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AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (11 votes) 4.2

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TechnologyTell (Jan 19, 2008)
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is the first must-have game of 2008. If you own a DS and you don’t also own a copy of this game, then you aren’t a gamer. It doesn’t have all of the special features and colors of previous Advance Wars titles, but still manages to be phenomenal game. It’s a great way to start to start 2008.
NGamer (Jan 25, 2008)
You could stay up all night arguing whether this or Phantom Hourglass stands out as the DS's best game - but why would you want to do that when you could be blowing each other up in this wonderful little game instead? Dark Conflict is a must-buy.
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is sure to be one of the very best titles to come out this year. The series has been revitalized and the online features make gameplay even more fun. This really is a very complete title that nearly everyone will enjoy immensely. This is a game I will continue to play for months to come, and is a must-buy title for DS owners everywhere.
1UP (Jan 18, 2008)
Days of Ruin offers plenty new, but it's possible it got rid of too much of the old. But just like with our ol' buddy Jake, we're OK with trading up all those bonus modes in Dual Strike for more tactically oriented units and real online play (though it'll still take us some time to get used to this new CO gameplay).
91 (Feb 18, 2008)
Kaiken kaikkiaan Advance Wars: Dark Conflict edustaa sarjan ehdotonta parhaimmistoa niin pelattavuuden, ominaisuuksien kuin tarinankin osalta. Kontrollit toimivat kiitettävästi niin styluksella kuin ristiohjaimellakin, kampanjassa riittää yksinäänkin pelattavaa varsin mukavasti ja tarinatehtäviä läpäisemällä pelattavaksi avautuu vielä melkoinen nippu ylimääräisiäkin haasteita, eikä ulkoasussakaan ole valittamista. Kun pakettiin vielä lisätään editori omien karttojen suunnitteluun ja mahdollisuus jakaa tuotoksiaan verkossa, ei toivomuslistalle oikeastaan jää enää kuin tiukempi tekoäly. Tällaisenaankin Dark Conflict edustaa kuitenkin taskukonsoleiden strategiapelien kirkkainta kärkeä, joten tyylisuunnan ystävien tuskin tarvitsee hankintaa liiemmin harkita.
Game Revolution (Jan 25, 2008)
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin makes some serious assumptions on the familiarity of its users with the franchise, and alas, leaves some good bits of the past out to the elements. But it’s a bottom-line, top-notch, kick-ass portable strategy experience that finally breaks the online-competition barrier, and brings some new and long-awaited ‘dark cred’ to the traditionally cutesy series without losing its essential streamlined, battle-hardened goodness. This portable-gaming gem is as good a way to survive a long flight, dead-ass lunch-hour or boring court-appointed substance-abuse class as you’re likely to find anytime soon. As possible portable near-ends of the world go, Days of Ruin is a must-have.
Intelligent Systems has once again come up with a winner with Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. They have managed to refine the classic Advance Wars formula while making a gritty and darker game. I think the change is perfect and it should attract a more mature fan base this time around. The game has huge replay value and the online modes are exceptional with matches lasting as long as two hours or so. I had more fun with Days of Ruin than all the older titles put together and this says something. Strategy fans and fans of the series alike will not be disappointed in Days of Ruin.
Gamernode (Jan 25, 2008)
An awesome DS game for strategy veterans and recruits alike. While this doesn't bring anything groundbreaking to the table, it's still the solidest Advance Wars title to date.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jan 25, 2008)
One for experienced series fans, Advance Wars: Dark Conflict marches in near-flawless fashion to strengthen the cause of turn-based strategy gaming.
A new look with classic gameplay intact makes Days of Ruin a win/win for weary Advance Wars fans, purists, as well as anyone who enjoys strategy games.
N-Europe (Feb 03, 2008)
Final veredict: It’s good to see Nintendo taking some risks with the series without abandoning the fans. Another awesome and challenging addition to the Advance Wars series, prepare to be addicted.
