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Psygnosis Limited


Psygnosis was a British electronic games software developer. The company was founded in Liverpool in 1984, and initially developed games (mostly in the action genre) for Amiga and Atari ST. Acquired by the Sony Corporation in 1993, Psygnosis played a key role in the launch of the Sony PlayStation in 1995. Psygnosis employed 250 people at its Liverpool headquarters, Leeds, London & Liverpool development studios.

Psygnosis is best known for their Lemmings and WipEout series.

In late 1998, Eidos Interactive bought Psygnosis' European operations. Psygnosis' US operations were folded into Sony's own development outfit, 989 Studios. Finally, in 2000, Psygnosis (as a Sony brand) abandoned the PC game market for good. All US studios closed. The UK studios were absorbed by SCEE, renamed SCE Studio Liverpool and became part of the SCE Worldwide Studios.


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