Stunt Driver Credits (DOS)

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Stunt Driver Credits


Product Design And ManagementPaul Mogg
ProgrammingPaul Mogg, Sky Chang, Lars Norpchen, Eng An Jio, Les Watts
Program ArtworkDaniel L. Guerra, Matt Carlström
Manual ArtworkChuck Butler
3D Objects and SortingAnthony Chiang, Jo Ellen Kellner, Peter Ward, Lawrence Chiu
Sound EffectsLars Norpchen
Digitized VoicesBelinda Ellingworth, Paul Mogg
MusicPaul Mogg
Manual Design, layout and writingRobert Giedt, Marisa Ong
TestingAnthony Chiang, Paul Jepson, Cheryl Mathison, Karl Maurer, Marisa Ong, Peter Ward, Michael Baldwin, Kasey Chang, Edwin Duerr, Robert Giedt, Bob Gong-Guy, Kimberly Hoffman, Mike Nebeker, Steven M. Schafer, Jo Ellen Kellner, Gilman Louie
Special Thanks ToPhil Adam, Dan Geisler, Erick Jap, Gilman Louie, Kuswara Pranawahadi, Michael Collier, Andrew Edlen, Rita Harrington, Dan Kaufman, Georgette Mogg, James Sullivan, Linda, Karen Jones, Peter Koenig, Georgette Mogg

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Credits for this game were contributed by Lars Norpchen (82) and formercontrib (159487)