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developer photo PERSON: Andrew G. Sega (AKA: Andy Sega, Andrew Gregory Sega, Andrew Sega)
Credited on 16 games, including Unreal.
Andrew G. Sega, a.k.a Necros, is a living legend in the tracking scene. One of the more skilled and reknowned musicians in the scene, Andrew has been writing music since around 1992 and had become particularly active with Epidemic, a scene music disk released in 1995 and featuring talents such...
GROUP: Sega Mega Hit Series
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games re-released in the budget 'Mega Hit' range.
AKA: Black Sea Studios Ltd., Crytek Black Sea Ltd., SEGA Black Sea EOOD
Creative Assembly Sofia is a development studio owned by SEGA and a division of Creative Assembly studio. It is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was initially founded in 2001 as Black Sea Studios by Vesselin Handjiev (aka Frujin). Notable titles Black Sea developed include Knights of Honor...
16 games documented, including Total War: Warhammer III.
game cover GAME: SEGA Rally Revo (September 28, 2007)
Windows (2007), Xbox 360 (2007), PlayStation 3 (2007)
game cover GAME: SEGA Rally Revo (September 28, 2007)
PSP (2007)
game cover GAME: Sega GT (February 17, 2000)
AKA: Sega GT: Homologation Special
Windows (2000), Dreamcast (2000)
game cover GAME: Sega Swirl (1999)
Windows (1999), Dreamcast (2000), Palm OS (2001)
game cover GAME: SEGA SuperStars (October 22, 2004)
PlayStation 2 (2004)
game cover GAME: SEGA Smashpack (September 24, 2002)
Game Boy Advance (2002)
game cover GAME: Sega Casino (November 15, 2005)
Nintendo DS (2005)
game cover GAME: SEGA Slots (January 11, 2018)
iPhone (2018), Android (2018), iPad (2018)
game cover GAME: Sega Tetris (1999)
Arcade (1999), Dreamcast (2000)
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