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NBA Jam Tournament Edition Credits


Design TeamMark Turmell, Shawn Liptak, Tony Goskie, John Carlton, Sal DiVita, Jon Hey, Jamie Rivett
StarringStephen Howard, Willie Morris Jr, Todd McClearn, Tony Scott, Kerri Hoskins, Lorraine Olivia, Awards by Kaydan
Hardware SupportCary Mednick, Pat Cox, Ray Macika, Sheridan Oursler, Matthew V. Booty (Matt Booty), John Lowes, Al Lasko
Special ThanksGeorge N. Petro, John Newcomer, Warren Davis, Eugene P. Jarvis, Mark Loffredo, L.E.D., Ray Gay, Betty Purcell, Paul Heitsch, Chris Granner, Jim Greene, Ed Boon, John Tobias, Josh & Flanders, Dan Forden, Linda Deal, Jack E. Haeger, Roger Sharpe, Jake Simpson, Tim Kizerow, Felecia Turmell
Executive ProducersNeil Nicastro, Kenneth J. Fedesna, Wally Smolucha, Paul Dussault
Thank YouMany Internet Users, Randolph Vance, William Henderson, Ray Kirkland, Michael Davidson (Mike Davidson), Lewis Podlaszewski, Andrew Podlaszewski, Sean Stewart, Chris Johnson, Chris Caniano, Eric Holma, Mike Overby, Casey, Vince Fields, Dave Edenzon, Ric Rorschach, Darryl Green (Daryl Green), Jerry Cattell, Shawn Petren, Chuck Horowitz, Mace, Jim Hsu, Jason Drisko, Carl Chavez

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Credits for this game were contributed by MusicFox (2739)