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Sid Meier's CivNet Credits


ProducerWilliam F. Denman Jr.
Lead ProgrammingPaul L. Rowan
ProgrammingLee Baldwin, William F. Denman Jr., Wayne Harvey, John C. O'Neill, Jason Snyder
Art DirectorMichael O. Haire
Special Screen GraphicsBarbara D. Bents, Betsy Kirk, Nicholas J. Rusko-Berger, Katharine Seman, Skylar Starghill, Andrew T. Laken
Original Game GraphicsBarbara D. Bents, Todd Brizzi, Patrick Downey, Michael O. Haire, Brian Martel, Erroll Roberts, Nicholas J. Rusko-Berger, Chris Soares, Harry E. Teasley, Stacey Clark
Original MusicJeffery L. Briggs
Musical ArrangementRoland J. Rizzo
Sound EffectsMark Reis
Interactive Guide Programmer/WriterDavid Ellis
Interactive Guide GraphicsLeo Robinson
Documentation & EditingJonathan Caspian-Kaufman (Lead), Christine Manley, John Possidente, Ted Paulsen Jr.
Manual Design & LayoutCesar Novoa, Joseph Morel
IllustrationNicholas J. Rusko-Berger, Guy Sparger, Leo Robinson, David Inscore, Gregory Foertsch
BoxJohn Emory
Product ManagementLindsay Riehl
Lead TesterMatt Showalter
Quality AssuranceMike Barker, Charles Brubaker, Russell Clark, Kathy Crowe, David Ginsburg, Jim Hendry, Jennifer MacLean, Andy Mazurek, Steve Moseley, Tina Nelson, Ki O, Tammy Talbott, Jim Tricario, Brian Vargo
Network SupportMike Corcoran, Joe Davis
Original DesignSid Meier, Bruce Campbell Shelley
Special Thanks ToBrian Reynolds, Marcia Foster, Todd Cioni, Douglas Kaufman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (27208) and Xoleras (66780)