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Interplay founded MacPlay in the early 1990s as the exclusive publisher of Interplay content for the Macintosh Platform.

Before Interplay exited the Macintosh gaming market in 1997, they dominated the platform by bringing a steady stream of award-winning franchises such as Castle Wolfenstein, Descent, VR Sports, Fallout and Dungeons and Dragons to the Macintosh.

The revered brand remained dormant through Apple's rebirth, and the launch of the iMac, which rejuvenated the entire Macintosh landscape.

In 2000, Apple's strong performance, and the re-energized Macintosh entertainment software market facilitated the return of MacPlay under the aegis of a new company, United Developers, led by software industry veteran Ron Dimant. United Developers licensed the MacPlay brand name from Interplay, and the legendary MacPlay lived once more.

MacPlay, as a wholly owned subsidiary of United Developers, is once again publishing high-caliber games for the Macintosh. Its team of industry veterans, and its partnerships with leading content providers assure a steady stream of critically acclaimed game titles. Its strong commitment to technical excellence and consistent delivery of blockbuster hits is propelling the company to the forefront of the Macintosh entertainment software publishing industry.


MacPlay's web page used to be According to, as of July, 2008, that page now points to MumboJumbo's homepage.

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