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Added description to Hidden Object Collection - Amazing Adventures · August 10th, 2018
Added description to MorphX · October 6th, 2015

The player navigates an alien-infested Red Square in Moscow, shown under the effects of a nuclear catastrophe.

The game features a unique adaptive combat system, where players awaken in an alien laboratory and will choose throughout the game to either enhance their performance with alien DNA that increases attributes like stamina and health, or retain their humanity to fight the invading forces.

While searching for an antidote to cure their allies against the alien mutation, players will solve DNA mini-games and puzzles for the option to absorb new abilities and become more adept at fighting tougher enemies.

You can build and change alien DNA chains to improve different abilities like harvested energy from the bodies of defeated enemies, increased regeneration rate, enhanced vision or develop physical manifestations with access to energy weapons and sharp claws.

There is a variety of weapons-including firearms, clubs, plasma projectors and grenades-for melee or ranged combat against enemies.

Added description to Alone in the Dark (Soundtrack Edition) · October 6th, 2015

This Soundtrack Edition includes:

Added description to Action Pack - Driver: Parallel Lines + Far Cry · April 28th, 2012

This compilation contains:

Added description to Street Fighter X Tekken · April 17th, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken is a crossover of the two Japanese fighting game series Tekken and Street Fighter. It is made as a 2D Street Fighter game with the series' trademark mechanics, but incorporating licensed characters from the Tekken series.

The game uses the visual style introduced with Street Fighter IV and incorporates core moves such as Super Combos and EX Attacks. The focus is largely on tag team gameplay where players can quickly switch between characters during a fight and also alternate between characters during complex combos. These attacks are called Cross Rush, Cross Arts and Cross Assault. In the same vein victory conditions imply that the first player to have a character with zero health loses, opposed to having the entire team defeated. Most of the special attacks are performed by filling up a three-tier Cross Gauge to activate them. Street Figher characters use the classic six-button system while Tekken characters rely more on a four-button system used in that series.

This game introduces two entirely new systems. With the gem system players can select three gems for the characters, boosting the statistics attack, defense, speed, vitality, assist, and Cross Gauge. These are activated by fulfilling certain conditions during fights. Secondly, the pandora mode allows a character with less than 25 health to sacrifice himself to have the other character acquire more strength and an infinite Cross Gauge. This effect is however limited in time and if the opponent is not quickly defeated, the game is lost. Both local and online multiplayer are supported in various game modes.

Added description to The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut · April 17th, 2012

This extended cut is an updated version of the original Wii game The House of the Dead: Overkill reworked to support the Move peripheral for the PS3 next to regular controls. The main game is still present with updated visuals to support HD resolutions and a 3D mode. Next to the main game it contains new weapons, two new levels as a sidestory set in a southern American town (Naked Terror and Creeping Flesh - there are now nine in total), new enemies, two new boss battles and new game modes (Classic and Hardcore). Just like the Wii version, when the game is completed the Director's Cut mode can be played with updated weapons, but harder enemies and new challenges. It can be played cooperatively and also contains a number of mini-games, as well as leaderboards and collectibles.

Added description to Live by the Sword · May 19th, 2011

This compilation bundles the Greatest Hits releases of three games with a focus on sword fighting:* Assassin's Creed

Added description to No Limite · November 26th, 2010

No Limite is based on the TV reality show "NO LIMITE” (Survivor), which the player assumes the role of one of the 12 program participants, who together face several challenges, hunting, fishing, looking for food, making fire and dealing with other participants. Players also participate in the surviving evidence, where the loser left without food and can be removed from the program.

While exploring the outskirts of the camp, the player finds the other participants, interact with them, talk, tell jokes, compliment, flirt, make a plot, gossip, curse, play cards or take objects. Winning the group can be vital to stay and win the challenges.

Added description to Speedboat Attack · January 16th, 2010

Speedboat Attack is a game of race speedboats and shot over the water, which the boats are equipped weapons to destroy the components. Exciting game for those who like to run over the waters, with great speed and shots for all of the sides. There are several elements of a typical racing game, such as speed and overtaking, sinuous curves and a competition for positions at any cost.

There are five choices of boats to choose from, each with distinct characteristics of maneuvers, from ten different tracks with varying weather conditions, and the night, morning or in dense fog. Water courses come with the look and the very slippery surface. On some routes include small icebergs and landmines.

