Interplay Entertainment Corp.


Interplay is a North American video game developer and publisher based in Beverly Hills, California. It was founded in 1983 by Brian Fargo and initially consisted of three programmers: Jay Patel, Troy Worrell, and Bill Heineman, who previously worked with Fargo at Boone Corporation.

Interplay initially developed text adventures, utilizing a text parser created by Fargo. They went on to produce The Bard's Tale series and other notable role-playing games such as Wasteland (1988).

Interplay played a major role during the late-1990's "RPG revival" period. They developed Fallout (1997) and also hosted Black Isle Studios, which developed its sequel and worked on other role-playing games.

Interplay Entertainment Corp., a member of the IDSA and Consumer Product Council, releases products through Interplay, 14° East, Shiny Entertainment, Tantrum, Black Isle Studios, VR Sports, Flat Cat, its affiliated labels and its wholly owned subsidiary Interplay OEM, Inc.

Also Known As

  • Interplay Productions, Inc. (from 1983 to 1998)


On April 12th, 2007, Interplay filed with its 8-K, exhibit 10.49 which outlines an agreement with Interplay and the current IP rights holder for Fallout, Bethesda Softworks regarding Interplay's currently planned Fallout MMOG. Interplay agreed that within 24 months of April 2007, full scale development will start and that by that time, Interplay will have secured no less than 30,000,000.00 for financing. The agreement states that if those two requirements are not met within the next 24 months, Interplay will immediately lose and permanently forfeit its license rights to a Fallout MMOG. Also other requirements were specified that if Interplay does not meet within the specified timeline, rights will be lost and license rights will be permanently forfeit.

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