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One of the goriest games I've seen. SNES powerstone05 (348)
A great conversion of a great arcade game Amiga Martin Smith (79085)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 9 3.8
Amstrad CPC 6 3.8
Arcade 9 3.9
Atari ST 9 4.0
Commodore 64 10 3.7
Game Gear 11 2.8
Genesis 15 3.2
NES 14 3.4
SEGA Master System 8 2.9
SNES 31 3.9
Xbox 360 9 4.2
ZX Spectrum 7 3.7
Combined User Score 138 3.6

Critic Reviews

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ZX SpectrumCrash! (Dec, 1991)
If you have any Amiga-owning buddies who think the Spectrum belongs in a museum along with the counting frame and Betamax video recorder, sit them in front of your machine and load up a copy of Ocean's Smash TV. It'll have them crying into their £30-a-throw software collection, wishing they hadn't wasted their money upgrading. Smash TV is quite simply the best game I've ever seen on the Spectrum, and the perfect answer for those who think the Speccy is dying. Two short years ago, I didn't think it possible to use so much colour with so little clash. For my money, the sheer speed and playability of Smash TV make it the best game yet. Ocean have a real winner on their hands.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Dec, 1991)
[...] If you like your action thick and fast you can't go wrong with this game, it's simply one of the most frenetic titles ever. The bottom line is this. Buy Smash TV.
Smash TV is simply brilliant. The straightforward objective coupled with excellent graphics, tough, but amazingly addictive action, and some superb touches like the game show host who pops up every few screens and says amusing comments like "I'd buy that for a dollar!" makes this one of the most potent coin-gobblers I've ever played. Grab and handful of cash and seek this one out as quickly as possible.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Feb, 1993)
Not the sort of game that Mary Whitehouse would appreciate which must be a point in its favour. Another point in its favour is that its absolutely fabulous (which was a great programme by the way). Buy it and be thankful that Bob Monkhouse or Bruce Forsythe aren't the hosts - though they'd be good as contestants.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Oct, 1991)
Thugery performed at an almost professional level! This is the game that the Running Man should have been - brightly detailed, fast yet unjerky graphics and a blisteringly simple yet addictive gameplay.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Dec, 1991)
This is Nick Jones's last C64 game, but boy has he ever gone out with a bang! This is one of the most playable coin-op conversions I've seen in ages. The enclosed arenas create a claustrophobic atmosphere, especially with all the enemies that pour out of the doors. Far from mindless blasting, Smash continually gets your mind whirring with options - should I get that bonus weapon? Where's the best place to attack these new beasties from? Do I really need another pop-up toaster? Can I get that cash without hitting that mine? Arg! There's a wide range of baddies, all with their own attack patterns, and usually there's a couple of different types to worry about at the same time, loads of 'em, yet the game just doesn't slow down! Surviving takes so much concentration that collecting prizes becomes just an afterthought - unless you're plain greedy like me! The price is right so come on down and play Smash TV. Win or lose, with this much fun everyone's a winner!
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Nov, 1991)
Sell your family to buy Smash TV. It's the Christmas biggy, all right!
The NES was the best game of it's type on that machine, and Acclaim have done it again on the Super Nintendo to provide the most awesome home arcade blaster yet seen. If you own a Super Nintendo and you like your action fast and furious, you'd have to be a dribbling loony to pass up Smash TV. Buy this cart and tell all your jealous mates you've got the arcade machine in your bedroom, because that's basically what this is. Buy it!
NESGame Freaks 365 (2005)
Smash TV is one of the best shooting-style games on the NES. It has a lot of variety and it's easily one of the most, if not the most successful port of the arcade version considering all the factors. The two-controller option is highly original, the pace is fast and fun, it's just an all-around great title that I strongly recommend to any NES fans out there. Heck, if you're not even familiar with the original Smash TV, this is one I'd suggest you start with. When you compare it to something even closer to the arcades, like the SNES version, you'll be amazed what they were able to do here.
SNESN-Force (Jun, 1992)
If it's non-stop shoot-'em-up action with a hint of tacky game show you're after (you weirdo!) this is the cart for you!
The sheer number of enemies on screen at one time is just jaw-dropping, and the frenetic gameplay just keeps you coming back for more. OK, the graphics and sound aren't exactly great, but who gives a toss about that when the gameplay's as good as this! Top stuff and highly recommended!
While the graphics aren’t great, they get the job done, and average voice samples are squeezed in as well. If you’re looking for a unique, frantic shooter, this is the game show for you, with the two-player mode being a bonus blast.
AmigaCU Amiga (Dec, 1991)
Exceptional conversion offering hours of fun
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Smash T.V. will enthrall shooter fans with its high level of intensity and constant action. However, those wanting a more thoughtful gaming experience, or at least one that is less violent, should look elsewhere.