Added description to Jogos de Terror · October 20th, 2009

This is a compilation that includes the following 14 games on a single CD-Rom disc:

  • Alien Horde: a platform game in which the player controls a woman whose goal is to kill several aliens and rescue hostages to the base before her oxygen runs out (originally released as a mini-game with Firefly Studios' Space Colony).
  • Alien Prison: first person game in which the player has to escape from a prison facing aliens.
  • CrimsonLand: top-down shooter in which the player has to eliminate the most aliens he can aiming with the mouse.
  • Darkwars 2 & 3: platform game in which the player has to kill monsters such as skulls, zombies and werewolves to get to the next level.
  • Death Illustrated: black and white first person game, in which the player has to kill all creatures which appear in the arena.
  • Dimension 4592: first person game in which the player faces bizarre little green creatures which shoot all the time.
  • Doomed: first person shooter based on DOOM in which the player has to eliminate several monsters.
  • Evil Dreams: first person game in which the player has to escape from the house he's trapped in, while facing several bandits.
  • Ghostbusters: first person game in which the player faces some ghosts and has to reach each levels exit to win.
  • Horrorween: a top-down shooter by in which the player has to eliminate the most zombies he can aiming with the mouse.
  • Phobia III: top-down shooter in which the player has to eliminate all creatures trying to invade his territory aiming with the mouse.
  • Vampire: platform game in the vein of Castlevania in which the player controls a girl who starts running away in her horse from a huge monster. Throughout the level she faces several creatures, both from land and water.
  • ZombiePox: third person game in which the player has to help all zombies to get back to normal, caring not to become one of them.
  • Added description to Trigger Man · September 19th, 2009

    Trigger Man is an action game where the main protagonist Trigger Man works for the Coladangelo Family, who is on the brink of a mafia-style war with the rival Montagano Family, which believes Don Coladangelo is responsible of the death of their Don's son. Shown from a third-person perspective players need to visit typical locations such as villas, restaurants and casinos to take down members of the opposing family.

    Next to the basic action missions there is some focus on stealth and escorting too. Some sections require a key to be found in order to progress. While fighting, there is a focus on head shots, as enemies can take a lot of bullets in other body parts before going down. There are eight missions in total.

    There are different types of weapons including a blade, machine guns and sniper rifles, but only a small amount of clips can be carried. Enemies hardly ever leave anything behind, so ammo crates need to be hunted down.

    Added description to Redneck Rampage: Possum Bayou · September 13th, 2009

    Redneck Rampage: Possum Bayou is a "sampler" of the game Redneck Rampage with fewer levels. It is more than a demo, but less than the full game with only 7 levels of Redneck mayhem.

    Different types of weapons exist including crowbars, dynamite, shotguns, electric saw, bowling ball, and others.

    Added description to POD Gold · August 26th, 2009

    POD Gold combines:

    Added description to MSI Multimedia Games Collection · August 25th, 2009

    This games collection bundles together the complete versions of the following 3 games:

    Added description to Team DK BMX · August 7th, 2009

    Team DK BMX is a freestyle BMX game similar to Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX. Players participate in different competitions of BMX circuits and can choose from different bikes based on the license of manufacturer DK. Players need to score points by performing tricks, based on jumps, grinds and a wide range of possible moves. The game features both indoor and outdoor locations and they are unlocked gradually by performing well in the competition mode.

    Added description to Matchball · August 5th, 2009

    Matchball is a tennis game featuring sixteen players with different characteristics and abilities and seven arenas all over the world. The game modes include Quick Match, Tournaments, Career Mode, Training and Multiplayer (for up to two people). In the career mode, players can start a full career following a beginning players, going up the rankings by winning competitions. Different kinds of items can be bought in stores with prize money to improve the performance during the matches.

    There are also a large number of training sessions, different camera views, replay fuctions and an in-game hall of fame, along with three difficulty levels. Gameplay is very arcade-like, based on three main actions: hit, lob and curve, but with a wide variety in actions from the baseline and close to the net. The ball's trajectory and spin are shown through lines with bright colours.

