Stewart Perkins

aka: Stew Perkins
Moby ID: 3132

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Yanked out of college by the allure of cold hard cash, Stew Perkins began by writing and directing commercials for ViMart in Los Gatos. He later joined Activision and contributed to the design and gameplay of entertainment titles ranging from Mech Warrior to Prophecy. Stew left Activision to freelance, and has co-designed games with Doug Barnett (Return to Zork, Hellraiser) and composed several scores for NovaLogic (Ultrabots, Apache Maximum Overkill, Apache 2). His talents turned towards a more interesting title, The Haldeman Project for Sony Multimedia where he carefully restored hundreds of rare photographs taken during the Nixon presidency.

With a skill set that spans many areas of software development, Stew Perkins is considered a veteran. He is currently part owner of Image Plant, which specializes in media projects among diverse customers.

Credited on 20 games

Comanche 2 (1995, DOS) Music Composition
Comanche CD (1994, DOS) Music
Ultrabots (1993, DOS) Music
Blackhole Assault (1992, SEGA CD) U.S. Script Adaptation
Wonder Dog (1992, SEGA CD) Extra Sound
Comanche: Maximum Overkill (1992, DOS) Music
Galaxy 5000 (1991, NES) Voices by
Bo Jackson Baseball (1991, DOS) Testing
Ghostbusters II (1990, Game Boy) Testing by
The Adventures of Rad Gravity (1990, NES) Assistant Testers
MechWarrior (1989, DOS) Playtesting by
Die Hard (1989, DOS) Playtesting
Tongue of the Fatman (1989, DOS) Playtesting
Stealth ATF (1989, NES) Product testing by
Prophecy (1989, DOS) Product Testing
Predator (1989, TRS-80 CoCo) Product testing by
Ghostbusters II (1989, DOS) Playtesting
River Raid II (1988, Atari 2600) Product testing
The Last Ninja (1988, Apple IIgs) Special thanks to
Ocean Ranger (1988, Commodore 64) Testing by


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