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Gray Design Associates is the one-man game studio created by David P. Gray in 1989. His most current and notable game is Jigsaws Galore, released in 1996. As of 2014, He ported the Jigsaws Galore game for Intel Mac Computers.

Credited on 6 Games from 1990 to 1996

Jigsaws Galore (1996 on Windows, Windows 3.x, Macintosh)
The Hugo Trilogy (1995 on Linux, Windows, Macintosh)
Nitemare-3D (1994 on DOS, Windows 3.x)
Hugo III: Jungle of Doom (1992 on DOS)
Hugo II: Whodunit? (1991 on DOS)
Hugo's House of Horrors (1990 on DOS, Windows, Windows 3.x)

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Contact Information (2010):

Gray Design Associates (US)

P.O. Box 333

Northboro, MA 01532


Gray Design Associates (UK)

PO Box 6112

Ferndown BH22 2AH


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