    Added description to MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Calling All Dorks · July 30th, 2009

    Beavis and Butt-Head in Calling All Dorks is more of a Beavis and Butt-Head-themed multimedia pack than a game. The main attraction is eight full Windows themes based on the characters. Each of them comes with a different background picture, sounds and animated cursors. Also included is Concentration (a memory game based on two hidden pairs), and Decision Maker, a desktop widget with a speaking clock, a block puzzle and a desktop toy. It also includes a number of videos and animations.

    Added description to Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures - Cover-Up at Roswell · July 29th, 2009

    Cover-Up at Roswell is an adventure game based on the Jonny Quest animated television series. Over 50 minutes of footage of the show from various episodes was used to construct a new story as a game, along with a number of new sequences. The story details the Roswell incident where an alien UFO crashes into the earth. General Tyler and his Men in Black immediately salvage the wreckage, but a number of alien components has been scattered around the globe. Players guide the Quest team, consisting of Jonny, Jessie and Hadji, to keep the components out of the hands of Tyler and the genius Jeremiah Surd.

    The characters are guided through different scenes all around the world. They can be moved around, choose an item, grab it or hold it. The five alien objects need to be found using a tracking device that pin-points the location on a GPS. This takes the team to the Devil's Triangle, New York, Peru, Tanzania and Utah. Next to the main gameplay and cut-scenes, there is a large number of mini-games such as matching sequences, board games, rafting, shooting rats with a slingshot, jeep driving, fire extinguishing, and many more.

    Certain segments of the game were designed in 3D and Chromatek plastic viewing glasses were provided with the game to view these.

    Added description to Reflux: Issue.01 - "The Becoming" · July 29th, 2009

    The Becoming is the first installment in the Reflux series of games. It tells the story of Frank Corwin, a man who is running from the law after being framed with the murder on his best friend. Using a cyperpunk theme, he can enter a digital world know as The Verse through his computer. There he becomes Flux, a superhero who is able to morph into different forms. One of his tasks is to infiltrate a Hong Kong base for a company called WorldPerfect along with some friends, but the covert mission is not as simply as it seems.

    The game is presented as a comic book of twenty pages. By clicking the panels, players can follow the narration from the characters' perspective, view digital video sequences or interact directly. Additional content and background information can be read in folders near the bottom of the screen.

    Added description to Zwei!! · July 20th, 2009

    Magic was once strong in Granvallen, the miraculous world of floating continents. A thousand years ago, six demons lords rebelled against the benevolent twin goddesses Aplyes and Espina. Thus the Great Sorcery War began, in which humans fought valiantly against demons. Tiara, the Priestess Princess of the Holy Kingdom of Valence, and the Crusader Paradys managed to defeat the demons, but the force of magic that penetrated Granvallen began to fade as a result.

    Five hundred years later, a mysterious masked man enters the peaceful village of Puck on the continent of Arshes. Two fourteen-year-old children, the girl Pipiro and the boy Pokkle, witness how he enters the village temple, murders a guard, and steals six Goddess statues, the village's biggest treasure. The kids decide to leave Puck, track down the stranger, bring him to justice, and perhaps gain fame and fortune in the process.

    Zwei!! is an action role-playing game with bright, cartoon-like 2D visuals. The player can switch between Pipiro and Pokkle at any time; when controlling one character, the other is handled by the AI. Pipiro uses magical projectiles while Pokkle fights with a drill-like close-combat weapon. Elemental and combo attacks can be used to exploit enemy weakpoints and force them to drop better items.

    The player accesses individual locations from the overworld. Most of them are labyrinthine dungeons with multiple levels populated by enemies. Experience points are obtained from food dropped by enemies or found in the game world. Food items can be combined in a restaurant to create more powerful ones with a higher experience count. The player can also acquire a pet animal (a cat or a dog), who follows the protagonists, helps them collect items, and unlocks specific combo attacks.

    Added description to Nexagon Deathmatch · June 18th, 2009

    Nexagon Deathmatch is a Real Time Strategy game that takes place in an imaginary future world where people have grown bored. As a form of entertainment televised gladiatorial combat has been called into existence. In these deathmatch shows two teams fight each other.

    Like a typical RTS each player builds a base and recruits units. The base's purpose is to defend the Nexus, which when captured makes a player go game over. The player can set up traps and barriers to further defend the base. It is also possible to place decorations, which don't have any combat benefit, but have crowd appeal and allow you to earn more money. Money can in turn be used to buy more base improvements. There are four different races with each their own typical units: the fantasy based Tekhan, the industrial Strunar, the futuristic Ghandros and the organic Olfrum. Each map has neutral armaments that can be occupied by units for additional combat strength. There are four types of units: Moles (basic), drones (close combat), golems (slow but strong) and brains (support).

