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3DO3DO Magazine (UK) (Oct, 1995)
Quite simply one of the best two-player games ever. The splitscreen action is blisteringly fast, with masses of weaponry and power-ups adding plenty of spice to 3D, goal-scoring action. 50+ levels and tough, varied opponents mean one-player action is brilliant too. The prospect of an M2 sequel is awsome...
3DOThe Video Game Critic (Dec 07, 2010)
Battlesport is replete with customization options, and you can save your progress between matches. There's no option for adjusting the length of each match, but at six minutes, it feels about right. Fast and furious, Battlesport gave my wrists a serious workout. Other game have tried to reproduce the frantic action of Ballblazer, but none have nailed the formula quite like Battlesport.
3DOGame Players (Feb, 1996)
This is great stuff - yet another triumph for the ever-busy Studio 3DO.
I wholeheartedly recommend you give this game a looksee, even if only to reconfirm your belief that the potential of video games as a complete entertainment is alive and well. Congratulations and a tip of the hat to Cyclone Studios and 3DO.
PlayStationElectric Playground (Jul 30, 1997)
When games are ported to more powerful systems, the lack of any new innovations is usually inexcusable but with BattleSport, Cyclone Studios created a title that transcends the platform it's played on. You can find more impressive looking games for the PlayStation, you can find better sports games, you can even pick up better multiplayer events. But if you want a future sports disc with sublime gameplay that you just can't put down, there's really only one choice. BattleSport is triumphant again.
3DOAll Game Guide (1998)
While it could stand a little more diversity and enhanced graphics, Battlesport is a furiously fun "future sport" title that sport fans and action fans can both enjoy. If you fall under either category, check out this game.
3DOGamePro (US) (Apr, 1996)
It's fast and fun, but the slippery controls make things a little harder than they need to be. Also, this game uses so may different power-ups in certain stages that thumbing through them could cost you precious seconds. Still, superb sound and great graphics make this game worth playing.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Sep, 1997)
This is a very well made game. The menu screens are wonderful to navigate and the gameplay is as intense as anything you'll find in a futuristic sports shooter. It's one of the games I "go to" when I have friends over. We keep logs on some of our more interesting games, ship configurations and arena's to play in. The problem is, as a one player game it gets very little attention from me...I've already seen everything there is to see, and for me there is very little to draw me back as a solo participant... Hell, I heard they are already working a BattleSport 2 game...add some tunnels, make key walls and debris destructible, throw in some more baddies, add a "snap" feature, spruce up the graphics and soundtrack and you can count me in for the sequel mister!
3DODefunct Games (May 28, 2006)
All in all, if you got a dusty old 3DO sitting in your closet, and happen to see a copy of BattleSport somewhere; I encourage you to pick it up, dust of your 3DO, and have a little fun.
DOSHot Games (1997)
10 lethal opponents are ready to blast into warp-speed, goal-scoring action in 50 BattleSport arenas with an awesome arsenal of high-powered weapons!
PlayStationIGN (Jul 02, 1997)
Once the game's quirks are learned, the fun of the title comes out. Players can develop strategies and maneuvers much like any sports title. The split-screen two player mode is particularly enjoyable thanks to the relatively simple environment which lets players focus on what's important, putting the ball in the goal. However, when compared with other future-sport titles like LucasArts' BallBlazer Champions, BattleSport falls a little flat.
DOSGameSpot (Jul 25, 1997)
Even with all these problems (and without even mentioning mention the blocky VGA graphics), BattleSport will provide more fun than you might expect, but you'll wish the fun would last a little longer.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jul, 1997)
Battlesport is not great, by any means, but Cybersled fans should check it out.
