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The company was founded by Trevor Chan in 1993.

Its first product Capitalism, a business simulation game was released in 1995. Following the success of the Capitalism series, the company ventured into the real-time strategy game arena with its release of Seven Kingdoms in 1997.

In 2003, the company is made an entry into the publishing business, establishing Enlight Interactive Inc., the US publishing arm of the Enlight group as well as consolidating strategic partnerships with distributors the world over.

Credited on 26 Games from 1995 to 2015

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Seven Kingdoms 2: HD Edition (2015 on Windows)
Restaurant Empire II (2009 on Windows, Macintosh)
Hotel Giant 2 (2008 on Windows)
Seven Kingdoms: Conquest (2008 on Windows)
Circus Empire (2006 on Windows)
American McGee presents Bad Day LA (2006 on Windows)
X³: Reunion (2005 on Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
SpaceStationSim (2005 on Windows)
Marine Park Empire (2005 on Windows, Macintosh)
Soldier Elite: Zero Hour (2005 on Windows)
Zoo Empire (2004 on Windows)
Warlords: Battlecry III (2004 on Windows)
Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc (2004 on Windows)
Fast Lanes Bowling (2004 on Windows)
X²: The Threat (2003 on Linux, Windows, Macintosh)
Restaurant Empire (2003 on Windows)
Hotel Giant (2002 on Windows)
Trevor Chan's Capitalism II (2001 on Windows, Macintosh)
Virtual U (2000 on Windows)
Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars (1999 on Windows)

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March 4, 2004

American McGee is contracted for the position of creative director.


The company establishes Enlight Interactive Inc., the US publishing arm of the Enlight group.


Enlight Software founded by Trevor Chan.

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