    Added description to Vampiromania · March 15th, 2009

    Vampiromania is a game that mixes action and role-playing, where the player controls 3 personages individually - Teodor, Petru and Ecaterina - who possess different characteristics. Teodor is a strong man who fights with his hands and protects the group with his shield. Petru, the boy, uses his sling to attack the enemies and Ecaterina is a fast woman with good kicking abilities.

    The objective of the group is to find the terrible Vlad Tepes and to destroy him. Three types of different enemy creatures exist during the game: vampires, buzz and ghosts.

    Added description to Urânio 235 · March 15th, 2009

    Urânio 235 is a first person 3D adventure game, with a gameplay similar to Myst. It was designed to teach basic chemistry for high school students.

    The player is abducted by an UFO and is sent to an abandoned village on another planet. He/she is told that the alien people who lived there used uranium as a power source, but one day a miscalculated neutron beam has hit an uranium atom, causing a huge explosion, destroying most of the alien population. Now the player's mission is to deactivate the beam.

    The game presents many chemistry subjects, such as matter, atomic models, physical states of the matter, mixtures and separations, periodic table, chemical bond, chemical functions, chemical reactions and radioactivity.

    Added description to Skull Cracker · March 14th, 2009

    Skull Cracker can be considered the spiritual successor to the 1991 title Creepy Castle that Bill Appleton wrote for Reactor Inc. The game is set in an alternate world where it is normal to see zombies and monsters roam the streets. They are kept under control by MEI (Mortality Enforcement, Inc.) - an organization that "helps the dead stay dead". As the monsters grow in number however, they organize themselves and demand civil rights. Since they are a common sight and fairly harmless, people do not worry about them, but a mysterious substance known as Goop changes the monsters' character drastically.

    MEI brings in the freelancers Mortis "The Skullcracker" Rigor and Penelope "Bonebreaker" Jones to bring back order. Players can choose between one of the two characters, each with a distinct fighting style. With side-scrolling brawling gameplay, they need to travel through four main locations of four levels each. Some of the places visited are a shopping mall, an arcade, the graveyard, a playground, the MEI headquarters, and more. Next to moving, jumping, and climbing, they can punch and kick opponents, and use power-ups such as flare guns, flame throwers or supersoakers filled with holy water to take out enemies, while replenishing health with pick-ups.

    Added description to Tlon · March 13th, 2009

    Tlön: The Misty Story is a third-person point-and-click adventure game with action elements. It is based on the general ideas of the short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius (published in 1940) by the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. The original story was written as an encyclopaedia article about a mysterious country called Uqbar. It is revealed to be a conspiracy among intellectuals to imagine a new world and it deals with the theme of how ideas can manifest themselves to alter the physical world.

    This game takes a similar approach, but from an entirely different setting. Biatec, a simple villager, lives in a poor and dull town in the countryside. When he goes frog hunting in the swamp one day, he ventures too deep and finds a horse skeleton and parts of rusty armour. Suddenly, he is reminded of his whole life leading up to the present, as he had forgotten, but never contemplated, how he came to live in the village. It is revealed he is in fact a knight who set out to find out more about a Symbol of Creation that is tied to an ancient realm called Tlön. During the journey, he fell off his horse in the swamp, cracked his head on a large rock and forgot about his past life. The player now needs to guide him to continue the quest and discover the hidden realm.

    The game has all traits of traditional adventure design. Biatec is moved around using the mouse and can explore various locations, examine objects, talk to characters, collect items in an inventory and use them in the environment. The action elements come through the form of fighting scenes. Some characters and creatures are potentially dangerous and need to be fought. This is done by switching to a combat mode, and both attacking and dodging in real-time. Consequently, it is possible to die in the game. There are seven different weapons and three types of armour, of which the strength is shown as a number in the inventory.

    Another different element is that Biatec needs to eat and drink during his journey. This is not based on the actual game time, but the player cannot neglect it when an opportunity arises. Even though the game is in 2D, the characters are pre-rendered in 3D. Next to the main storyline, there are different branching paths that delve deeper into the story, and many optional items to acquire.

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