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What Remains of Edith Finch Credits

150 people (131 developers, 19 thanks)


ForShirley Dallas (1948-2013)

A story by Giant Sparrow

Creative DirectorIan Dallas
Technical DirectorJoshua M. Sarfaty
Lead Technical ArtistChelsea Hash
Lead ArtistBrandon Martynowicz
Lead DesignerChris Bell
Technical DesignersMichael Kwan, Sam Rosenthal
DesignerJonathan Hamel
ProgrammersJonathan Hamel, Johann Ly, Shawn Kuang
Gameplay ProgrammerEvan Francis Rogers
EngineerDan Hollingsworth
AnimatorThomas Huynh
Environment ArtistsCory Davis, Greg Prior, Kristen Carrie-Wong Altamirano
2D ArtistHolly Rothrock
Concept ArtistTheo Aretos
Character ArtistDaniel Valvo
Lead Sound DesignerSteven Green
Additional Sound DesignChuck Russom, Eduardo Ortiz Frau
Additional Sound RecordingRyan Collins
ComposerJeff Russo
Music SupervisorJoel C. High (GMS), Peter Scaturro
Voice Casting ServicesAshley Lambert, Arianna Trames
Voice Over RecordingFormosa Interactive LLC
Voice ActorsValerie Rose Lohman (Edith), Maddie Fitz (Molly), Alex Jibb-Quine (Young Sam), Maria Benson (Barbara), Ian Dallas (Rick), Jackie Donal (Old Jack), Dan Hollingsworth (Walter), Kevin Ivie (Sam), Haley Kleoss (Young Dawn), Ella Scheafer (Kay), Nikki Kendall (Dawn), Julia Farino (Dr. Emily Nuth), Blanche Larsen (Edie)
ProducersAlvin Nelson, Michael Fallik
Design ConsultantBenjamin Esposito
Additional VFXKeith Guerrette, Beyond-FX Inc.
Translation ServicesEmilia de Santis
ClearancesJay Floyd, Now Clear This
Additional ArtNathan Wells
Additional RiggingMelissa Fuss
Additional AnimationAvi Yeyni, Erica Pinto
Additional ProgrammingJi Qi
Written byIan Dallas
Additional WritingThomas R. Bissell III
Story ConsultantsChris Bell, Stephen Bell, Nathan Gary, Chelsea Hash, Michael Kwan, Evan Francis Rogers
Unreal® EngineCopyright 1998-2017 Epic Games Inc., All rights reserved.
QA LeadAndrew Odella

Enzyme Testing Labs

Project ManagerDavid Dean Watts
Team ManagersSandra Malenfant, Simon Ricard
Lead TestersChafik Badache, Michael Fisher
TestersGabriel Aubin, Chafik Badache, Maxime Plessis Bélair, Brandon Craig-Turner, Noémy Danis, Igors Devels, Audrey-Ann Desrosiers Drainville, Stéphane Gaulin, Patrick Carrière-Goulet, Simon Goulet, Julien Lessard, Hejman Nomat, Mathieu Poliquin, Colin Roy, Clio Thisdèle, Leandro Ripoll Vercellone, Thomas Wallingford
Compatibility LeadDominic Ducharme
Compatibility TestersMatias Montt, Sébastien Pruneau

Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna InteractiveMegan Ellison, Nathan Gary, Neale Hemrajani, Jeff Legaspi, Deborah Mars, Jordan Marks, James Masi, Hector Sanchez
Annapurna Special ThanksJenova Chen, Everyone at Annapurna Pictures

Special Thanks

Special ThanksKevin Herrera, Dino Christian Patti, Hokyo Lim, Jim Shepard
This game would not be possible without the support ofSIEA, Santa Monica Studio
With special thanks toShannon Studstill, Yumi Yang, Eric Smolikowski, Josh Hobson, Eric Fong, Chad Cox, Monty Mudd, Sam Bird, Chacko Sonny, Ariel Angelotti
PlaytestersPeter Angstadt, Sam Barlow, Rekka Bellum, Daniel Benmergui, Joshua Boggs, Marc ten Bosch, Alexander Bruce, Ben Cerveny, Brian Chasalow, Brendon Chung, Nick Clark, James Cosgrove, Neil Druckmann, Nina Freeman, Ricky Haggett, Laura E. Hall, William Hamby, Jennifer Hazel, Michael Highland, Dick Hogg, Eileen Hollinger, Robin Hunicke, Greg Kasavin, Brendan Keogh, Seth Killian, Harry Lee, Richard Lemarchand, Hanford Lemoore, Devine Lu Linvega, Geert Nellen, Jane Ng, Dino Christian Patti, Lucas Pope, Chris Remo, Jake Roberts, Jake Rodkin, Orsi Spanyol, Aaron Vanderbeek, Isaac Wong, Davey Wreden, Karla Zimonja

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (675820)