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An addictive and fun time-waster Windows Twilightseer (264)
Like fast food - addictive, but it might leave a sick feeling Windows Andy Voss (1876)
Fun puzzle game, but not interesting enough Android Pixelspeech (1006)

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Xbox 360 6 3.5
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WindowsPIB (Programmer In Black) (Apr 10, 2005)
If you have played the first Bejeweled game and enjoyed it, then you really ought to download the currect version and try it. The new types of gems, the new puzzle mode, the additional games you can unlock means that Bejeweled 2 has advanced quite a bit. Downloading Bejeweled 2 gives you a one hour demo of the game. If you do decide to purchase it, you'll recieve a key code that will unlock your download. Or you can pay for a monthly subscription services that unlocks a number of games.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Oct 14, 2005)
Of what evil do I speak? What could possibly keep me from my beloved text editor, web browser, and Splinter Cell? Bejeweled 2: Deluxe is my new addiction. If you think you can quit cold turkey, you've got another thing coming. Because once you sit down for a session of Bejeweled 2, you might as well kiss the time good-bye.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD) (Feb 10, 2008)
Bejeweled 2 ist ein wahrer Süchtigmacher und animiert schnell zum Klassiker aller Zockersätze ganz im Stile von „Nur noch ein Level, dann höre ich auf“ und ehe man sich versieht lacht einem die Sonne ins Gesicht. Ob euch jedoch die Investition wert ist im Angesicht der Tatsache, dass der erste Teil kostenlos für den PC verfügbar ist und unwesentlich weniger im Vergleich zum Sequel bietet, muss jeder für sich selbst entscheiden.
WindowsGameSpot (Aug 25, 2005)
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, simply put, is a game you must play if you're a fan of puzzle games. If you've ever spent any time with the original Bejeweled, you'd know that there's something about the game that makes you want to keep playing for hours on end. In this sequel, you've got the same great puzzle action that makes the hours pass like minutes, but this time you've got several new modes, sharper graphics and special effects, and a few twists to the original formula that make it even better than the original.
iPhonePocket Gamer UK (Jul 12, 2008)
Although this latest incarnation of Bejeweled 2 doesn't bring anything new to the beloved series, there's no denying it's as essential as ever. For those moments of boredom on coffee breaks, in a meeting at work or squashed into a crowded train carriage, there will be few better distractions than a game of iPhone Bejeweled 2.
WindowsSoftonic (May 04, 2010)
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe bringt actionreichen und faszinierenden Knobelspaß auf den Rechner. Die gelungenen Animationen und Audioeffekte runden den positiven Gesamteindruck ab und machen immer wieder Lust auf kurze Partien zwischendurch
iPhoneModojo (2009)
Our only complaint, however minor, is the $9.99 price. It seems a bit high for a puzzle game that debuted in 2004. Then again, considering the prices of Virtual Console games on Wii, as well as the $39.99 Square Enix charges for its DS role-playing games (all of which released over a decade ago), ten bucks isn't bad for one of the greatest puzzle games of all time. Now bring on Peggle!
Xbox (Feb 09, 2006)
Bejeweled 2 ist eine gelungene Fortsetzung der simplen, aber motivierenden Edelsteinschieberei, die viele vermutlich noch von der alten Xbox Live Arcade, vom PC oder als einen der vielen Klons wie zum Beispiel Zookeeper kennen. Das Spielprinzip ist zwar identisch, aber bei den Spielmodi wurde kräftig aufgestockt. Allerdings laufen diese immer wieder auf dieselben zwei Grundmuster hinaus, so dass Hardcore-Puzzlern mit der Zeit etwas langweilig wird. Leider gibt es auch keinerlei Multiplayer-Features, um eventuelle Motivationseinbrüche aufzufangen. Trotzdem bietet gerade der neue Rätsel-Modus eine willkommene Abwechslung, die für Besitzer des Vorgängers durchaus einen Neukauf rechtfertigt. An das Suchtpotenzial eines Hexic oder Zuma kommt Bejeweled zwar nicht ganz heran, aber wer auf die Art von Spielen steht, wird die knapp zehn Euro sicher nicht bereuen.
iPhoneApp Spy (Jul 11, 2008)
Bejeweled 2 is kind of like Tetris in it's addictiveness. It's very simple to pick up and play, but there's something to the way that chains and power gems tap into that epicenter of wanting to play the game more. Buy at your own risk.
WiiNintendo Life (Jun 21, 2010)
Bejeweled 2 on WiiWare is undoubtedly great if you've never played the game before, but its biggest competition is ultimately itself: versions of the game are available on virtually every platform, some cheaper or even free to play, so a 1000 Point WiiWare download might not be the best option for you. Still, you can't deny that it's addictive and fun in a way that few puzzlers manage to be, and those who get sucked in will guaranteed lose a large chunk of time in a hazed gem-swapping frenzy. If you have something to do or somewhere to be, don't play Bejeweled 2.
Pour environ 16.5 €, il serait très dommage de se priver d’un excellent jeu du genre comme Bejeweled 2.