SNESN-Force (Feb, 1993)
If you and a mate fancy charging around with machine guns, collecting star prizes, this is one to think about raiding the piggy bank for.
Well, it's hats off to the boys at Ocean, this game is a little corker. It retains all the features of the original arcade machine, including the double joystick option. The graphics are fine, with no slow down and the Amiga version retains most of the sampled speech and commentary. Musically, Smash TV is a bit of a dead loss, but who needs tunes when you have this many explosions? All in all, this is a blastfest of incredible proportions. Total carnage...I love it!
Commodore 6464'er (Jun, 1992)
Technisch gesehen ist das Spiel eine Augenweide: Der Sprite-Multiplexer ist perfekt programmiert, Musik bzw. Soundeffekte sind vom Feinsten und auch in bezug auf die animierten Sprites wurde an nichts gespart. Auch spielerisch tut sich einiges: Wenn der Spieler erst einige Extrawaffen erkämpft hat, gegen die sogar die Bonuswaffen aus Turrican oder IO aussehen wie Zuckerstangen, geht’s so richtig los. Ein reinrassiges Actionballerspiel, das ganz ohne Scrolling auskommt, und den Actionfan mit Sicherheit überzeugt.
NESMean Machines (Jan, 1992)
Smash TV is a real laugh in the arcades and this Nintendo conversion is simply fantastic. Of course, the graphics and sound aren't half as stunning as the original Williams coin-op, but what it has got is the sheer excitement factor that the arcade machine delivered. The enclosed screen is very claustrophobic, making the urge to blast the sheer amount of enemy sprites on-screen even stronger. Making the action even more exciting are the superb weapons, blowing up legions of marauding sprites with a scatter grenade launcher has never been so much fun! With all of the different options and the two-player mode, Smash TV is simply a superlative purchase for any NES owner that enjoys shooting everywhere.
Atari STST Action (Feb, 1993)
Violence has never been so much fun. Who needs a reason? Just plug in a joystick and a murdering we go.
A perfect example of how right many classic arcade games are, Smash TV is a great accompaniment to any big budget next gen game on the 360. Its arcade roots make it a perfect addition to Xbox Live, and this flawless port only make it an easier purchase. This is a classic on nearly every console that featured a port, and this no exception.
Eventually, you'll get the hang of the controls, with the lure of easy money, fantastic sound effects, and fast-moving (does that mean no slowdown? Yes!) enemies homing in on your contestant. I'm pretty sure all of the elements from the arcade version are here, although I've yet to meet "The Host with the Most" in the arcade version. Arcade fans will not be disappointed, although a joystick would help immensely!
Even with no particular desire to zoom through to the later levels, therapeutic relaxation is on top as the endlessly-murderable zombie hordes walk into the firing lines. Class. However, without wishing to sound too square, it is unlikely to hold the interest any longer than the coin-op. And are you still playing that?
SNES1UP! (Oct 07, 2005)
Super Smash TV aussi cru soit-il est presque une raison d'exister pour les jeux vidéo, aucun autre média ou forme d'art n'aurait pu produire un résultat pareil sans être rejeté comme un vulgaire déchet; ce n'est rien d'autre qu'un massacre ininterrompu, où votre personnage détruit des dizaines de milliers d'adversaires pendant des heures. En film ou en livre, ce serait une boucherie ignoble et ridicule, en jeu vidéo, c'est incroyablement satisfaisant. On s'amuse comme un petit fou, et plus encore avec un ami, sans penser aux implications de ce que l'on fait, évidemment, puisqu'il n'y en a aucune. Super Smash TV n'est rien qu'un jeu vidéo, un très bon moment de détente sans être un chef d'oeuvre, mais il est unique, sous quelque forme que ce soit.
AmigaZero (Jan, 1992)
If you like the coin-op, you'll love this - it's very faithful to the original. Be prepared to get sweaty. Smash TV - play the game and regain your figure.
SEGA Master SystemMean Machines (Oct, 1992)
A ghastly conversion that fails on every level to capture even the merest hint of the brilliance of the coin-op. Avoid it all costs unless you're a sad masochist out to waste your cash.
GenesisMean Machines (Oct, 1992)
A flawed conversion of a classic game. A sadly missed opportunity which could have been bettered by a few tweaks in the right places.
