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It's been five years since the Ghostbusters roasted the 30-story marshmallow menacing downtown Manhattan. The Ghostbusters sent a huge bill to the city and the city sent back an even bigger bill for damages. Both declared bankruptcy and the now retired Ghostbusters have since moved on. Unknown to the former Ghostbusters, a river of slime has been amassing underneath the city, feeding on all the negative energy of the denizens of New York. Meanwhile a new occupant of the Museum of Art, a 300 year old painting of Vigo the Carpathian and its immortal soul, has arrived and is waiting to get out, eager to use the approaching slime as its medium of escape.

The game starts with the Ghostbusters in trial, with escaped ghosts wrecking havoc in the courtroom. A battle ensues and the player must attempt to vaporize the flying ghost in a sidescrolling environment while dodging ectoplasm thrown by the ghost. Victory or defeat in this battle as well as future battles with ghosts, will be summarized by a newspaper editorial at the end of the battle.

After the courtroom battle, the main game starts in the office of the Ghostbusters. Here the player choose various activities, such as: attempt to gain money by answering distress calls to hunt down ghosts, collect slime from the sewers, test slime (if successfully collected from the sewers), and check the duty roster.

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Average score: 52% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 2.7 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 4 reviews)

Lots of disk switching and hard to play.

The Good
The graphics for Ghostbusters 2 were good for the time, and some of the arcade sequences were fun. Others were downright tedious.

The Bad
Like a lot of games based on movies made in this era, they tried to do too much. Each part of the movie is a completely different game, not nearly fleshed out enough and coming off as half baked.

The Bottom Line
It's a classic late-80's 'movie' game - meaning that each part of the movie is treated with a different game, where you need to relearn skills as the game advances through often tedious parts. Like most games of this type, you'll find parts of it fun, and parts of it annoying. The first one is much better.

DOS · by Old man gamer (381) · 2000

Great Game!

The Good
It was a very fun and simulating game. When I played it, I really felt like I was a Ghostbuster. The title screen graphics were pretty cool too. The images in the game weren't bad either.

The Bad
When shooting the ghosts, there health restores a little to quickly. Your proton pack over heats a little to easily. Also, you only have like 3 or 4 lives and trying to rescue Ghostbusters can be hard.

The Bottom Line
It's a fun game. It requires some patience but overall, is fun especially if your a Ghostbuster fan like me! Who ya gonna call?

DOS · by Mike Jay (32) · 2004

Ghostbusters? Ghostdusters!

The Good
It's Ghostbusters! I could even play Pong for a good time if it's called "Ghostbusters". Well seriously, graphics are decent considering the game uses EGA graphics. At times it's hard to believe the game uses only 16 colours!

The Bad
Game style changes all the time which is annoying. First you bust some ghosts, then you collect some slime, you HAVE to test it, bust some more ghosts, escape from mental hospital, collect some more slime and finally take the Lady Liberty for a ride through New York and then bust Vigo. So it's typical movie license game for it's time where the game tries to follow the movie too closely by taking every single element and scene from the movie and trying to make it a game.

Ghost busting scenes are by far the best the game can offer. Player can destroy environment with proton streams and these scenes actually feel like you're a ghostbuster. But the gameplay is a bit poor. With a mouse the game is playable but with keyboard it's just impossible to capture the ghosts. That is a bad thing because every other scene in the game almost requires player to use keyboard. Collecting slime, escaping the mental hospital and Liberty lady scene are just too hard with a mouse. Of course you can't use both keyboard and mouse, you have to select either mouse or keyboard at the installation screen and stick with it.

Music and sound effects are mostly annoying beeps and ordinary music which will soon get in your nerves.

The Bottom Line
You have to be a hardcore Ghostbusters fan if you can play this game more than 5 minutes. Play the Game Boy version of Ghostbusters II instead.

DOS · by naula (50) · 2008

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This game was produced from design to code release in under 90 days.


The fast development cycle probably explains why Dynamix reused the theme song from Deathtrack, a game they released the same year. This game was the first to use Activision's OmniMusic driver, which supported almost every sound card that existed at the time. This included digital sound support on an Ad-lib card (which lacked a DAC).

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