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Origin Systems was founded by Richard Garriott in 1983, after disputes with publisher Sierra On-Line over the publishing of Ultima II. He then decided that he wanted to create his own company that would publish his games.

It became well known for their Ultima and Wing Commander/Privateer game franchises. It was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1992. In 1997, the company would release Ultima Online, one of the earliest and most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) games of all time.

Garriott left Origin Systems after EA canceled one of his development projects in 2000. Subsequently, the company mainly worked on supporting and expanding Ultima Online. Eventually, EA closed the studio in February 2004.

The tenth numbered title in the Ultima franchise, the MMORPG Ultima X: Odyssey, was cancelled officially on 30 June 2004, four months after Origin Systems itself was closed. Ultima Online would continue first through in-house maintenance from EA, then transferred to Mythic in 2006, then Broadsword Online Games in 2014.

Credited on 81 Games from 1983 to 2013

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Wing Commander 1+2 (2011 on Windows, Macintosh)
Ultima Online: Third Dawn (2001 on Windows)
Ultima Online: Renaissance (2000 on Windows)
Ultima IX: Ascension (1999 on Windows)
Ultima Online: The Second Age (1998 on Windows)
Fighter Pilot (1998 on Windows)
Wing Commander: Secret Ops (1998 on Windows)
Zero Pilot: Ginyoku no Senshi (1998 on PlayStation)
Wing Commander: Prophecy (1997 on Windows, Game Boy Advance)
Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2 (1997 on Windows)
Ultima Online (1997 on Windows)
Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow - Gold (1997 on DOS, Windows)
Crusader: No Regret (1996 on DOS, Windows, Macintosh)
Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow (1996 on DOS)
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1996 on DOS, Windows, PlayStation...)
Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow (Limited Edition) (1996 on DOS)
Transland (1996 on DOS)
Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga (1996 on Windows)
Crusader: No Remorse (1995 on DOS, Windows, PlayStation...)
Abuse (1995 on Linux, DOS, Amiga...)

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History +

February 25, 2004

The studio is closed by Electronic Arts.

March 30, 2000

Founder Richard Garriott leaves the company.


Company acquired by Electronic Arts, Inc.


Company founded.

Trivia +

Here is the official statement from Origin concerning Richard Garriott's departure:

"It was announced today that Richard Garriott is leaving Origin Systems to pursue other interests. As co-founder of the company more than 15 years ago, Richard has helped Origin to grow into one of the top entertainment software companies in the world. As creator of the Ultima series, his contributions to the company and to the gaming industry as a whole are immeasurable, and he remains a friend of Origin Systems. Richard has yet to announce his upcoming plans, however we at Origin wish him success in any future endeavors.

Origin will continue to support and expand the world of Ultima Online, as well as our online worlds in development such as Ultima Online 2."

Garriott's main reason for leaving was more likely the complete lack of support and interest on the part of EA towards the single player Ultima series.

Location and contact information in April 1996:

Origin Inc.

12940 Research Blvd.

Austin, TX 78750

Technical Support: 512-434-4357

Fax Support: 512-795-8014

BBS Support: 512-346-2227

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