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Quentin Chaney was the Director of PC-Video Product Development and Marketing of InterAct Accessories, Inc. - a Recoton Company, from 1996 to 1997.

He directed development of video game console and multimedia personal computer peripheral product lines, developed and oversaw implementation of marketing and merchandising programs, coordinated the design of the website and additional Internet presence, developed strategic alliances with software publishing houses, retail partners, Internet source providers and outside agencies, and supervised quality assurance and customer service operations as part of oversight functions.

He was the On-Line Services Manager of the US, UK and German divisions of MicroProse Software, Inc. from 1989 to 1996.

Quentin Chaney supervised, developed, and deployed worldwide the corporate marketing and public relations presence on the major commercial on-line services, 4 in-house bulletin boards, and the Internet, including the deployment of the Spectrum HoloByte-MicroProse Web Site. He coordinated the customer service activities on the Internet for MicroProse, Spectrum HoloByte and affiliated companies, handled migration of corporate Web site from low-end Pentium server to Silicon Graphics Indy Workstation, networked with other corporate departments including Quality Assurance, Development, Operations, Customer Service, and Investor Relations to develop and re-purpose content for electronic dissemination, including the development of demos, news releases, and product updates.

He also managed the MicroProse Developer's BBS for outside development teams. Scheduled online developer’s conferences with CompuServe, America Online, and Genie online services featuring Sid Meier, Bruce Shelley, Arnold Hendricks and other development members. He developed the MicroProse On-Line Beta Preview Program, investigated and consulted with International, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies in the enforcement of software piracy laws.

Quentin Chaney was Quality Assurance Technician on MicroProse published products 1942: The Pacific Air War, Across the Rhine, Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting, The Ancient Art of War in the Skies, B-17 Flying Fortress, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Darklands, F-14 Fleet Defender Gold, F-15 Strike Eagle II: Operation Desert Storm Scenario, F-15 Strike Eagle III, Fields of Glory, Gunship 2000, Gunship 2000 Scenario Disk and Mission Builder, Hyperspeed, Knights of the Sky, The Legacy: Realm of Terror, Lightspeed, Master of Orion, Night Hawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0, Pirates! Gold, Red Storm Rising, Sid Meier's CivNet, Sid Meier's Colonization, Sid Meier's Covert Action, Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon Deluxe, Silent Service II, Space 1889, Task Force 1942, TinHead, Troika, Twilight: 2000, Virtual Karts, World Circuit, X-COM: Terror from the Deep, X-COM: UFO Defense and MegaTraveller.

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Fleet Defender (1994, DOS) Quality Assurance
Gunship 2000: Philippine Islands & Antarctica Scenario Disk With Mission Builder (1992, DOS) Quality Assurance
F-15 Strike Eagle III (1992, DOS) Quality Assurance
Sid Meier Triple Game Pack (1992, DOS) Original Version Quality Assurance
Gunship 2000 (1991, DOS) Quality Assurance
Sid Meier's Covert Action (1991, Amiga) Original Version Quality Assurance
Red Storm Rising (1990, Amiga) Quality assurance by
Knights of the Sky (1990, DOS) Quality Assurance
Silent Service II (1990, DOS) Quality Assurance

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