves is one of them. The music is quite bad, and the graphics could have been improved. The difficulty is enough to throw your Amiga across the room. So the bottom line: avoid this one at all costs and instead focus on the better, original 16-bit titles.

Amiga · by Katakis | カタキス (43087) · 2011

One Dimensional Side Scrolling Shooter

The Good
You don't have to do much thinking just shoot things.

The Bad
It is utterly repetitive just avoiding patterns of enemy forces, jumping at the right time firing at the right time etc.

The Bottom Line
Mindless side scrolling shooter.

Amiga · by Neepie Lantern (524) · 2004

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