It may have undergone a slight facelift, but this is the same old Advance Wars you know and love. The many strategic skirmishes you’ll engage in provide hours of fun and frustration, but outwitting the sharp AI and netting yourself an S-Rank is extremely satisfying. Fans of the series will find Days of Ruin to be the perfect sequel, but those who don’t enjoy the slow pace and steep difficulty curve won’t find anything new to tempt them.
AceGamez (2008)
As you've probably guessed by now, I love Advance Wars: Dark Conflict. It's yet another classic entry to the series and continues Advance Wars' proud heritage with all the ingredients that have made it so damn great since the original game was released. If you're a fan of strategy games and have a DS then it's pretty much your duty to pick this one up. If you've never tried the series before then give it a shot; chances are you'll love it as much as I do.
Gaming Target (Mar 13, 2008)
Despite the possible break in the fanbase, I believe both sides would agree that the title's gameplay as a whole remains spectacular and the introduction of such a deep multiplayer experience plus the Map Designer adds an incredibly amount of replay value. Obviously, I recommend all fans of the Nintendo Wars series to grab this title, but on top of that I require any turn-based strategy player with a DS to pick up this game, if only to test themselves on the punishing final campaigns.
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 24, 2008)
The gritty seriousness of the game seems suited to our times, but it’s an awkward change for the series. The strange attraction of Advance Wars has always been how the series combined war with color, fun, and bounce. There’s none of that here, but the gameplay elevates the player past the sorrowful storyline and provides massive warring online fun.
Nintendo Vision (Jan 30, 2008)
C'est simple, cet Advance Wars est tout simplement le meilleur opus de la série des Famicom Wars. Passionnant scénaristiquement parlant, stratégiquement parfait, le jeu prend le meilleur des précédents titres et le plonge dans un univers de crasse et de poussière pour mieux mettre en avant des valeurs humaines. De nos jours cela peut donner un petit côté cliché, mais c’est tellement bien mis en valeur que l’on ne peut qu’apprécier. On tient sans doute là le meilleur jeu de stratégie de la console, voire l'un des meilleurs jeux, tout court. Comme quoi, parfois, la guerre a du bon.
UOL Jogos (Feb 27, 2008)
Apesar da nova roupagem e da perda de várias características dos jogos anteriores, "Days of Ruin" ainda funciona como um legítimo jogo da franquia "Advance Wars". Ele está mais sombrio, mais adulto e mais enxuto, mas retém os combates dinâmicos e divertidos que fizeram da série um sucesso. A campanha principal, além de interessante, é desafiadora e o pacote é fechado com um modo multiplayer robusto, que aumenta sua vida útil consideravelmente. Não é só o melhor jogo de estratégia do portátil, mas também um dos mais polidos, entre todos os gêneros, para o DS.
Overall, Dark Conflict is an excellent addition to the Advance Wars saga. The darker look might not be to everyone's taste, but it doesn't get in the way of what is arguably one of the finest strategy formulas on any console. The game still has the same classic, rewarding, chess-like feel of its predecessors, and while it's nothing groundbreaking these days, it's still great at what it does. Advance Wars: Dark Conflict is a fine continuation of the series and while it might not reach out to the unconverted and win new fans, those of you who love the series will be heartily satisfied at what's on offer here.
Armchair Empire, The (May 13, 2008)
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin comes with the highest recommendation – the only thing preventing wider appeal for the series, is its difficulty level which is high even for experienced players.
Fans werden sich zweifellos erst an das ziemlich düstere Szenario gewöhnen müssen. Das dürfte ihnen angesichts der gelungenen Story allerdings nicht allzu schwerfallen, die einen wirklich bis zum Schluss vor den Bildschirm fesselt. Man will einfach wissen, wie der spannende Konflikt ausgeht. Trotzdem werden es wohl nur die Wenigsten bis zum Ende schaffen, da der ohnehin schon recht hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad in den letzten Kapiteln noch einmal sehr stark anzieht und selbst Advance Wars-Veteranen alles abverlangt. Daran ändern auch die nützlichen taktischen Ratschläge, welche ihr euch bei anderen Kommandanten einholen könnt, kaum etwas. Genre-Liebhaber sollten sich vom hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad allerdings nicht allzu sehr abschrecken lassen. Schliesslich bietet auch Dark Conflict, genau wie seine Vorgänger, Runden-Strategie vom Feinsten und hat sich unserem Award wirklich mehr als verdient. Also, worauf wartet ihr noch? Auf in den Krieg!
