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King K. Rool has stolen Donkey Kong's banana stash, and Donkey Kong needs your help to get them back. In search of K. Rool, the Kremling horde impedes your progress. Kremlings, crocodile-like creatures, include Kritters (they succumb to a simple jump on the head), Krushas (they are virtually indestructible), and others. There are also other enemies that block your path, such as beavers, snakes, vultures. Leading them are dastardly bosses, including Very Gnawty, Necky, Queen B., and Dumb Drum, and they all bar the way with their own special blend of villainy.

Donkey Kong is joined by Diddy Kong: these two primates differ significantly. For example, Donkey Kong is generally stronger; he can destroy most enemies with a single jump and can lift barrels straight over his head to throw them farther. On the other hand, Diddy is faster and not as strong as Donkey; he can run really fast and do cartwheels. Diddy carries barrels in front of him, creating a shield against frontal attacks.

The game is split into different worlds, which are split into different levels. Each level contains bonus areas, where one can collect bananas, medallions, and lives. At the end of each world is a boss, which is usually a larger version of a minor enemy.


Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance Visit Funky and try your mini-game or fly to the completed levels. Take a height!
Donkey Kong Country SNES Riding this fish is much better than swimming alone
Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance The mine cart level continues very challenging and malicious. One false step and DIE!
Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Color The old-wise-monkey-guy Cranky Kong.

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Donkey Kong Country Screenshot
Donkey Kong Country Screenshot
Donkey Kong Country Screenshot
Donkey Kong Country Screenshot

Alternate Titles

  • "超级大金刚" -- Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • "Super Donkey Kong" -- Japanese title
  • "Donkey Kong Country 1" -- Informal title
  • "Donkey Kong 2001" -- Japanese GBC title
  • "DKC" -- Common abbreviation
  • "Chaoji Dajingang" -- Chinese title
  • "ドンキーコング2001" -- Japanese GBC spelling
  • "スーパードンキーコング" -- Japanese spelling

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User Reviews

A Classic Platformer Is Still Found In Those Pretty Graphics. SNES Guy Chapman (2001)
A counterpoint to the popular view of DKC... SNES MagFram (43)
My favorite game of all time. SNES Jeff Robinson (68)
Terrific! A Masterpiece! SNES darthsith19 (70)
Possibly the best platform game for the SNES SNES lechuck13 (359)
What was Nintendo thinking... Game Boy Color Chris Lesinky (315)
Though DKC is still a great game this port doesn't offer enough new things to make it a good buy if you played the original SNES classic. Game Boy Advance Rensch (218)
Decent port of the SNES classic Game Boy Advance anss (9)

Critic Reviews

SUPER-NES.COM SNES 2008 10 out of 10 100
Power Unlimited Game Boy Color Jan, 2001 9.6 out of 10 96
Nintendo Land SNES Sep 13, 2003 95 out of 100 95 SNES Jan 22, 2010 19 out of 20 95
Game Players SNES Nov, 1994 93 out of 100 93
N-Zone Game Boy Advance Jul 09, 2003 87 out of 100 87
NintendoWorldReport Game Boy Advance Sep 05, 2003 8 out of 10 80
JeuxActu Game Boy Advance Jul 26, 2003 16 out of 20 80
The DOS Spirit SNES Nov 12, 2011 4.5 out of 6 75
Super Play (Sweden) Game Boy Advance Jul, 2003 6 out of 10 60


Topic # Posts Last Post
Game Problems with Game Boy Color version 1 Jeff Robinson (68)
Jul 04, 2008


Animated series

An animated TV series was based on the characters and world of the Donkey Kong Country game. Running from 1997-2000, the series featured all of the cast from the game plus additional new characters. The series was animated with CGI (mostly with SoftImage for those who care), and was not very successful commercially in North America.

Board game

In 1995, Milton Bradley combined two of the great youth trends of the '90s and brought together the world of Donkey Kong Country and a POG-slamming game.

Cranky Kong

Cranky Kong is actually the "original" Donkey Kong from the early 80s and will drone on and on about how games don't need 16-bits and etc.

Donkey Kong Junior

Donkey Kong's sidekick for Donkey Kong Country was originally going to be an updated version of Donkey Kong Junior from the 1980s arcade game. Nintendo, however, objected, and told Rare to either keep Junior's original design, or create a completely new character. This resulted in the introduction of Diddy Kong, who has since replaced Junior in all later Donkey Kong games. Following this, DK Junior's appearances have been reduced to that of an unlockable/trophy in sports-based Mario spin-offs.

Game Boy Advance Version

The Game Boy Advance version has the contrast cranked up to make the game easier to see on the darker LCD screen.


The music that Cranky Kong plays on the Victrola during the intro is a rendition of the actual Donkey Kong music from the original 8-bit Nintendo game.

Super Power review

The game got a full 100 % in the Swedish magazine Super Power. The game was rated in the one day they got to borrow the early cassette. The reviewer today claims that he committed a breach of duty, and was completely astounded by the graphics so he couldn't make a proper review of the game.


Donkey Kong Country was the first game to feature the new ACM graphics technique. ACM was a new graphics technique which allowed rendering of sprites, which made the graphics for the 16 bit games that used it (the DKC games, Killer Instinct and more) extremely detailed. When it first was presented most people took it as a game for what was at the time called Project Reality (i.e. Nintendo 64). People were really shocked when it turned out to be a game for the SNES.


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    • Issue #4 - #17 in the "Top 100 Video Games of All-Time" list
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