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Officially retired from MobyGames since January 5, 2011, now creating a better MobyGames at !

I'm a thirty-something male from Leipzig / Germany, father of three wonderful kids and avid tennis player. My profession is tax consulting.

I started gaming in the mid 80s when my father brought home a KC 85/2 over Christmas. He was working at the Alma Mater Lipsiensis at that time, and if I remember correctly the staff had to take the computers home over the holidays because otherwise the machines would've catched a cold in the unheated data center of the university. :o)

However, on this GDR computer I could play some simple BASIC games that my old man had written himself. Even playing these simple home-brewed games, I felt the magic behind electronic gaming.

My first commercial game came with Fort Apocalypse on a friend's C64. When my parents finally bought me an Amiga 500, I played everything I could get my hands on. Among these many games was a strange one which was somehow different than all these shooters and jump 'n runs. It was called Dungeon Master, and it was difficult, yet interesting, but I never got far playing it. Back then, I didn't realize that games of this kind should later become my obsession. Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry VII, Might and Magic's World of Xeen sucked me into the genre, and I never lost interest in RPG's since then.