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 22, 2008)
Look, folks. If you have any interest in strategy warfare games whatsoever, then do yourself a favor and get this game. It’s a wonderful departure from the happy-go-lucky Advance Wars games of old; the post-apocalyptic realm of Rubinelle is certainly not what you’d expect from the series. The core gameplay mechanics, however, have not been altered much. You’ll still be in for the gridded, turn-based bloodbaths that have made previous titles so popular. With the toning down of the CO Powers, you’ll be allowed to focus more on actual tactics involved. This game will kick your ass at one point or another; it’s just a matter of how well you can deal with its demanding missions. Though the single-player modes and unlockables have been greatly diminished, the wealth of multiplayer options will keep you coming back for more. It may be the end of the world, but it’s damned fun.
GamePro (US) (Apr, 2008)
All told, Days of Ruin is a great return to the classic turn-based franchise. The additions and refinements to the formula are stellar and it's yet another gem in the DS's already impressive library.
Atomic Gamer (Jan 29, 2008)
If you have been a fan of the series to date, you're not going to be disappointed with this follow-up. On that same note, though, nothing here is going to change the minds of those that dislike the series. And for those of you that have never played an Advance Wars game, Days of Ruin is probably the best way to get your start with the series.
Con todo lo comentado Advance Wars: Dark Conflict se sitúa como una de las mejores entregas de la gran saga de Intelligent System y uno de los mejores exponentes del género en Nintendo DS. Su ambientación, mucho más oscura y seria, puede no gustar a los seguidores de la serie pero pronto estos podrán descubrir que la jugabilidad, aún con ciertos cambios y novedades, sigue siendo tan adictiva y divertida como antaño. Además el modo online hace que el juego alcance una duración casi inimaginable y el nuevo aire de la saga era algo que se solicitaba desde hace tiempo aunque con él no haya venido un salto técnico a la altura.
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin seems to have grown up just like all the fans did. The story may not be as dark as some M Rated games, but hey when you compare the atmosphere in Days of Ruin to the last game you will notice a huge difference. With all the new additions made to the game it seems just as many other features were taken out too. As upset I am with the sudden losing of the shop Days of Ruin has top notch game play.
Advance Wars has long been one of my favorite franchises in gaming and judging by the series' following I'm far from alone. This sequel is an excellent game in it's own right, but I can't say that I'm on board with Nintendo's decision to take Advance Wars away from it charming, cartoony roots in favor of Days of Ruin's dreary post-apocalyptic setting. At the same time, it's not a bad trade to make for this title's new unit types, improved balance and fresh campaign to conquer.
87 (Jan 31, 2008)
Selten machte ein Rundenstrategiemodus mehr Spaß als bei Advance Wars: Dark Colony. Hier darf ich mich wirklich komplett in den taktischen Rundengefechten austoben und muss mich nicht mit aufgedrungenen Echtzeitschlachten, wie sie auf dem PC inzwischen gang und gäbe sind, herumschlagen. Zudem beweist Advance Wars eindrucksvoll, dass es auch auf Handhelds langfristig motivierende Spiele geben kann, die mit viel taktischem Tiefgang und einem klasse Mehrspielermodus jede lange Reise im Nu vergehen lassen.
87 (Jan 31, 2008)
It's just not quite as accessible to a new player as it was before. Also the control system still hasn't been hugely improved so I still find it much easier to use the D Pad than the stylus, which feels like a waste of an innovation. However despite these niggles, underneath the shell is still the same old Advance Wars so fans of the series will no doubt enjoy it greatly. Just be warned though, don't expect it to be an easy ride at all. War is hell, especially in Dark Conflict's case. If you're new to the series then maybe start with Dual Strike for a friendlier introduction.