SNESZero (Jul, 1992)
As you've probably already guessed, it's fairly mindless stuff. If you're into fast and ultra-violent arcade games where you don't have to think very much, Smash TV could be a must. But if you're the kind of viewer who prefers Jeremy Paxman to Jeremy Beadle, you might find it a bit too low-brow. Still, the game's very stylish - and it's full of tongue-in-cheek black humour. Comic book violence for telly addicts really, so I can't see May Whitehouse buying it.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Mar, 1993)
Smash TV, the coin-op, is notorious blood n' guts attitude to the shoot 'em up theme. This conversion is as good as can be expected and, although slightly frustrating at times, fits the bill very nicely.
A winning effort that fans of the coin-op should not miss!
ArcadeSinclair User (Sep, 1990)
The graphics are very classy, with a lot of cartoon-like over-the-top carnage and plenty of humor. Hardly surprising coming from pinball lineage, the sound is excellent, with sampled speech and a constant foot-tapping soundtrack. The ideal casual blast, this comes highly recommended.
Commodore 64Commodore Force (Aug, 1993)
A 21st Century version of The Price is Right, Smash TV sees you blowing away thugs en masse for prizes. It's merry, harmless fun, that no slightly unbalanced psychotic should find him/herself without.
AmigaAmiga Power (Jan, 1992)
A disappointment, but still a damn good game. Maybe I was expecting too much, I don't know. I've got my problems with it, sure - the changes to the Mutoid Man screen are particularly bad - but despite my complaints, it still manages to be one of the most enjoyable blasts I've seen all year. Good sicko stuff.
SNESClassic-games.net (May 31, 2019)
Super Smash T.V. is a fantastic port of a great arcade game and still provides plenty of action to satisfy shooter fans. It would take many years for an arcade perfect port to arrive, leaving this the best way to experience the game outside of the arcade. Even today it is a great way to kill an afternoon. This comes highly recommended.
ArcadeRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Smash T.V. n’a peut-être pas inscrit son nom au panthéon des plus grands titres d’arcade, mais il l’aurait mérité tant le jeu est aussi fun que simple à prendre en main. Deux sticks, vos réflexes, votre monnaie et une opposition pléthorique – et éventuellement un allié, histoire de rendre le jeu encore plus amusant – et voilà le plaisir instantané, accompagné d’une adrénaline qui mettra du temps à retomber tant l’action est frénétique. La (grande) difficulté du titre aura au moins le mérite de ne pas lui laisser le temps de devenir redondant ou inutilement laborieux. Laissez-vous donc tenter par une petite partie et vous constaterez rapidement que, même près de trente ans après, l’essayer, c’est l’adopter.
SNESVideo Games (Apr, 1992)
Aber nicht nur die Technik ist genial, auch der Rest des Spiels sei jedem Actionfan ans Herz gelegt. Sehr gut gelöst wurde die Steuerung (man kann in jede beliebige Richtung schießen, egal wohin man gerade läuft). Gerade im Zwei-Spieler-Modus macht Smash TV einen Wahnsinnsspaß und bringt das Adrenalin ganz schön zum Steigen. Obwohl das Grundprinzip extrem simpel ist, bleibt der Reiz zum erneuten Spielen durch neue Elemente und opulente Endgegner immer erhalten. Die Grafik ist nicht gerade überragend, aber doch gut adaptiert. Insgesamt ein Muß für Fans des Automaten und jeden Actionspieler, der schon immer mal sehen wollte, was sein Super Famicom wirklich drauf hat.
Xbox 360X-Power (Dec 28, 2005)
Kortom: de hoge herspeelbaarheid en de vaak intense vuurgevechten komen Smash TV na al deze jaren nog steeds ten goede, zeker als je het paart met het goedkope aankooptarief. De graphics zijn wel reeds aardig verouderd, en hoewel de catchy soundtrack en destijds aardige soundeffects nog steeds een eigen charmerende atmosfeer dragen, was een grafische update op z’n Geometry Wars welkom geweest. Door de simpliciteit van het concept kent Smash TV een verslavend pick up ’n play-gehalte, waardoor je jezelf vaak betrapt bij het spelen van één extra sessie. Heb je tevens geen problemen met de ouderdom en de moeilijkheidsgraad van het spel, dan is Smash TV zonder twijfel een aanrader!
