Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

aka: LSL6, Larry 6, Larry 6: Z impetem w glab, Larry in the Jacuzzi, Leisure Suit Larry 6, Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Reiss auf oder schieb' ab
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Shape Up or Slip Out! is the fifth game in Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry series. All the events from the previous games are forgotten. Larry is once again single, and again his goal is to capture the interest of various ladies. By sheer coincidence, Larry finds himself on a TV Game Show called "Stallions". He wins a weekend at the Spa Resort, La Costa Lotta. Naturally, there are some beautiful women in the spa who are just dreaming about such a wonderful, handsome man as Larry! Uh... or is it really so? It is the player's goal to find out!

This installment focuses more on conversations with women and puzzles than on the storyline. The entire game is spent at La Costa Lotta. There are plenty of traditional inventory-based puzzles to solve in the game. Larry can die, but the player is allowed to try again every time that happens, without the need to restore a saved game. This is also the first Larry game with SVGA graphics, and voice-overs in the CD version.


  • לארי בג'קוזי - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 77% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 104 ratings with 4 reviews)

Larry is back! And this time he didn't forget to bring the fun and adventure with him!!

The Good
After the pretty but oh-so crappy Larry 5, I expected the next installment in the series to suck royaly. Fortunately for everyone, Larry (and Al Lowe) learned from his mistakes and came back in full puzzling glory and taking full advantage of the new technological advances to provide a much more extensive adventure experience. There are now 9 babes to conquer, and the spotlight is set entirely on Larry, which of course means no Patty, but lets face it folks: Larry wasn't made to be tied down with the ol' balls & chain :)

The puzzles are among the best in the Larry franchise, and there are some pretty wild ones here, unfortunately their difficulty often comes from their lack of logic (like the one were you have to make yourself a thong), but regardless of that, Larry 6 manages to be one of the best adventure games of it's time, and the digitized ending, though ripped right out of the Naked Gun, is still immensely fun to watch. As is the game to play through, with excellent comedy writing and some fantastically funny moments. Larry truly made amends with the world after the debacle of it's previous outing, and that takes a VERY good game.

The Bad
The only problem in Larry 6 comes from the same reason most of it's good points come from. It's bigger and badder than ever, thus the cliches and the re-using of the same old tired formula becomes even more evident. The plot is the same as always: get to "score" with the girls, which fortunately means to just give them a specific item (man, if it were only half as easy on real life!!), with your main objective being to nail the "ultimate" girl that requires an item you get after nailing all the other sub-chicks. Obviously, all of the adventures with the previous girls turn out rather badly for Larry, but the final chick gets to be Larry's big payoff....

Sound familiar?

The Bottom Line
Larry is bigger, badder and way more funny!! Slightly illogical and definitively unoriginal, but still funny as hell. A must for every adventure fan with a politically incorrect, and sexually active sense of humor.

DOS · by Zovni (10503) · 2002

He is back! Watch out, women named after wines!..

The Good
Despite its appealing looks, Larry 5 was one of the weakest adventure games Sierra has ever produced. The glory of the franchise seemed to have become a thing of the past. But the developers did their homework, learned from their mistakes, pulled themselves together, and eventually delivered a triumphant game seriously contending for the title of the best in the series.

Larry 6 is everything its predecessor was not: it is large, difficult, very funny, and rich in interaction and exploration. Discarding any unnecessary changes and experiments, the game goes back to the convenient formula introduced by the very first outing: you are given a selection of accessible areas you can visit in any order and try to woo the attractive young women populating them. Just like in the initial episode, all the puzzles form an interconnected system, where you'll need to please several female characters until you get the crucial items required for the "boss girl" and the grand finale.

Yes, Larry 6 is unoriginal, but it is often so that originality comes at the expense of quality, and - on the contrary - following a trodden path may eventually bring you to perfection. Whatever Larry 6 does, it does better than any of its predecessors. First of all, it is a big game. Its only location, a resort hotel with a spa, may come across as a disappointment after the urban exploration of the earlier games - that is, until you actually begin exploring, at which point you start noticing that the game's world is bigger than in any of its predecessors. There are various facilities, rooms, beach, outside area - and all those places are packed with items, people, and interesting things to do.

You are able to visit any area of the game world right from the beginning, which makes Larry 6 the most open-ended installment of the series. The upsides of this structure are obvious: not only you are virtually unrestricted in the satisfaction of your curiosity - you are also free to tackle the puzzles at any pace you want. If you feel you are stuck on one task, try exploring more and you're guaranteed to find something to work on. Most objectives can also be solved out of a particular order, which means that the game allows you to play it the way you want to, without forcing particular sequences down your throat and only interfering for humorous cutscenes that occur once you've successfully seduced a girl.