IGN Australia (Feb 20, 2008)
It's hard to reinvigorate an entire franchise like this without making the occasional misstep along the way. The presentation, while certainly more mature, has lost that almost imperceptible 'something' – personality or individuality perhaps – and you'll either dig the change, or you won't really care. And why won't you care? Because the gameplay is still just as solid, entertaining, compelling and addictive as ever. Advance Wars: Dark Conflict once again delivers a suitcase of content, still has its trademark sense of humour (thankfully intact after translation) and the online mode is a godsend. Dig in, soldier.
Power Unlimited (Mar 13, 2008)
Vergeet het gebrek aan werkelijke vernieuwing, vergeet het duistere verhaaltje. De strategisch diepgravende, zeer evenwichtige en merkwaardig ontspannende gameplay is wederom het sterkste wapen van deze Advance Wars. Daar is geen verdediging tegen bestand.
Gamer 2.0 (Jan 28, 2008)
The game also puts a bit more of the challenge back into the series that Dual Strike seemed to have lacked. With an awesome new visual style and story that gives the game more of a post-modern war tone as well as the great gameplay the series has always offered along with the long-awaited online play, Days of Ruin is the first of many great games to grace the DS in 2008.
IGN (Jan 21, 2008)
Nintendo has removed some previous features and added a few new ones, but when it's all added up I miss the old more than I like the new. Days of Ruin still delivers the fun, though, and strategy fans will once again have their hands full.
85 (Feb 29, 2008)
Was this game worth my 30 bucks? HELL YEAH! Should you get it if you are not into strategic turn-based combat and some tough battles? Probably not. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is a must-have for fans of the series or the genre, and will make a kick-ass addition to anyone’s DS library. I am proud as hell to own it and have had the chance to write about it.
85 (Jan 30, 2008)
Erst habe ich den neuen Stil gehasst. Jetzt komme nicht mehr los von diesem Spiel. Ich kämpfe mich täglich durch die Kampagne. Abends wird nicht mehr gelesen, sondern gezogen. Die Story ist überraschend gut, der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt vorbildlich sanft an, das Missionsdesign ist hervorragend und das Kommando über große Armeen erweist sich als ebenso komfortabel wie knifflig. Man fühlt sich wie beim Schach. Und erstmals darf man auch online mit bis zu vier Mann in den Krieg ziehen! Kurzum: Wer auf Rundenstrategie steht, wird hier bestens bedient. Allerdings ist der Wow-Effekt der grandiosen DS-Premiere eindeutig verflogen.
Gameplanet (May 01, 2008)
In all, Dark Conflict is another great addition to the Advance Wars series. It comes off as being a well rounded turn-based strategy game. If you own and enjoyed the previous Advance Wars games, the new campaign and ability to play over WiFi certainly push this towards being a good purchase. If you have never played Advance Wars, Dark Conflict is as good a place to start as any.
ripten (Jan 28, 2008)
Yes, the man has changed. He’s lost his innocence and realised the truth of his struggles: wars are ugly and crippling – but the Advance Wars have never been better.
In the end, the Advance Wars series has always been casual-friendly and this remains true for Days of Ruin. The lauded “maturity” has been a bit overblown, and it’s noticea-bly jarring when the game’s plot and characters contradict that maturity, but overall it’s more than you get from many games about war. It’s a testament to the history of the series that the game manages to blend reasonably complex strategy gameplay with a very slim barrier to entry. All-in-all, Days of Ruin is a competent strategy game that maintains its accessibility.
But I'm happy to trade the fluff up for the new 1-on-1 online mode. It worked flawlessly for us and even includes lo-fi voice chat. Online play alone will make this cartridge a near-permanent fixture in my DS.
GameZone (Feb 08, 2008)
Days of Ruin is strategy game bliss. Its super addictive and exhilarating combat make it one of the hardest games to put down. You will hate it every time you have to stop.
Digital Chumps (Mar 24, 2008)
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is an interesting sequel to the Advance Wars series. For fans like me, you may not like the serious overhaul but at least it might have gained a wider audience of gamers in the process. Despite my personal opinions, the game is still very well polished with improved visuals, an excellent soundtrack and multiplayer online.