The lure of big money prizes is enough to get most contestants to risk their lives in Smash T.V., but wait, there's more! With the home version of Smash T.V. you can double your excitement and fun by using two controllers simultaneously! One controls your movement, the other your weaponry. Any pair of controllers will work! So if you have a pair of NES Advantages, for example, you can simulate the arcade feel (just make sure you tape down the two controllers so they don't slip around and don't forget to rotate your Advantages 90 degrees clockwise). With a NES Satellite or NES Four Score, two players can play with two controllers each.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Nov 29, 2005)
It's a great time to be a fan of dual-joystick, Robotron-style action games. The release of the Xbox 360, with built-in support for downloadable games via Xbox Live Arcade, has opened up a world of opportunity for all sorts of games that might not fly in a $50 retail package but are great pickups for $5 or $10. And it just so happens that there are already three games on the service that deliver that Robotron-style action. The latest, Smash TV, is a sort of spiritual successor to Robotron: 2084, which Midway originally released in arcades back in 1990. Smash TV took the "left stick moves, right stick shoots" concept to the far-flung future of 1999, where game shows have become violent competitions where the winner gets fabulous prizes...and the loser dies. So, yeah, it's Robotron meets The Running Man, and with its Xbox Live support for cooperative play and scoreboards, it has probably never been better.
SNESPower Play (May, 1992)
Zum schnellen Abreagieren ist die erstklassige Super-NES-Fassung des Automatenhits Smash TV genau das richtige. Mir mangelt es allerdings langfristig an Abwechslung: Sicherlich kommt in jeder neuen Arena eine weitere Gegnersorte hinzu; der einzige Unterschied zum Vorgänger besteht aber lediglich darin, daß das Wesen mehr Treffer verträgt. Etwas witziger sind dagegen die Obermotze. Riesige Sprites, die nur mit der richtigen Taktik klein beigeben, rollen durch die Arena. Aprospos Technik: Trotz Unmengen von Sprites wird das rasante Spielgeschehen nicht eine Sekunde langsamer. Für zerstörungswütige Actionfans ein Mordsspaß.
SNESRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
D’accord, ça n’est toujours pas la version arcade – mais en terme de contenu comme en terme de sensations, Super Smash T.V. sur Super Nintendo est indéniablement ce qui s’en rapproche le plus! À vous, enfin, le plaisir de pouvoir vous éclater à deux sur une console de salon sans être équipé d’un rouleau de pièces pour alimenter la machine. Un excellent portage.
Game GearComputer and Video Games (CVG) (May, 1993)
It has the unmistakable Smash TV feel, which will make it a winner to fans of the original.
GenesisRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Contrairement à ceux qui l’ont précédé sur ordinateur, le portage de Smash T.V. sur Megadrive ne donne clairement pas le sentiment d’une version au rabais. Tout le contenu de la version d’origine a été conservé, jusqu’aux voix digitalisées, mais il faudra bien évidemment composer avec les limitations techniques de la 16-bits de SEGA, et surtout avec une difficulté glaçante encore renforcée par les limitations imposées par la manette de la Megadrive.
NESQuesticle.net (Jun, 2013)
Despite the worthless graphics, minor censorship, and sub-par predictions of the future (1999 was the year that Boy Bands and Rap/Rock Roamed the Earth), Smash T.V. translates well to the NES. Total Carnage. I like it.
Atari STST Format (Feb, 1992)
If you've played the coin-op you know what a frantic noisy experience that is. Smash TV almost captures this on the ST, but can’t quite bridge that gap between a competent conversion and a top-notch red-hot arcade game that calls you back time and time again. In other words, Smash TV misses the star prize but just about manages the cutlery set.
Xbox 360Lawrence (Aug 15, 2006)
The closest thing to a game adaptation of Schwarzenegger's classic The Running Man that you'll ever play. Smash TV puts you in the middle of a chaotic and violent game show that throws hundreds of enemies at you from every direction. Single-player is worth at least one playthrough, but any replay value will come from co-op.
Xbox 360XBox Evolved (Dec 15, 2005)
I have played Smash TV several times before in the arcade and Midway’s compilation packs, and one thing that always had me about the title is that it is a lot like the movie The Running Man where Arnold Schwarzenegger has to run through all these obstacles and kill people for the pleasure of television viewers. This one uses the simple controls of the left stick controls your person and the right shoots. You run over upgrades and you get grenade launchers and guns that spray fire in three different directions. You also run over cash and prizes the get your score up even better. What makes this the best version of the game yet though is the fact that you can play online through co-op and see your score on Xbox Live scoreboard.
Xbox 360411mania.com (Apr 17, 2007)
Well this is a classic game that really has aged quite well. It’s not perfect as its too easy to die and unlimited continues make it very easy to finish as it’s not a very long game. Also the achievements are mostly pointless, which is a shame. It might be over shadowed by better games on XBLA but this is still a lot of fun and worthy of a download.
Xbox 360Retro Gamer (Feb, 2006)
While it’s possible to enjoy Smash TV on Xbox Live, we constantly found ourselves being thrown back to the lobby for no good reason whatsoever. A real shame, as the co-op is tremendous fun when it does decide to work and really adds to Smash TV’s longevity. If only Midway hadn’t made the odd decision to provide you with infi nite continues…
NESRetro Game Reviews (Dec 29, 2019)
Smash T.V. is great in short bursts (particularly if you're looking for some mindless shooting action), and its twitch-based gameplay is perfectly complimented by the dual controller option. It does wear out its welcome rather quickly, but as long as you keep your expectations in check there's certainly some fun to be had here.
