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Huggly Saves the Turtles: Thinking Adventures Credits

Scholastic, Inc.

Senior Producer/DesignerCamilla Calamandrei
Associate ProducerAlyssa Cooper
Based on characters and scenes byTedd Arnold
Story and Game Design byCamilla Calamandrei, June R. Edelstein, Laurie Rose Bauman, Tedd Arnold, Alyssa Cooper
Written byLaurie Rose Bauman
Senior Child Development ConsultantAdele M. Brodkin (Ph.D.)
Educational ConsultantsJune R. Edelstein, Susan Canizares, Francie Alexander
Technical ProducerBill Metzger
Technical SupervisionDaryl Spitzer
Quality Assurance LeadDanny Tunick
Quality AssuranceMark Gibbons
Marketing ManagerAllison O'Hara
Director of Marketing and SalesJuli Lennett
Marketing & Sales CoordinatorMargaret J. Crocker
Package DesignCCM
Manufacturing Operations ManagerMing Chan
Business ManagerScott Lennett

Mindsai Productions

Executive ProducerClif Swiggett
Associate ProducerJustine Smith
Game DesignDavid Fedchenko, Justine Smith
Art DirectorStephen Peringer
Art Production ManagerKathleen Dickenson
Technical DesignerErin Flasher
Lead AnimatorTheron Benson
AnimatorsGeorge Henion, Renee Leiby, Alex Marquez, Spinner Reynolds, Alan Smithee
IllustratorsLaura Henion, Luke Johnson, Alex Marquez, Spinner Reynolds, Karen Schlosser, Akika Tanaka
Background ArtistBill Meyer
3D AnimatorDonnie Madsen
Art TechsBrandon Chandler, Alex Marquez
Storyboard ArtistStephen Peringer
Development Team LeadBryan Loofbourrow
Development TeamKent Diamond, David Fedchenko, Lloyd D. Ollmann Jr., Doug Scott, Larry Shatos
Integration Team LeadDavid Fedchenko
Integration TeamAlice Collins-Thompson, Bruce Wittenmyer
Test ManagerRobert Lotz
Test LeadPatrick Kennerson
TestingGeoff Duncan
Composer/Sound DesignerDavid Pascal
Sound EditorsBrook Ellingwood, Nelda Swiggett
Voice DirectorsGinny McSwain, Laurie Rose Bauman
Voice TalentScott S. Bullock, Jeannie Elias, Alex Johnson, Tracey Leigh, Mike Madeoy, Shelley Reynolds, Annette Toutonghi, Robert Zenk
Network AdministratorDavid Moore
ControllerShannon Christiansen

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11388)