HardGamers (Feb 19, 2008)
Advance Wars Days of Ruin marque un tournant dans la populaire franchise Advance Wars. Ce fut risqué de la part d’Intelligent Systems de renouveler l’ambiance de sa série, mais le tout s’avère être réussi grâce à des missions intéressantes et un style de jeu devenu certes classique au fil des années, mais qui fonctionne toujours aussi bien. Il est simplement dommage que le studio ait passé le couperet dans certains modes et options pourtant fort appréciés par le passé et que le jeu soit davantage destiné aux connaisseurs de la série plutôt qu’aux néophytes en étant très difficile. Tout de même, je vous invite à jeter un œil sur cet Advance Wars différent et ardu, certes, mais tout de même fort intéressant pour ceux aimant incarner un général de guerre devant leur console.
Game Shark (Feb 05, 2008)
Days of Ruin breaks a lot of new ground for the Advance Wars series, not only taking it in a brand new direction of theme and style but also into the world of online play. The addition of the new units and subtle gameplay tweaks to the standard formula of the series are welcome changes but the same signature gameplay that has buoyed the series for years is as strong as ever. The game isn’t completely mind blowing, but it does very few things wrong and is easily the best release of the series on the DS platform to date.
83 (Jan 24, 2008)
The single-player campaign is worth checking out for the dark storyline and look at a post-apocalyptic world. However, online and map sharing will keep players the most entertained.
Gameswelt (Feb 13, 2008)
Möglicherweise ist das Spiel nicht besser als der Vorgänger. ’Dark Conflict’ führt die ’Advance Wars’–Serie aber ehrenhaft weiter, fügt weiteren Inhalt ein und kommt mit einem neuen, düsteren Szenario daher. Das Spielgeschehen wurde leider im Vergleich zum Vorgänger an einigen Stellen entschlackt. Trotzdem: Zusammen mit der tollen Story und dem extrem umfangreichen Mehrspielermodus nebst Karteneditor und Online-Gefechten ist eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung für alle Rundenstrategen auszusprechen.
GamesCollection (Jan 24, 2009)
Advance Wars Dark Conflict si rivela un esperimento purtroppo riuscito solo in parte. La decisione di cambiare completamente atmosfera, col rischio di deludere i fan, è apprezzabile come dimostrazione della volontà, da parte del team di sviluppo, di rinnovare la saga, ormai rimasta sempre uguale dal primo episodio per GBA fino all'esordio su DS. Una scelta coraggiosa, quindi, e meritevole di attenzione: ma i difetti presenti e la totale assenza delle modalità di contorno a cui Advance Wars ci aveva abituato potrebbero far calare l'interesse fin troppo presto, col rischio di abbandonare il gioco una volta terminata la modalità Storia - cosa che invece non accadeva affatto con gli episodi precedenti. Promosso con riserva, ma comunque caldamante consigliato agli appassionati di strategici a turni da passeggio - la qualità globale di AW rimane ottima anche se in salsa decisamente diversa dal solito.
Good Game (Mar 10, 2008)
I agree, Advance Wars veterans might not feel like they’re getting another full game here. But they’ve perfected their little fighting system so much that you can just play it over and over. Slow paced but very enjoyable, 8/10.
Hooked Gamers (Jan 22, 2008)
All bickering aside, Days of Ruin is still one of the best DS games on the market. The online play will be reason alone to pick up the game. The lengthy and difficult singleplayer campaign isn't something to scoff at either. The writing may be a little worse than what you have come to expect from NOA's localization group but it does the job well. The replay value in Days of Ruin is through the roof. I can easily see myself clocking in over 100 hours into this baby! The game is oddly addicting, reaching to "I can't stop playing this!" height.