SNESJeuxvideo.com (Dec 02, 2010)
Super Smash TV, sans être un chef-d'œuvre, propose une expérience de jeu unique et bourrine dont le rythme effréné nous fait rapidement oublier son faible contenu et sa répétitivité. Nerveux et exigeant, il fait partie des meilleurs jeux d'arcade de la Super Nintendo et reste un excellent défouloir qui en 20 ans d'existence n'a pas pris une ride (exception faite des bimbos et du présentateur). Que vous soyez un joueur acharné ou occasionnel, vous devriez trouver votre bonheur avec ce titre, pour peu que vous laissiez parler vos réflexes et mettiez vos neurones de côté le temps d'une partie !
GenesisSega-16.com (Apr 09, 2009)
Overall, I like Super Smash T.V. If you like it as I did, then you probably still play it once in a while, and that's something that gives this game a longer shelf life than most arcade ports of the era. This one also comes dirt cheap, so if you're interested to shooting a Sunday away, then buy it. I know I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!
SNESJust Games Retro (Mar 10, 2009)
This one's pretty open-and-shut. If you enjoyed Smash T.V. in the arcades, then this was the king of the 90s home ports. It's the best choice if you have no way to play the original. If you simply like the sound of the idea, then it's probably not worth tracking down. Every room is essentially the same, every level is essentially the same, every moment - while sometimes chaotic and fun - is essentially the same. Gets old too quick for a serious investment of time or money.
All in all, Smash TV. is a lot of fun to play and Acclaim deserves a great deal of credit for being faithful to the arcade version of the game. The NES version is so much like the arcade that gamers can opt to use two controllers - one to move and one to fire with - just like in the arcade. One hint before you play: remember your opponent's strength is in sheer numbers. Give Smash TV. a try, you won't be disappointed.
Xbox 360GotNext (May 01, 2006)
Every work of genius needs an underachieving clone, and in the case of Robotron it's, Smash TV. While not really a bad game, it just doesn't manage to reach the heights of its predecessor, mostly because of one small change to the gameplay.
Game GearGamePro (US) (Oct, 1992)
Despite the limited controls, Game Gear Smash TV is just as challenging as its predecessors.
Atari STAtari ST User (Apr, 1993)
It's a laugh for a while, but all the screens are alike, and the gameplay becomes monotonous quite soon.
GenesisVideo Games (Nov, 1992)
Die totale Action: Bei Super Smash TV wird geballert, was die Feuertasten hergeben. Da ihr in der Automatenvariante z.B. nach rechts lauten, gleichzeitig aber nach oben ballern konntet, spielt Ihr Super Smash TV auf Wunsch mit zwei Joypads. Habt Ihr nur eines oder müßt Ihr Euch die beiden Pads teilen (im Zweispielermodus) , ist die Steuerung anfangs verwirrend; mit Übung geht sie aber dennoch gut von der Hand. Grafisch wird mehr Quantität, als Qualität geboten: Dutzende von Mini-Sprites wuseln, ballern und sterben - nur die Endgegner sind eine Ecke dicker und optisch beeindruckend. Wer auf Marathongeballere ohne Schnörkel und Überraschungen steht, darf zugreifen.
Game GearElectronic Games (Nov, 1992)
In short, as good as the original game was, Smash TV is just another average shooter on the Game Gear.
SEGA Master SystemMega Force (Oct, 1992)
Un boss de fin vous attend après chaque série de salles, pour le plus grand plaisir des téléspectateurs. Alors n'oubliez pas: faites de l'audience, cassez de l'ennemi, il faut que ça saigne!
SEGA Master SystemSega Pro (UK) (Apr, 1993)
A long awaited conversion which is nothing more than average. Repetitive flicker, sound and gameplay all rolled into one - and it's too hard.
Commodore 64Power Play (Feb, 1992)
Leider kommt das T.V.-Feeling in den wenig abwechslungsreichen Computer-Adaptionen nicht so gut rüber wie beim Automaten, bei dem man von oben - eben wie in eine Arena - auf den riesigen Bildschirm herabguckt. Obwohl auf dem Monitor einiges los ist (Anwärter auf den "Die-meisten-Sprites-auf-dem-Bildschirm"-Award), geht der Spielspaß relativ schnell flöten. Mit zunehmender Hektik, Schwierigkeit und Geschwindigkeit der Gegner verliert man die Lust am Abschlachten der amoklaufenden Baseball-Spieler. Grafisch ist ebenfalls nichts anspruchsvolles zu finden. Erstaunlicherweise wird Smash T.V. leicht mit den riesigen Sprite-Massen fertig: kein Ruckeln, minimaler Geschwindigkeitsverlust. Die beiden Versionen unterscheiden sich hauptsächlich in puncto Schwierigkeit; auf dem 64er kämpft man sich wesentlich leichter bis zur Bonusarena vor. Wer auf eine moderne Variante des Klassikers "Robotron 2084" steht, der darf sich bei Smash T.V. zuschalten.
