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Very Good, but buggy game. SEQUEL NEEDED!!!

The Good
The fact that you can cruise around a Simcity 2000 city, or there's that powerful tool called Simcity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK). The gameplay is simple, if not like a mindless shooter. Cruise around and kill and blow up buildings, hunters, cops, and stuff. Weapons and MODS range from Machine Guns, to Airfoils. Those airfoils can inspire one to build a deathmach arena where there's those roads that goes uphill to a dead end at the mountaintop where you turn on the Airfoil, and Hopper, if you have one. Arieal deathmatches over a vast body of water. That's awesome. I even have a home in a sub-city called Shyg Co. that I built. There's a couple of industrial zones, and little skiscraper zone. I built my HQ at the mountaintop. The city is just right for Streets. This game is fun and addictive. I like the music.

The Bad
It's buggy. When you turn the viewing distance to max, buildings in the distance can be crappy models, but textures shou up when you get closer to them, there's no clouds, no rain, no snow, no sun, just a clear, fine weather. The explosions look like crap, but that's not a problem, there's clipping problems, you go through power lines, trees, windmills, and gas stations. Besides, that's what would you expect for Maxis's first racing game, isn't it? I think EA could've developed the gameplay, and stuff. I hope they will do that in Streets of Simcity 2, when ever is there one. I want a sequel where it lets you cruise around Simcity 3000 and Simcity 4 cities. That is the worst part of the game, no sequel!!! Waaaaaa!!! I want a sequel!!! I highly doubt they will make one. They won't make a patch to this game.

The Bottom Line
For Simcity fans, this could be quite fun. For you other losers who likes those those crappy car sims where you drive not-fun-to-drive cars, and (Cut off, because you wouldn't understand how good Streets is).

Windows · by Andrew Taylor (7) · 2003

A great game, even though it has problems

The Good
Being able to build your own cities in the Sim City Urban Renewal Kit and driving through them.

The graphics are so realistic, I feel as if I'm actually driving.

The game's scenarios are challenging and fun.

You can build your own cars in the car factory(but you can only use models of the games regular cars).

I love how the game is very realistic. You have to fill up at gas stations, repair your car when parts of it are damaged, and even change the tires and engine!

One of my most favorite things about this game is the radio. The commercials are hilarious and the music sounds so good. You can also change the station .

The Bad
There is no horn.

The bugs. I see pedestrians walking funny and backwards, parked cars on top of each other and on parking lot lights, and being able to drive through gas stations, power lines, and trees.

That message that says: "An unrecoverable error has occurred and Streets of Sim City must quit."

The Bottom Line
If you are the type that likes driving and racing games, this game is for you. But expect some bugs.

Windows · by J W (103) · 2010

Great idea, horrible execution.

The Good
About the only good thing about the game was the original purpose -- to be able to drive around cities you create yourself.

The Bad
Graphics -- compared to other games of the time, the graphics in SoS were bland and low quality.

AI -- Enemy vehicles (in modes with them) were of the "drive and fire" or "drive and crash" school of combat, without any guile or intelligence seen in other games.

The Bottom Line
Unless it's in a bargain bin for $5 or less, it's not worth buying.

Windows · by coldacid (550) · 2006

Complete rubbish.

The Good
The concept is executed decently. That's pretty much all.

The Bad
Where the devil do I even start? The graphics are atrocious in DirectDraw mode. If you use 3DFX, it doesn't look any better. The people in the last game that shared the same engine (Simcopter), people were a mix of flat shaded polygons for the body and 2D for their heads. But here, they're sprites compressed in Smacker video format. The cars are just vehicles made around the 1960's and 70's, if you compare it to Interstate '76, which was their competitor at the time of release. The scenarios are really awful with no set time of day or weather. It's just daylight (or nighttime) in clear weather all the time you start a scenario. The gameplay is just 'shoot, take package, deliever it, kill more cars', repeat. The AI just drives around, tries to shoot, and on some occasions on hi-end systems, they just use the Hopper due to the engine not allowing you to handle the frame-rate on a new PC. The voice acting in the scenarios is just awfully made. While it's a K-A rated game, expect a bit of mild language here and there. The music is repetitve, five or six songs per station, and that's it. However, there is a mix function that plays songs in order, and a option to play only music, DJ announcer toggle on/off and adverts between songs on/off. The sounds are just some sound effects recycled from Simcopter, along with a sound effect shamelessly taken from the film The Junkman. However, the sounds are awful to hear. The glitches are the worst thing that kills this game. The physics are broken, the turning is wrong, and braking is as if you let go off the gas pedal. The clipping is really terrible, you go through gas stations, trees and power lines. If something goes wrong with the game, it goes into an "unrecoverable error" and the game quits. Has someone playtested the game? Nobody.

The Bottom Line
There's nothing I could describe it. It's a mess that some people bought it when it came out, and no sequel to either Simcopter and Streets of Simcity was done. If you see it on a store, and online, don't buy it.

Windows · by BlaringCoder (169) · 2016


The Good
What did I like...hmmmmmmmm??? Well you can uninstall it. And one of the songs was ok.

The Bad
Just about everything, the game engine appears to be a port from Sim Copter, thusly leading to the question, physics model? What physics model? Which leads to my next question, there is AI in this game? I thought the cars just ran around randomly hoping that they might shoot you. The sound effects are terrible and the music isn't much better. Then there are the graphics and I squint at the screen and ask myself, what IS that? I've seen bad 3d engines before, take Strife for example, but this is just terrible. And the plot behind the game is crazy too, pick up packages and deliver them, this wouldn't be so bad but I'm not given a reason for doing this other than for small amounts of money.

The Bottom Line
If I could give this game a negative score, I probaly would.

Windows · by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2347) · 2000


The Good
Hmmmmmmmm...............well, the way it crashes your computer is fun in a masochistic way.

The Bad
I pull this game out of the box of Sim classics I just spent my hard-earned money on. I remember it getting bad reviews, so it sat as far away from my computer as possible. But, finally, I convinced myself to play it. And what I saw was a crime against humanity. The graphics, for the time were so-so, but even on my 1000 megahertz Athlon, I still get slowdown. Plus, the game plays horribly too! The engine has more bugs then a porch light. I've heard better music in PC speaker games. The controls are so sensitive, a simple tap of the left arrow sends the car carreening off the road I have a suggestion - the makers should be taken outside and shot.

The Bottom Line
Wow! You love bad gameplay? Buy this game! Oh, you don't? THEN STAY AWAY, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Windows · by emerging_lurker (160) · 2000

Don't get it!

The Good
You can cruise around in your SimCity 2000 city (and, if you have SC2k, and SimCity, you can convert SimCity cities and drive in them too). The racing levels were fun.

The Bad
The framerate is horible! I had to run it in 320/240 resolution (low-res) to get a decent frame rate. The missions are almost imposible. The controls are the worst I have seen in a racing game. You try to turn a little and the car spins around 90.

The Bottom Line*

Windows · by MiG Attack (8) · 2000

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