Erbe Software, S.A.


From 1984 to 1995 Erbe Software was the main distributor of entertainment software in Spain, they coped more than the 50 percent of the market. They also promoted the Spanish software by helping small companies like Topo soft or MCM to get their products abroad.

Erbe's products were all famous for their nice and accurate localizations and a great marketing campaign.

During the 80's Spain's Erbe primarily handled the Spanish publishing of Sinclair Spectrum games originating from the UK. They released around 300 games this way, mainly from Ocean and Gremlin.

In the 90's, Erbe was the only and exclusive distributor for such companies as Sierra On-Line, LucasArts, Infogrames, Acclaim, Adventure Soft and Nintendo. This helped them becoming the most important publisher in Spain.

In 1995 big multinationals (Virgin, EA, Nintendo...) started to found their own subsidiaries in Spain so Erbe was losing partners until its demise in 1999.


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