Game GearConsoles Plus (Dec, 1992)
Du baston, encore du baston, toujours du baston!
AmigaPower Play (Mar, 1992)
Die Amiga-Version des Fernsehquizmassakers macht im Vergleich zu den ST- und C-64-Versionen am meisten Spaß. Nichts geändert hat sich an der reizvollen Zwei-Joystick-Steuerung, den popligen Soundeffekten und der fehlenden Hintergrundmusik.
Atari STPower Play (Feb, 1992)
Leider kommt das T.V.-Feeling in den wenig abwechslungsreichen Computer-Adaptionen nicht so gut rüber wie beim Automaten, bei dem man von oben - eben wie in eine Arena - auf den riesigen Bildschirm herabguckt. Obwohl auf dem Monitor einiges los ist (Anwärter auf den "Die-meisten-Sprites-auf-dem-Bildschirm"-Award), geht der Spielspaß relativ schnell flöten. Mit zunehmender Hektik, Schwierigkeit und Geschwindigkeit der Gegner verliert man die Lust am Abschlachten der amoklaufenden Baseball-Spieler. Grafisch ist ebenfalls nichts anspruchsvolles zu finden. Erstaunlicherweise wird Smash T.V. leicht mit den riesigen Sprite-Massen fertig: kein Ruckeln, minimaler Geschwindigkeitsverlust. Die beiden Versionen unterscheiden sich hauptsächlich in puncto Schwierigkeit; auf dem 64er kämpft man sich wesentlich leichter bis zur Bonusarena vor. Wer auf eine moderne Variante des Klassikers "Robotron 2084" steht, der darf sich bei Smash T.V. zuschalten.
AmigaAmiga Format (Feb, 1992)
If you've never played the coin-op, then the game may very well hold your interest for a very short while, but anyone who is expecting to play the hit arcade game on their Amiga will be disappointed, since the game lacks the substance and action that is required for a challenging shoot-em-up.
AmigaRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Le plus gros point noir de cette version vient finalement de sa réalisation. Les graphismes sont nettement moins fins que sur la borne d’arcade – ce qui peut se comprendre – mais l’Amiga pouvait faire mieux que ça. En revanche, heureusement que le jeu s’intitule Smash T.V., parce qu’à peu près tous les détails nous rappelant qu’on participait à un show télévisé sont passés à la trappe. Oubliez les caméras, les passerelles, les transitions – en-dehors d’un bref aperçu du studio au lancement de la partie, seul le présentateur et les séquences entre les niveaux ont survécu à l’écrémage, et l’ambiance y perd énormément – sans compter que toutes les salles se ressemblent désormais atrocement au sein d’un même niveau. Les fioritures ne sont d’ailleurs pas les seules à avoir fait les frais de cette conversion: oubliez les salles aux trésors et la musique, ce qui commence à faire beaucoup.
SEGA Master SystemReVival (Apr 13, 2005)
La réalisation est convenable. Les graphismes sont dans la juste moyenne des productions sur cette console, l'animation est très rapide mais plutôt saccadée et les musiques se révèlent insipides à souhait.
Commodore 64Play Time (Jan, 1992)
Das Überraschende dabei ist, daß die C64-Version technisch perfekt ist und äußerst selten ein Flackern zu sehen ist. Die Gegner verhalten sich zum Teil sehr intelligent, was bei Oceanspielen nicht unbedingt zu erwarten ist (siehe Darkman). Glücklicherweise ist das Ganze hervorragend spielbar, und jede Situation ist mit Geschick zu meistern. Ich war selbst überrascht, als ich trotz mickriger Grafik immer wieder einen neuen Versuch startete. Actionfans auf dem C64 dürfte es gefallen, andere sollten die Finger davon lassen.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
Since Robotron, Berserk, and Frenzy were never released for the NES, you might want to give this game a shot. It's kind of fun if you can look past its weaknesses. Incidentally, Super Smash TV, a near-perfect translation of Smash TV, was released less than two years later for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Dec, 1991)
Das kommt optisch recht nett rüber und wird auch akustisch ansprechend mit knalligen FX und viel Zuschauergejohle untermalt. Aber steuern läßt sich dieses Chaos leider nicht so toll, weshalb die acht (!) Leben meist schnell verheizt sind. Daher sollten sich nur Experten an dieser Show beteiligen - am besten zu zweit, da sind die Überlebenschancen etwas höher.