Chances are, you’re well aware if Bejeweled 2 is worth the asking price before you even see it listed on the Live Marketplace. You’ve either played it to death previously and couldn’t stand another game or you spent countless hours on the PC playing a demo and need a bigger fix. There’s little unexpected here, and it’s a classic puzzle game.
WiiIGN (Jul 14, 2010)
So Bejeweled 2 on WiiWare offers only small surprises while keeping things centered on the same core gameplay that's made its name so successful for nearly a decade now. If you (or your mother) have played it to death on other platforms, you'd be fine to pass by it here. But this is a fine version, and well worth the Wii Points for those who know exactly what they'll be getting.
PlayStation 3Thunderbolt Games (Jun 23, 2009)
Bejeweled 2 sits perfectly alongside the likes of echochrome or Cuboid as one of the better puzzlers on PSN. It’s apparent that the PS3 is not the most ideal fit for a game such as this, but SOE have done the best job possible in porting the game over. At £7.19 (or $10), there’s a lot of content here, and combined with some addictive and realistically attainable trophies, it’s a perfect purchase for core gamers, puzzle fans and casual gamers alike.
WindowsGameDaily (Jul 25, 2006)
Combining all four gameplay modes makes this a game that will consume hours of your day. It is really fun to play, and when you get sick of a fast-paced gameplay you can switch over to get a taste of solving puzzles. This game is also great because it is so easy to start and stop. If you have to quit in the middle of a game, even in the timed-mode, it does not take you long to get back to where you were. Sound is not required and it is playable in a minimized screen version, making it easy to multitask while at work or simply browsing the internet. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe is a game that you will want to keep on your desktop for months on end, and is available for $19.95 at
Xbox 360GameSpot (Nov 29, 2005)
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe looks almost identical to the original game, although it looks much sharper at higher resolutions. You won't really notice the difference unless you switch back and forth, though, since playing a puzzle game of this type can be easily done with any video quality. The sound effects consist of the clinking of gems as they shuffle around the board and various other sound effects to represent explosions, warping between levels, and the like. Though the presentation facilitates the game, it certainly isn't outstanding in any way. In fact, nothing about the game is extraordinary, which makes it good at what it does, offering a solid puzzle game experience but not necessarily a better one than what is otherwise available on Xbox Live Arcade.
Xbox 360FOK!games (Mar 08, 2006)
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe is een iets opgepoetste versie van de originele Bejeweled met een paar kleine nieuwe toevoegingen. Echt vernieuwend is de game niet te noemen. Wel is het makkelijk te spelen en verslavend. Nadeel is ook dat het behalen van de achievement points heel veel tijd kost en in sommige gevallen gewoon niet te doen is. Ben je een echte Bejeweled fan, dan sla je de plank niet mis met deel 2, maar zoek je echt iets vernieuwends dan kun je beter een andere game kiezen.
Xbox 360TeamXbox (Dec 13, 2005)
Considering that the cost to download the full blown version of Bejeweled 2 is a few bucks more than most of the Xbox Live Arcade titles currently available on the Xbox 360, we find it hard to justify in that the game is really just an extension of the original with a few added modes and some nice updates to the visuals and sound. For those who found themselves addicted to the PC Flash game, Bejeweled 2 might be worth the full download for hours of gem matching fun, but for others the free PC download may still give players their fix when necessary.
Xbox (UK) (Feb 22, 2006)
Admittedly, at 800 points (roughly £6.66) it's way way cheaper to buy Bejeweled 2 on Xbox Live Arcade than it is to go out and buy Zoo Keeper, but it's also not in the same league of fun. If you don't have a DS, then we 'd definitely urge you to go and download the free demo from Live Arcade, but whether you'd want to buy it depends largely on how well you get on with using a joypad to control a game that wasn't really designed that way.
iPhone148apps (Jul 28, 2008)
Overall, it’s Bejeweled — love it or hate it, here it is. It’s WAY overpriced. Should be $2.99 until they build it out to a complete product. For those cheap bastards out there, you can also play the web app version of Bejeweled at in Mobile Safari. That will be good enough for 90% of you Bejeweled fans — at least until PopCap takes that down.
50 (UK) (Aug 13, 2008)
Bejeweled 2 is still a fine puzzle game, and we had no trouble pecking away at it for a whole afternoon, but this is quite expensive for an App Store download and makes only a token effort to take advantage of the opportunities the platform provides. Those with access to other systems and a desire to play this would also be better served by the Xbox Live Arcade version, which is available for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) and offers considerably more value in exchange for the loss of portability.
WiiBrash Games (Jan 15, 2011)
So, Bejeweled 2 is now on your Wii. Why should you care? Well, in all honesty, most of you probably shouldn’t. This is as tame a port as could be imagined, and will most likely leave any regular gamer feeling a little underwhelmed.
40 (Jan 19, 2011)
Bejeweled 2 aurait pu se révéler addictif s’il s’était montré plus complet. Alors que certaines versions gratuites proposent un contenu plus varié et intéressant, ce deuxième volet sur Wii ne présente que peu d’intérêt au vu de l’ennui qu’il peut provoquer chez certains joueurs, lassés de devoir répéter toujours les mêmes actions pour espérer voir leur nom affiché au tableau d’honneur.