Myth III: The Wolf Age Credits (Windows)

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Myth III: The Wolf Age Credits

Mumbo Jumbo

DesignerR. Scott Campbell
ProducerR. Scott Campbell
Lead Level DesignerPatrick Hook
CEORon Dimant
ArtistCraig Goodman, Craig Matchett
Music and AudioZak Belica
Lead ArtistJacob Koottarappallil
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Meggs
Technical DirectorMark Dochtermann
Executive ProducerMichael Donges
Level DesignerPaul Callender, Richard Cowgill
ProgrammerJoe Riedel, Chris Jacobson
Senior ArtistDeven Winters
AnimatorVictor Racz
Additional ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman, Chris Jacobson
Additional ArtChristopher Bruce, Chris Shelton, Jesse Sosa, Chad Woyewodzic
InstallerJoel Braby
Business DevelopmentMark Cottam
Corporate CommunicationsAndrew Hoolan
Quality Assurance LeadGuy Chapman
Quality AssuranceBen Donges, Matt Molloy, Daniel Naruta, Duncan Stanley
Office ManagerCathy Padgett
Additional Concept ArtEben Cook, Kristi Tardie
Mumbo Jumbo would like to thankHans Hvidsten Birkeland (Vodi), Abraham Benrubi, Gavin Mahan, Nate Trost (Linoleum), Clan Plaid, Vista - from iggy and fisj and from Mike for letting them come, Dayna Rich, Phil Pruitt, Arthur Katz, everyone working the graveyard shift at Del Taco, Kathleen Delker, Darwin Dumlao, Jamus Esper, Jennifer Koottarappallil, Washington Lee, Kenneth Rosman, Joshua Taylor, Victor's entire family, Orsolya, Master Yoda, all the ATCs around the world, our ISP for going out of business, Food Guy, Diedrich's, Seattle's Best Coffee, Costco, Todd Goodman, Melissa Donges, Rich Shoemaker, Sue Shoemaker, Forrest Harding, Andy Schoepel, Wallace Poulter, Janice Fishman, the folks at Take2 Italy Germany and UK, Nickolaus Wing, all at, Robert Kirschenbaum (Paligap), Joost Schuur, Dave Pindrys (Chia), Dorothy Fry (Dot), every single one of our testers


ProducerAaron Rigby
Executive ProducerSam Houser
Director of DevelopmentJamie King
MarketingTerry Donovan, Devin Winterbottom
PRJeffrey Castaneda, Anne Marie Sims, Linn PR
Creative ServicesStanton A. Sarjeant, Jennymarie Jemison, Dianne Vaughn
QA ManagerPhil Santiago
QA SupervisorFrank Kirchner
Project LeadLisa Nawrot
TestersCharles Franklin, Ben Hamel, Daniel Karp, Kai Ma, Joshua Noll, Josh Rose, Jonathan Stephan, Stephen B. Thomas, Scott Vail, Joseph Howell
Box Cover ArtJerry Leach
Many Thanks ToJamie and Tish at the Actor's Group who are incredibly helpful and hard-working. Thanks guys!, Steve and Veronica at Steve Mitchell Productions who are also incredibly helpful and hard-working as well as flexible to help with our seat-of-the pants scheduling, Christian Mock (who as always is ready to give his best in all musical and auditory areas), Lori Goldston, Laura Thel, The Actors who were all great especially Nick Eldridge who very gracefully endured a few 'running through the woods while blindfolded' sessions, The MumboJumbo Team who have really come through and made a good series great

New Pencil

Additional ArtworkDeven Winters, Craig Goodman, Craig Matchett, Kristi Tardie, R. Scott Campbell
Music - Composing, Mixing, MasteringZak Belica
Music ‑ CelloLori Goldston
Audio - Sound Design, Editing, MasteringZak Belica
IllustrationsGreg Faillace, Tom Tonkin
Music - Engineering, Live RecordingChristian Mock
Audio - Assistant Sound Design, EditingChristian Mock

Voice Credits

Berserks,The Watcher, Avatara, ScoutLarry Albert
Llancarfan Archer, Moagim, MyrdredMarc Anders
Dwarven Smith/Traval, Heron GuardLarry Ballard
Damas, Gower Spearmen, Mjarin, Training NarratorDennis Bateman
Llancarfan WarriorZak Belica
Emperor LeitrimMale, Peasant, Dwarven Axe-WarriorKen Boynton
Myrkridian Pack-Mage, Oghre/Mogbragga, The TrowScott Burns
Spider PriestessMelissa Campbell
Ravanna, Female Peasant, Lyche, SyrkroshKymberli Colbourne
Spider CultistMichael Donges
NarratorNick Eldridge
Connacht, Dwarven DemolitionistForrest Harding
Mazzarin, Warlocks of Scholomance, Netplay NarratorDavid Scully

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rantanplan (1826), Jacob Koottarappallil (23) and Stillman (7619)