Game GearSega Pro (UK) (Apr, 1993)
Remember the arcade game? Forget this then. Dire sprite animation and repetitively poor graphics totally ruin a good license. Just don't bother.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Dec 26, 2010)
This is a fun game to play for high score, but frequent bonus lives tend to extend the length of the game. And if your hand doesn't get numb from the non-stop carnage, your brain just might.
Atari STRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Difficile de trouver une raison objective de préférer ce portage à celui sur Amiga – sauf allergie avérée à la machine de Commodore. Portage paresseux, mais néanmoins fonctionnel, les aficionados de l’Atari ST pourront y trouver leur compte – les joueurs du XXIe siècle, moins.
NESRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
La version NES présente une véritable ambition, tant elle s’efforce de coller au maximum à une version arcade au hardware pourtant infiniment supérieur. Certes, même la meilleure volonté du monde n’empêche pas son lot de coupes: les arènes sont plus austères, l’action est moins frénétique, plusieurs choses ont disparu – parmi lesquelles les mines et plusieurs types d’adversaires… reste que la musique répond toujours présent, que les voix digitalisées sont d’une qualité bluffante pour de la NES et que le mode deux joueurs est toujours présent – avec la possibilité de jouer à quatre pads. Niveau interface, un bouton sert à tirer, l’autre à verrouiller, et la méthode à deux manettes continue de ne pas être naturelle. Le jeu est également un peu plus facile (faute d’opposition) que sur les autres portages – ce qui explique certainement pourquoi il n’y a aucun continue.
Amstrad CPCRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Pour du CPC, pas à dire, c’est du beau travail – mais une grande partie de ce qui faisait la force de la version arcade, à commencer par son mode deux joueurs, a disparu en fumée dans le procédé. Reste un jeu sympathique, mais que l’on réservera aux nostalgiques de la machine d’Amstrad.
Commodore 64Retro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Comme pour beaucoup de portages sur ordinateurs 8-bits, Smash T.V. version C64 est réduit à l’essentiel: un seul joueur, pas de musique, des pièces, des monstres, un massacre en règle. Graphiquement, c’est plus fin que sur CPC, mais beaucoup moins coloré. Niveau sonore, rien à se mettre sous la dent à part une poignée de bruitages. Il y a bien évidemment moins d’action que sur arcade, mais on s’amuse toujours – à condition, bien sûr, de se mettre dans la peau d’un joueur de l’époque.
The quarter-muncher is great, but this version just doesn't do it justice.
Game GearSega Zone (Nov, 1992)
Microscopic graphics and gameplay.
Game GearMean Machines (Nov, 1993)
If you liked Williams Smash TV coin-op this is... pretty grim actually. The graphics are miniscule and poorly defined and the action is a very pale shadow of the arcade original, made no better by a very tricky control method. Give it a miss.
ZX SpectrumRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Soyons honnête: il ne reste plus grand chose de la version arcade dans cette version qui n’a retenu que l’essentiel: un personnage qui tire sur des adversaires dans des grandes pièces. En-dehors de la curiosité ou de la nostalgie, difficile de trouver une raison valable de s’essayer à ce portage aujourd’hui.
Atari STPlay Time (Jan, 1992)
Die ST-Version kann mit leicht besserer Grafik aufwarten, doch der herbe Charme der C64- Version, der durch die technische Klasse entsteht, konnte nicht ganz beibehalten werden, da es für 16-Bit Niveau doch ein wenig eintönig ist.
SEGA Master SystemSega Force (UK) (Nov, 1992)
A dire conversion that won't have you coming back for more.
SEGA Master SystemRetro Game Reviews (Dec 29, 2019)
Super Smash T.V. plays slightly better than the 8-bit handheld port, but that's hardly a compliment. The wonky frame-rate would be bad enough to contend with, but the game's godawful control schemes and aggravating bosses that take an age to beat push this firmly into the 'avoid at all costs' category.
SEGA Master SystemSega Power (Dec, 1993)
Slightly easier than the impossible Mega Drive version, but the graphics are really awful and the firing mostly hit and miss.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Mar 22, 2006)
Smash TV is a faithful reproduction of the arcade classic that is sure to tickle the fancy of fans of the title. However, that being said chances are high that you already own this on the Collection that was put out for all consoles last generation, so unless you got rid of the game is there a reason to get it again? Well, not really unless you really want to play the game on Live and compare your scores to people around the world. Whether or not you want to spend the 400 points to upgrade to an online enabled version really should be up to you, but my recommendation is to skip it.
