👾 The lost Atari arcade game returns with Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh
COMPANY: Infogrames Studios Limited
AKA: Gremlin Graphics Software Limited, Gremlin Graphics Softwear Limited, Gremlin Interactive Limited
Gremlin was founded in 1984 by Ian Stewart, Sales and Marketing Director, and Kevin Norburn, the Financial Director. They originally opened a computer shop in Carver Street, Sheffield, called Just Micro. From there they branched out into a software house. Tony Crowther, already well known for a...
235 games documented, including Realms of the Haunting.
COMPANY: Gremlin Interactive Australia Pty Ltd.
2 games documented, including Ancient Conquest: Quest for the Golden Fleece.
game cover GAME: Gremlins, Inc. (March 11th, 2016)
Windows (2016), Linux (2016), Macintosh (2016)
game cover GAME: Gradius: The Interstellar Assault (August 9th, 1991)
Game Boy (1991)
game cover GAME: Interpose X-mas Greetings (December 16th, 1996)
DOS (1996)
game cover GAME: The Ordnance Survey Interactive Atlas of Great Britain: Fourth Edition (included game) (1999)
Windows (1999)
game cover GAME: The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing (November 1989)
Amiga (1989), DOS (1989), ZX Spectrum (1990), Amstrad CPC (1990), Macintosh (1990), Commodore 64 (1991)
game cover GAME: Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (October 11th, 1994)
SNES (1994), Wii (2009), Antstream (2021)
game cover GAME: International Gran Prix (1981)
Apple II (1981)
game cover GAME: Gremlins, Inc.: Famous Figures (October 19th, 2017)
Macintosh (2017), Linux (2017), Windows (2017)
game cover GAME: In Pursuit of Greed (1996)
DOS (1996)
game cover GAME: Zork: Grand Inquisitor (October 25th, 1997)
Windows (1997), Macintosh (2001)
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