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NetHack Credits (DOS)

NetHack DOS Starting a new game.


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NetHack Credits


A Guide to the Mazes of Menace (Guidebook for NetHack 3.3) byEric S. Raymond
Guide extensively edited and expanded for 3.0 byMike Threepoint
Large portions of the Guide shamelessly cribbed from "A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom" byMichael C. Toy, Ken Arnold
Small portions of the Guide adapted from "Further Exploration of the Dungeons of Doom" byKen Arromdee
Original Hack written byJay Fenlason
Assistance on original Hack fromKenny Woodland, Mike Thome, Jonathan Payne
Hack re-write (v1.0.1 - 1.0.3) byAndries Brouwer
Early Hack port revisions merged in NetHack 1.4 byMike Stephenson
NetHack 3.0c rewrite coordinated byMike Stephenson
NetHack 3.0c rewrite teamKen Arromdee, Jean-Christophe Collet, Steve Creps, Eric Hendrickson, Izchak Miller, John Rupley, Mike Threepoint, Janet Walz
NetHack 3.0c rewrite team joined byEric R. Smith, Timo Hakulinen, David Gentzel, Kevin Darcy
NetHack 3.1 revision leadMike Stephenson
NetHack 3.1 revision coordinationIzchak Miller, Janet Walz
NetHack 3.1 revision (game design re-structured, code re-write, dungeon addition, display changes, character quests, new endgame)Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jean-Christophe Collet, Kevin Darcy, Matt Day, Timo Hakulinen, Steve Linhart, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Eric S. Raymond
NetHack 3.2 development teamMichael Allison, Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Steve Creps, Kevin Darcy, Timo Hakulinen, Steve Linhart, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Mike Stephenson, Eric R. Smith, Janet Walz, Paul Winner
NetHack++ / NetHack-- variant byTom Proudfoot, Yuval Oren
NetHack Plus variant byStephen White
NetHack-- and NetHack Plus merged into SLASH byTom Proudfoot
Wizard Patch byLarry Stewart-Zerba, Warwick Allison
Qt interface port byWarwick Allison
SLASH and Wizard Patch merged into Slash'em byWarren Cheung
Slash'em enhanced byKevin Hugo
NetHack 3.3 development teamMichael Allison, Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Steve Creps, Kevin Darcy, Timo Hakulinen, Kevin Hugo, Steve Linhart, Ken Lorber, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Eric R. Smith, Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, Paul Winner
Ideas from game variants incorporated into v3.3 byKevin Hugo
Initial 3.4 development teamMichael Allison, Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Kevin Hugo, Ken Lorber, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, Paul Winner
Late addition to 3.4 development team (joining just before the release of NetHack 3.4.0 in March 2002)Warwick Allison
NetHack web site at maintained byKen Lorber
Worst of the depraved individuals out there in netland who sent in particularly intriguing modifications to help out with the gameAdam Aronow, Alex Kompel, Andreas Dorn, Andy Church, Andy Swanson, Ari Huttunen, Barton House, Benson I. Margulies, Bill Dyer, Boudewijn Waijers, Bruce Cox, Bruce Holloway, Bruce Mewborne, Carl Schelin, Chris Russo, David Cohrs, David Damerell, David Gentzel, David Hairston, Dean Luick, Del Lamb, Deron Meranda, Dion Nicolaas, Dylan O'Donnell, Eric Backus, Eric Hendrickson, Eric R. Smith, Eric S. Raymond, Erik Andersen, Frederick Roeber, Gil Neiger, Greg Laskin, Greg Olson, Gregg Wonderly, Hao-yang Wang, Helge Hafting, Irina Rempt-Drijfhout, Izchak Miller, J. Ali Harlow, Janet Walz, Janne Salmijarvi, Jean-Christophe Collet, Jochen Erwied, John Kallen, John Rupley, John S. Bien, Jon Wätte, Johnny Lee, Jonathan Handler, Joshua Delahunty, Keizo Yamamoto, Ken Arnold, Ken Arromdee, Ken Lorber, Ken Washikita, Kevin Darcy, Kevin Hugo, Kevin Sitze, Kevin D. Smolkowski, Kevin Sweet, Lars Huttar, Malcolm Ryan, Mark Gooderum, Mark Modrall, Marvin Bressler, Matthew Day, Merlyn LeRoy, Michael Allison, Michael Feir, Michael Hamel, Michael Sokolov, Mike Engber, Mike Gallop, Mike Passaretti, Mike Stephenson, Norm Meluch, Olaf Seibert, Pasi Kallinen, Pat Rankin, Paul Winner, Pierre Martineau, Ray Chason, Ralf Brown, Richard Addison, Richard Beigel, Richard P. Hughey, Rob Menke, Robin Johnson, Roderick Schertler, Roland McGrath, Ron Van Iwaarden, Ronnen Miller, Ross Brown, Sascha Wostmann, Scott Bigham, Scott R. Turner, Stephen P. Spackman, Stephen White, Steve Creps, Steve Linhart, Steve VanDevender, Teemu Suikki, Tim Lennan, Timo Hakulinen, Tom Almy, Tom West, Warren Cheung, Warwick Allison, Yitzhak Sapir
Hack 1.0.3 ported as PC HACK 1.01e to Microsoft C and MS-DOS byDon Kneller
Support for DEC Rainbow graphics in PC HACK version 1.03g added byDon Kneller
Overlay code for PC NetHack 3.0 designed byNorm Meluch, Stephen P. Spackman, Pierre Martineau
NetHack 3.1 ported byNorm Meluch, Kevin D. Smolkowski
NetHack 3.1 port assistance fromCarl Schelin, Stephen P. Spackman, Steve VanDevender, Paul Winner
NetHack 3.4 maintained byMichael Allison
NetHack 3.4 encouragement fromPaul Winner, Yitzhak Sapir

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (61060)