SEGA Master SystemComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov, 1992)
Sprite detection is pitiful - bullets and shrapnel clearly pass by you, only to deprive you of another life. PATHETIC!
SEGA Master SystemDefunct Games (Apr 29, 2006)
Smash TV on the Master System is completely unnecessary. You know it's going to be bad just from the system's lack of buttons, so why even bother spending time with this game? These days you can find accurate versions of Smash TV on a number of game systems; by all means go and buy one of those before even looking at this Master System port. The writing is on the walls, Smash TV is not meant for 8-bit consoles!
Game GearSega Force (UK) (Feb, 1993)
A dreadful conversion that never should have appeared
Game GearVideo Games (Nov, 1992)
Die Programmierer heben sich zwar tapfer bemüht, das Spielhallenoriginal vernünftig zu adaptieren, aber zwei Probleme konnten sie nicht lösen. Zum einen wird die Steuerung der Bildschirmaction nicht gerecht. Wer Super Smash TV gut spielen will, braucht mehr als zwei Feuerknöpfe, um in alle Richtungen problemlos ballern zu können. Außerdem treten schwere technische Probleme auf. Die Sprites flackern zwar nicht, dafür tummeln sich weit weniger Objekte als vorgesehen auf dem Bildschirm. Noch schlimmer ist die Tatsache, daß sich sowohl der eigene Kämpfer, als auch die Feinde sehr ruckhaft bewegen. So “hüpft“ Ihr immer etliche Pixel voran - genaues Positionieren der Spielfigur ist unmöglich. Es passiert sogar, daß Ihr durch Freund und Feind einfach hindurchruckelt, ohne daß die Kollision vom Programm bemerkt wird. Finger weg von diesem finsteren Machwerk.
SEGA Master SystemRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Difficile de croire que cette version de Smash T.V. ait pu être testée un jour: c’est lent, c’est passablement moche et c’est surtout totalement impossible à jouer. Ajoutez-y la désagréable habitude de la Master System à faire clignoter ses sprites, et vous aboutirez à cette bouillie aussi frustrante que dénuée d’intérêt. À oublier.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Dec 07, 1999)
The graphics are pretty good, and look similar to the arcade version. The quality of the voice samples is pretty lousy though - the announcer sounds raspy. The main problem with Smash TV is that it's meant to be played with two joysticks, not one control pad. Actually, the game DOES allow you to use two control pads in the one-player mode, but it's far too awkward. You can tweak the controls to determine if the shots should be fired away from where you're running, toward where you're running, or in a locked position. It's all just a big kludge though, because none of the settings really capture the feel of the arcade game. Unfortunately, without good control, this game isn't much fun.
Game GearRetro Game Reviews (Dec 30, 2019)
Super Smash T.V. is a curious inclusion in the Sega Game Gear library, as someone legitimately thought it was a viable idea to develop and release it for a handheld that only has two buttons. The control schemes simply do not work, which in turn makes the gameplay as close to broken as can possibly be.
Game GearRetro Archives (Oct 18, 2017)
Prenez la version Master System de Smash T.V., divisez la résolution par deux, supprimez le mode deux joueurs et assurez-vous bien de rendre le tout encore plus lent, avec un personnage à peine capable de tirer, et vous obtiendrez sans aucun doute le pire portage du jeu.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jan, 1992)
Wenn es nicht schon eine Game-Show ähnlichen Titels geben würde,wäre „Hopp oder Flop?“ viel treffender als SMASH T.V. - das Spiel dürfte nämlich, wenn ich mich nicht sehr täusche, der nächste Kandidat für ein gewisses Gremium werden. Diesem wünsche ich bereits jetzt „gute Unterhaltung“...
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jan, 1992)
Wenn es nicht schon eine Game-Show ähnlichen Titels geben würde,wäre „Hopp oder Flop?“ viel treffender als SMASH T.V. - das Spiel dürfte nämlich, wenn ich mich nicht sehr täusche, der nächste Kandidat für ein gewisses Gremium werden. Diesem wünsche ich bereits jetzt „gute Unterhaltung“...
ArcadeCrash! (Feb, 1991)
Smash TV is one of the best coin-ops EVER! It's fast, addictive and, above all, violent. Graphic detail is excellent, all character sprites are smooth scrolling, and when an attacker is killed limbs fly in all directions. Sonics are also impressive especially the grinning MC who pops up with such catchphrase gems as 'I'll buy that for a dollar' and 'It's showtime!'. Definitely the Corky coin-op of the month, if not the whole year!

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