The puzzles have received a tremendous boost. Larry 6 has by far the best puzzles in the series so far, boasting a nigh immaculate system with convoluted, intricate tasks woven together in a clever and yet appropriately twisted, comedic way. There are even some puzzles that can be solved through different methods. Sierra decided to get rid of dead ends, and the death scenes in the game are purely for humorous purposes. They have wisely understood that the days of death-ridden, simple adventures were gone, and, after the hiccup that the preceding game was, devised a puzzle tree worthy of a competition with the best oeuvres produced by their rivals.

At the same time, Sierra kept and enhanced what always gave their games a certain edge over LucasArts' creations - interactivity and text descriptions. Larry 6 is beautifully responsive and heavy on interaction. Even the most mundane, generic actions elicit unique responses. Trying out illogical, ridiculous actions has always been one of the greatest pleasures in those games for me, and Larry 6 shines as one of the very best examples of this. There is more text than ever, longer and more elaborate descriptions, and much longer dialogues that make the game livelier, "tastier", and more energetic than the earlier entries. The humor is also back with vengeance, and the writing is generally among the finest I've seen in a comedy adventure.

As always, this Larry installment is a pleasure for the senses. The high-resolution CD version is the definitive edition of the game, with its enhanced soundtrack and crisp graphics far surpassing the somewhat blurry images of the floppy release. This version also adds, for the first time in the series, full voice-overs, which are excellent. The omnipresent narrator steals the show with his sarcastic wit.

The Bad
Larry 6 is quite unoriginal. It takes what made the series tick and doesn't attempt to breach the boundaries. What the game offers is good traditional adventure gameplay and comedy; it doesn't try to do anything beyond that. There are no political conspiracies this time, no love affairs, no KGB, no FBI, no tragic situations in which the hero should either lose his virginity or die. Just walking around in a spa, gazing at women in bikinis and scratching your head while trying to figure out how to charm them.

The designers made a conscious choice of opening the playground to you right away. The downside of this is a certain lack of dynamism. The game is very laid-back and there are no real surprises: you know you won't leave the area and there will be no new place to visit until the game ends. This also affects the plot, which is nearly non-existent: "please several women in humorously inventive ways" pretty much sums it all up. Also, I know that most people were happy that Patti was gone, but throwing her out of the series without a single hint of an explanation created an unpleasant feeling that all your previous adventures were meaningless.

The Bottom Line
Larry 6 is a splendid recovery from the preceding game's effort to knock the disco lover's crown off his balding head. Dropping all pretenses, it returns to shape by sticking to what works, clearing the field for humor, hormones, and - above all - excellent gameplay.

DOS · by Unicorn Lynx (181794) · 2014

Leisure Suit Larry 6 was the best of the bunch.

The Good
A great game, Larry 6 features better graphics than either of the first, excellent background music, great jokes and great, no-bullshit gameplay. With improved inteface and game engine, the Windows version features voiceovers which are actually quite good (a lot better than in Larry 7).

The Bad
It tends to crash, and that's annoying.

The Bottom Line
A bizarre-o adventure game you gotta love.

Windows 3.x · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 2000

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Cut content

According to Al Lowe’s design document for Shape Up or Slip Out, Larry was originally supposed to date a tenth woman, Frau Milchlieb - an “excessively rich, over-weight, over-sexed, middle-aged, married, Germanic tourist covered with way too much gold and diamonds” who's at La Costa Lotta “to loose veight, dah-link!” She was supposed to sit in the Dining Room, giving purpose to this otherwise almost meaningless location. The design document describes Larry’s interaction with her thus:

Even though she enjoys male companionship, right now more than anything, Frau Milchlieb wants food. Once she gives you the clue as to what she desires, the dessert car appears in the employee’s campground and she waits in her room. She admits you, thanks you, gives you nothing, but sits down at the at the cart and begins to gorge. As she eats, we see and hear her various undergarments stretch, strain, fray, and burst! We watch fabric, buttons, straps, everything fly off, and her fat slowly morphs its way to the floor, bulging her legs and feet until the toe ring she wears shoots across the room at Larry, who sticks up his arm and makes a Willy Mays grandstanding catch.

Since Frau Milchlieb doesn’t quite fit the game’s cast of extremely attractive women, it’s probably no wonder she was cut out. Even so, a relic of her story remains in the game: The room service tray that Larry picks the mineral water up from stands in front of Frau Milchlieb’s room, and was slated to appear after her orgy. That would indeed have made more sense than its appearing out of the blue now.


Here's a few things that will get you killed:

  • Go to the kitchen and suck sir from the tire of the roach coach.

  • Before pointing the video camera into the ladies shower, enter the security booth and try to take the handcuffs from Daryl's belt.

  • Go to the mudbaths, and jump in the mud pool still wearing your leisure suit.

  • Go to the health spa and use the zipper on Gary.

  • Enter the sauna still wearing your leisure suit.