80 (UK) (Jan 23, 2008)
All of which adds up to an Advance Wars game that we had just as much, if not more fun playing than ever, but one that proves a bit too grimy and unfriendly for our bright and bouncy taste. Fortunately though, Dark Conflict remains hospitable in most of the areas that really matter to its fans and the people finally tempted to give it a go, and the result is probably the better of the two DS versions. It may have lost some of its soul and style, as Oli put it after a few hours in its company last week, but the gameplay has lost very little of its charm, and the result is one of the first really good new DS games of 2008. Cheer up next time though, eh?
Video Game Talk (Jan 24, 2008)
The single player campaign seems short compared to its predecessor, but that may be due to familiarity of the game's design. It really doesn't make any difference though as the multiplayer options are absolutely phenomenal. If you are playing locally or through the wi-fi network, it's tough to see an end to the level of enjoyment from Days of Ruin. If you are a fan of turn based strategy titles or just solid multiplayer modes, pick up the new version of Advance Wars to tide you over through the limited amount of releases in the early part of 2008.
GameSpy (Jan 24, 2008)
There is a real pleasure to playing Days of Ruin. In multiplayer, the pleasure is in outwitting and defeating another human. In single-player it's deciphering the clues hidden behind the AI's armies to find the solution to the stage's puzzle. We do wish that the changes that worked so well in Dual Strike hadn't been so casually tossed aside here. In fact, looking at the two out of context, we'd presume that Dual Strike was the later game. But the quality of design here is as phenomenal as ever, and we expect to be playing Days of Ruin for quite some time.
Worth Playing (Jan 27, 2008)
Unfortunately, these good points are countered by the poorly designed COs themselves, the wacky unit balance, and the lackluster number of single-player offerings, which mean that unless you really enjoy playing Advance Wars online, Days of Ruin isn't going to have much appeal for you beyond a single playthrough. However, if the concept of waging pint-sized war on your Internet friends sounds great, then Advance Wars: Days of Ruin may be just what you're looking for … assuming you don't end up facing the same CO in every round.
GameSpot (Jan 29, 2008)
Even if the stiff challenge and clumsy new "serious" tone don't make it the most accessible or recommendable entry in the series, there's still a lot to like about Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, especially if you're looking for some really compelling online action for your Nintendo DS.
G4 TV: X-Play (Feb 01, 2008)
Meanwhile, the rest of the planet have outgrown such concerns and find weak attempts at edginess boring and juvenile. This disappointing new turn doesn't kill Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. No amount of emo nonsense could ruin a game this good. Now drained of a substantial part of its charm, this outstanding strategy sim feels more like every other self-serious video game out there. That's a minor tragedy.
80 (Feb 08, 2008)
All in all, Days of Ruin is a wonderful title for competitive players looking for a tougher challenge online, and a solid-if-unspectacular one for casual strategy players. Now that Intelligent Systems has established this new feel for the series, expect the next title to flesh it out and surpass the previous titles completely.
The most refined and solid entry in the Advance Wars series yet, though more emphasis on innovation instead of iteration would be a good thing.
All in all Advance Wars: Days of Ruin falls short of being as good as Dual Strike or even the first two Advance Wars games. Dual Strike, as I called it in 2005, was the best DS game of its time. In reflection I consider that accurate. Although in all technicalities I could and should view this as the worst Advance Wars to date, I actually consider it among its predecessors as I consider Metal Gear Solid 2 among the other MGS games: some black sheep fit well enough in the crowd to be acceptable.
Extreme Gamer (Feb 04, 2008)
Days of Ruin have marked a change in Advance Wars, but change doesn’t always have to mean bad. Days or Ruin isn’t better or worse then its last effort in Dual Strike, it’s only a new chapter in the Advance Wars saga. Like your treasured Dual Strike cartridge you’re going to hold on to this one for a long time. If you’re an Advance Wars fan, or a strategy gamer, Days of Ruin is the first must have purchase in 2008.
Video Games Daily (Jun 10, 2008)
It took a while to get the review done, mainly down to housemates 'misplacing' packages, but shut up. One of the best series in handheld history is back for more, a refined and updated experience with the fantastic addition of online play. It's a bit darker - though only in palette - and it is really just the same game again, but it's Advance Wars so who actually cares? Eight thumbs straight up.