3DOMega Fun (Feb, 1996)
Vielleicht hat man es schon bei der Spielbeschreibung bemerkt, daß Battle Sport nicht gerade zu meinen Lieblingsspielen gehört. Die Grafik ist einfach zu dürftig ausgefallen, eine Arena gleicht der anderen fast aufs Haar und die lieblos gestalteten Feindsprites erinnern eher an Stahlklumpen als an schnittige “Sportpanzer“. Und warum hüpft jeder ausgeknipste Gegner mit der selben müden Kleinstexplosion über den Jordan? Mit dem Gameplay ist das auch so eine Sache: Motivieren konnte mich nur der Zwei-Spieler Modus, Schadenfreude ist halt doch die schönste Freude. Gegen den Computer lassen die fehlende Originalität und der mangelnde Abwechslungsreichtum wenig Freude aufkommen. Trotz der vielen Extras, die Ihr in Euren Panzer einbauen könnt, ist der Spaß am Spiel nach kurzer Zeit vorbei. Schade, daß aus so einer erfolgsversprechenden Spielidee nicht mehr herausgeholt wurde.
3DOGame Zero (Feb, 1996)
While I normally love Ballblazer clones, this one doesn't quite live up to the game it mimics. Gameplay is too slow and when you actually do get moving, the graphics seemed slightly jumpy to me. I thought the play control felt sluggish, although the collision counter seemed quite accurate, but the overall excitement value was pretty low. I suppose if you've only played games like Space Football on the SNES, you might get a kick out of this title... but for me the game was just missing something. I'm still not quite sure what it was missing though... maybe it was the fact that the arenas were so small. Definitely a game to rent first before buying.
The two player mode helps to increase interest by being the best way to play the game by far, but again it doesn't last very long. The graphics and sound are good, but it's just the lack of excitement and the excess of frustration that ruin it. With the recent 3DO releases there are loads of better games you could get.
PlayStationGameSpot (Jul 29, 1997)
While BattleSport certainly has its moments and is by no means a wretched effort, the fact is that there's just no need for a game like this on the PlayStation in 1997.
DOSPC Joker (Mar, 1997)
In 50 Arenen tritt man gegen Kumpel oder Compi an, um mit seinem bewaffneten Gleiter den Ball ins Tor zu befördern. Ein Match kann auf Zeit oder Ergebnis über drei Drittel gespielt werden. Daß dabei wenig Freude aufkommen will, liegt zum einen an der hakeligen Steuerung, zum anderen an der äußerst dürftigen und zudem ruckeligen VGA-Grafik. Immerhin weiß der Sound mit packenden Kommentaren zu gefallen, und an Optionen herrscht kein Mangel: Es gibt unterschiedliche Fahrer, Untersätze, Tuningteile, Spieldauer und Modi.
3DOVideo Games (Jan, 1996)
Wie die Zeit doch vergeht und manche Softwarefirmen es noch immer versuchen, unter zeitgemäßer Aufmachung eine Uralt-Idee neu zu vermarkten! Was uns hier 3DO-Studio als innovatives Spielkonzept yorsetzt, gab es bereits vor 10 (!) Jahren auf den damaligen Home-Computern zu bewundern. Alte Hasen werden sich sicherlich noch an Ballblazer von Lucasarts erinnern können, das zur damaligen Zeit für Furore sorgte. Battlesports bietet zwar tonnenweise neue Features und schönere 3D-Arenen, doch im Grunde bleibt es beim alten: Tore schießen um jeden Preis, egal ob gegen Computer oder menschliche Gegner. Leider gibt sich die Steuerung etwas hakelig und mit der Übersicht ist es auch nicht zum besten bestellt. Wirklich schade!
DOSGamezilla (Nov 09, 1999)
Well, I've probably said it all; let's just move on and try to forget this one. I would not recommend it to anyone (unless you still have that old 386). On a positive note, I still really like Acclaim and Studio 3DO. They have put out some excellent titles, and I look forward to their next one.
DOSPC Player (Germany) (Aug, 1997)
Hemmungsloses Herumgeballere mit ein paar Fußballanleihen schreckt mich nicht unbedingt ab. Allerdings ist die Umsetzung von Battle Sport einfach miserabel. Die Grafik ist nach dem heutigen Maßstab eine Frechheit und läuft trotzdem auf einem 486er nicht annähernd flüssig. Der Sound nervt einfach nur. Während ich verzweifelt versuche, mit meinem herumschliddernden Gleiter den Ball zu ergattern, löst die Steuerung schnell Krämpfe in meinen Händen aus.

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