  • Jump in the swimming pool still wearing your leisure suit.

  • In the bar, open the green door at the back of the room.

  • Turn on Dr. Swinebutt's cellulite drainage machine before you fix it.

  • When you get Cavarrichi's ID badge, click on her shirt twice with the hand icon.


Shape Up or Slip Out has a sprinkle of internationality in its cast, with Rosé being Spanish and Cavaricchi French. Originally this multicultural touch was supposed to be much stronger, according to Al Lowe’s design document: It describes a tenth, German woman (see separate trivia item), has the gate guard (“Bang N. Olufsen”) come from Sweden and the tram driver (“Curtis”) from Hawaii.

At least in the latter case, we know how the change happened: The artists drew the tram driver as a likeness of Al Lowe himself, who then changed the driver’s name to “Art” in allusion to a friend of his who looks like him, and to spite the art department.


  • If you try to take Cavaricchy's top enough times, (keep clicking with the hand icon on it) she'll eventually remove it and show you her breasts. Unfortunately, her following lines are: "Now that you have seen them you must die."
  • After Cav leaves the aerobics room, click on her record collection and select one of the songs from the Leisure Suit Larry 6 soundtrack.

  • Use your zipper on the fountain to be awarded a point.

  • Click the hand icon on various objects in the lobby to advance further into the game.
  • Use the toilet seat cover and leave without wiping. Several characters will now have something new to say to you.

  • In the lavatory, use the toilet seat cover, the brochure and the hand cream in this order for a big surprise.

  • Click your room key on several characters in the game.


Shape Up or Slip Out features a song called Cell Block Love, in line with several of Sierra’s early-90s adventure games (cf. King’s Quest VI’s Girl in the Tower, The Dagger of Amon Ra’s Archaeologist Song, Freddy Pharkas’ Ballad of Freddy Pharkas). While the original DOS version only displays the lyrics along with the MIDI track, the CD release has full instruments and vocals.

The song, performed in the game by the country singer Burgundy in La Costa Lotta’s Blues Bar, is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the first Police Quest game, another Sierra series. In the lyrics, the former prostitute Marie Wilkans tells about her meeting and falling in love with Sonny, Police Quest’s protagonist. The full lyrics:

    The boys could find my number written by the telephone,
    The sort of girl a Lytton man could take, then leave alone.
    In high school I was voted Miss Congeniality,
    But then I asked myself, "Why am I doin' it fer free?" I knew when you grew up next door, you had a crush on me.
    You'd been the high school quarterback, then joined the L. P. D.
    That night you caught me hookin' and you hauled me off to jail,
    You wrapped your arms around me and you held me without bail!
    The lifeline that you threw me were the handcuffs that you used.
    You left my heart locked up, and my wrists a little bruised.
    You brought me down for questioning, I had to say, "I do!"
    Your kisses sentenced me to life in Cell Block Love with you.
    I sit alone and cry when you refuse to wear your vest.
    I never know if you'll come home or take one in the chest.
    I sit and stare when you won't wear your firearm like you should.
    I know someday they'll find you, dear, flatlinin' in the 'hood! I pray you're just unfaithful when you don't come home 'til two.
    Perhaps I oughtta go back out and hit the streets like you.
    We sure could use the extra cash, for bills we've plenty of,
    And you could run me in, like on the night we fell in love!
    I waive my right to silence, here's the statement that I'll sign:
    I do confess to lovin' you and wantin' you fer mine!
    Is it so wrong, a workin' girl who loves a man in blue?
    I hope I never make parole from Cell Block Love with you. It's never solitary here in Cell Block Love with you.
    My prison address, darlin', is in Cell Block Love with you!

The music was composed by Al Lowe, with words by Josh Mandel. The singer in the CD version is uncredited. You can listen to a mp3 of the song at Al Lowe’s website.


The game's title is a play on words based on the navy saying Shape up or ship out.

Version differences

There are actually three versions of this game: the Windows version, which runs in 640x480 256 colours; the regular DOS lo-res version, which runs in 320x200; and a DOS hi-res version, exactly like the Windows version, but running on DOS. The 1994 CD version was released with full speech.


Eight of the nine women in Leisure Suit Larry 6 are named after wines:

  • Gammie Boysulay: Gamay Beaujolais
  • Charlotte "Char" Donay: Chardonnay
  • Burgundy Bodine: Burgundy
  • Shablee: Chablis
  • Cavaricchi "Cav" Vuarnet: Cabernet
  • Shamara "Sham" Payne: Champagne
  • Merilly "Mer" Lowe: Merlot
  • Rosé Eleeta: Rosé
  • "Thunderbird" Thunderbird Fortified Wine


  • Power Play
    • Issue 02/1995 – The Most Secret Bust in 1994
Information also contributed by *Katakis, Cravo, Sciere, tante totti and Zovni


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