Fallout Credits


ProducerTimothy Cain
Asistant ProducerFred Hatch
Division DirectorFeargus Urquhart
Asst. Division DirectorJeremy S. Barnes
Original ProducerThomas R. Decker
Production AssistantJason G. Suinn
Monkey BoyMichael Greene
Mac AssistanceChristopher M. Benson
Additional Programming ByMark Harrison (Lizard Byte), John D. Price, Chris DeSalvo, Mark Murakami


Art DirectorLeonard Boyarsky
Lead ArtistsJason D. Anderson, Leonard Boyarsky, Gary Platner
ArtistsRobert Collier, Michael Dean, Tramell Ray Isaac, Eddie Rainwater, Scott Rodenhizer, Sharon Shellman
Additional Art ByPeter Kroko, Justin Sweet, Joseph Cesario, Cheryl Austin, Jay Christopher Esparza (Tachyon), Geoff Gregor, Arlene Caberto Somers, George Almond, Erik Jamison, Helena Wickberg, James Doyle (Apples Animation)
Clay ModellerScott Rodenhizer
Conceptual ArtistAnthony Postma


Lead DesignerChristopher Taylor
DesignersDavid Hendee, Scott Bennie, Brian Freyermuth, R. Scott Campbell
Technical DesignerScott Everts
Additional Design ByRobert Hertenstein, Jesse Heinig, Nick Kesting
Design/DialogueMark O'Green
Original Game Design ByTimothy Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Jason D. Anderson, Christopher Taylor, Jason Taylor, R. Scott Campbell


Lead ProgrammersTimothy Cain, Chris Jones
ProgrammersJesse Reynolds, Kevin Weatherman, Nick Kesting, Robert Hertenstein, Jesse Heinig, Jason Taylor
Mac ProgrammerTimothy Hume
Movie TechnologyPaul Allen Edelstein
Installer / AutoplayDarren L. Monahan

Quality Assurance

Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
PC Version Lead TestersRonald Hodge, Greg Baumeister
PC Version TestersShanna San Paolo, Evan Chantland, Edward Hyland, Steven Reed, James Chung, Kaycee Vardeman, Bill Field, Richard Barker, Rene Hakiki, Erick Lujan, Matt Kaupa, Steve Victory, Scot Humphreys, Timothy Anderson, Darrell Jones
Mac Version Lead TestersJim Dodds, Matthew Murakami, Steve McLafferty
Mac Version TestersAdam Chaney, Dennis Presnell, Savina Greene, Kaycee Vardeman, Scot Humphreys, Michael Krueger, Matthew Golembiewski
LS. TechniciansBill Delk, Steve Cabiness
Director of Compatibility Phuong Nguyen
Compatibility TechniciansMarc Duran, Dan Forsyth, Derek Gibbs, Aaron Olaiz, Jonathan Darke


Audio Director Charles Deenen
Audio Mastering Craig Duman
 Background TV musicRonald Valdez
 Cinematics Re-recording MixerDave West
 Cinematics SoundeffectsWest Productions
Foley ArtistsDoug Turner, Gary Murello, Larry Peacock
  Foley EditorCaron Weidner
 Foley MixerDebby Ruby
 Foley Mixer/ArtistCecilia Perna
 Foley Recorded atWest Productions
 Foley SupervisionCharles Deenen, Larry Peacock
 FX EditorMichael Dickeson
 Intro Re‑Recording MixerCharles Deenen
Music SupervisorBrian Luzietti
Music By Mark Morgan (for Four Bars Entertainment)
Sound FX Librarians Douglas Rappaport, Sergio A. Bustamante II, Ronald Valdez
 Sound FX DesignersCharles Deenen, Gregory R. Allen, Larry Peacock, EFX Weddington, Caron Weidner
  Voice EditorsDouglas Rappaport, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Voice ProducerFred Hatch
 Voice Recording EngineerPaul Hurtubise
 Voice supervisorChris Borders
 Voice Talent CoordinationJulie Morgavi
 Voice Dialogue Recorded AtHollywood Recording Services. Hollywood. CA
 Voice DirectionJamie Thomason

Feauturing the Voices Of

Harold Charles Adler
Killian Richard Dean Anderson
Loxley Jeff Glenn Bennett
Rhombus Clancy Brown
Set, Gizmo, The Master Jim Cummings
Decker Keith David
Harry Brad Garrett
The Lieutenant Tony Jay
 JainTress MacNeille
 OverseerKenneth Mars
 CabbotRichard Moll
 Butch Harris, NarratorRon Perlman
 VreeCCH Pounder
 NicolePamela Segall
AradeshTony Shalhoub
Laura, The Master Kath E. Soucie
 TandiCree Summer
 MorpheusDavid Warner
 MaxsonFrank Welker


PR Manager Genevieve Waldman
Director of Marketing Paul Sackman
Marketing Managers Mike Markin, Craig Owens, Michael Courtney
Associate Marketing Manager Tod Mack
Traffic ManagerSteve Spandle


"Maybe" Performed byInk Spots
MAYBE Written byAllan Flynn, Frank Madden (Used by permission of EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. ASCAP)
‑‑‑Sections from the High Energy Weapons FAQ by Carey Sublette used with permisssion. Some chagnes were made to fit the background of Fallout. All errors are the fault of Interplay.
Thanks to: Scott Everts (for contributing above and beyond the call of duty to the Qoute File), Brian Eno, the soda fridge, the Spirit of Christmas, Demo the cat, Nicol, Tracy & Korey, Mary & Adam, Lisa, Jamal, T‑Ray's Mom, the two Donalds, Teresa Brooks
Special thanks tothe Fallout webpage bulletin board members for comments, suggestions and bug  reports about the demo. Your feedback was appreciated!


Manual TextsChristopher Taylor
Manual Design & LayoutEd Rubin
Manual IllustrationsTramell Ray Isaac, Jason D. Anderson, Leonard Boyarsky, Scott Rodenhizer


International Product ManagerThomas R. Decker
TranslationSDL Ltd. Great Britain
Voice RecordingsSDL Ltd. Great Britain
QAHeike Walther (German), Marina Bermon (French), Rafael López (Spanish)
RevisionHeike Walther (German), Marina Bermon (French), Rafael López (Spanish)
Additional TranslationsHeike Walther (German), Marina Bermon (French), Rafael López (Spanish)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (151103), MAT (117866), Jeanne (75483), Ian P. (178), OnlyBlue (61), Darren Monahan (28) and formercontrib (160022)