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game cover GAME: Denki Blocks! (September 2001)
Game Boy Color (2001), Game Boy Advance (2001), J2ME (2002)
game cover GAME: Denki Blocks! (February 22, 2011)
PSP (2011), PlayStation 3 (2011)
ADULT GAME: El Dorado Denki (January 1985)
PC-88 (1985), PC-98 (1985), FM-7 (1985)
PERSON: Denki Miraisha (AKA: Denki Miraisya)
Credited on Bomberman Hero.
game cover GAME: Mashō Denki: La Valeur (October 1989)
PC-88 (1989), PC-98 (1989), MSX (1990), TurboGrafx CD (1991), Windows (2016)
COMPANY: Denki Ltd.
Denki Ltd. was founded on 20th March 2000 by four former team members of DMA Design. One of the co-founders was Colin Anderson. The company was located in Dundee, Scotland, and began as a very small independent games studio. Their first release was Denki Blocks! in 2001. During recent years,...
8 games documented, including Crackdown.
game cover GAME: The Granstream Saga (November 6, 1997)
AKA: Granstream Denki
PlayStation (1997)
PERSON: Genki Ookawa (AKA: Genki Okawa)
Credited on 8 games, including Fire Emblem: Engage.
COMPANY: Tsukumo Denki
2 games documented, including Donkey Gorilla.
PERSON: Denki Neko
Credited on Valis: The Fantasm Soldier.
PERSON: DJ Genki (AKA: Genki Hikota)
Credited on Beat Saber.
COMPANY: Doki Denki SA
Heliovisions Productions was originally a French, Lyon-based company working in the domain of video (dubbing, special effects, editing). Around 1996, a games division was created to work on PC games, when former Infogrames programmers such as Denis Dufour and Vincent Terraillon joined the...
8 games documented, including Kya: Dark Lineage.
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