Cubed3 (Jan 30, 2008)
Make no bones about it, this is an extremely addictive and playable game that fans of the series will lap up. The inherent problem is that by making it more of a hardcore strategy game it immediately makes it less accessible to new comers and the removal of the extra modes just exacerbates the fact that this is a game for Advance Wars fans. Pretty simple split at the end of the day, if your world is made of grids and if cities offer better protection than a forest then this is the game you loved on the GBA with online play and more depth. If you are new then walk on, this is a fantastic game that really isn't for you.
80 (Feb 03, 2008)
The new, grimmer look of the game jars with the classic cheesy Advanced Wars dialogue, and the Jetix-esque soundtrack might annoy some after a while (for the record, I think it's absolutely banging) but Dark Conflict remains one of the best games on the DS, is perfect for a lengthy commute, works brilliantly online and, for us, comes out on top compared with Dual Strike. This is one strategy war game you'll gladly wait your turn for.
Computer Bild Spiele (Feb 06, 2008)
Hobbystrategen kommen mit „Dark Conflict“ voll auf ihre Kosten. Mit perfekt durchdachter Steuerung und der bewussten Abkehr von rechenaufwendiger Grafik konzentriert sich das Spiel ganz auf taktische Finessen. Jede Einheit, jedes Schlachtfeld und jeder Geländetyp hat Besonderheiten, die – richtig genutzt – der Schlüssel zum Sieg sind. Das ist vor allem in den spannenden Mehrspieler-Varianten über Funk und Internet sehr fesselnd und einfach „gut“.
Good Game (Mar 10, 2008)
If you already have an Advance Wars, Days of Ruin might feel more like an expansion pack. The map editor is a great new feature, but with only a few extra units and terrain features, it's the ONLY new feature. Whether that's worth getting another Advance Wars, is up to you. 7.5/10.
NZGamer (Apr 28, 2008)
It’s hard to find earlier entries in the series now, but if you can hunt one down, your money will be better spent there. However, if you’re itching for some more Advance Wars and don’t care about presentation – or indeed find the darker, moodier presentation a positive change – then you could do a lot worse than Advance Wars: Dark Conflict.
75 (Jan 24, 2008)
Advance Wars demeure la référence absolue en matière de stratégie au tour par tour sur DS. Néanmoins, l'orientation plus sombre que les développeurs ont imprimé à la série, les restrictions au niveau des modes de jeu ainsi que l'absence des héros charismatiques des autres épisodes risquent d'en décevoir plus d'un. Et bien que l'on se réjouisse de l'arrivée du online, on se demande tout de même si Advance Wars n'a pas perdu son âme avec ce Dark Conflict plus fade et triste qu'à l'accoutumée.
Gamervision (Dec, 2008)
If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy, don’t let my little multiplayer rant deter you from picking up this game; it’s definitely a fun and interesting title, especially if you’re actually going to utilize the multiplayer modes. If, like me, you’re new to the genre and don’t really know where to start, I’d still recommend a rental. Definitely spend some time with this one, DS owners; you might just find out that you like strategy more than you knew.
70 (Mar 11, 2008)
Days Of Ruin memang game yang patut dimainkan, tapi bisa saja lebih baik seandainya fitur-fitur bonus disertakan seperti sebelumnya, karena bisa menambah replay value yang lebih baik. Satu hal yang sangat disayangkan dalam game ini adalah hilangnya Wars Room, yaitu sebuah map dengan misi melawan CO-CO. Fitur ini cukup seru karena tingkat kesulitannya benar-benar tinggi, dan mengharuskan pemain benar-benar berpikir sebelum melakukan penyerangan. Secara keseluruhan sih, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin merupakan salah satu game yang wajib dimiliki oleh para gamers. Jadi buruan cobain!
Saving Progress (Mar 10, 2008)
Days of Ruin is like that super-hot shopaholic girl back in high school. She does a lot of things right, a lot of things that you wish more girls did, but by the time you’ve heard her talk about the same, boring thing for the nth time, you’d much rather spend time with some more interesting company.