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Auran was a game development and publishing company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was founded in 1995 by Greg Lane and Graham Edelsten. Auran released its first game Dark Reign: The Future of War in 1997.

Auran was best known for developing the Trainz railroad simulator series, which uses their self-developed middleware game engine Auran Jet. After focusing almost entirely on those games from 2001-2007, the studio branched out with Battlestar Galactica and Fury, both released in 2007.

Auran also published a number of games for the Australian market, including Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich, Shadowgrounds and Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday. In 2005 Auran directors Graham Edelsten and Tony Hilliam founded the publishing company n3vrf41l Publishing and it was first announced in May 2006. N3vrf41l would take over publishing activities so Auran could focus entirely on game development. As a separate company, N3vrf41l licensed Auran's titles.

On 17th December 2007 Auran Games went into voluntary administration and a majority of the staff was laid off, except for a small group to continue work on the Trainz series. Eventually Auran became a subsidiary of n3vrf41l and the company disappeared. Auran still remains as a brand / division of n3vrf41l, which changed its name N3V Games Pty Ltd. around 2009 and now continues development of the Trainz series. They also create games based on new franchises. Co-founder Greg Lane had already left Auran in 2005 and became the CTO at MyVirtualHome.

Credited on 34 Games from 1997 to 2010

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Disciples III: Renaissance (2009 on Windows, OnLive)
Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition (2008 on Windows)
Zoo Quest: Puzzle Fun (2007 on Nintendo DS, iPhone, Windows)
Battlestar Galactica (2007 on Windows, Xbox 360)
Trainz Railwayz (2007 on Windows)
Fury (2007 on Windows)
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007 (2007 on Windows)
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007 (2006 on Windows)
Trainz: Driver Edition (2006 on Windows)
SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars (2006 on Windows)
Trainz Routes 4 Pack (2006 on Windows)
Kao: Mystery of Volcano (2005 on Windows)
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (2005 on Windows)
Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich (2005 on Windows)
Strategy Six-Pack (2005 on Windows)
Legend of Kay (2005 on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3)
Seal of Evil (2004 on Windows)
Space Hack (2004 on Windows)
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (Deluxe Edition) (2004 on Windows)
Psychotoxic (2004 on Windows)

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December 2007

The company lays off most of its employees. Only two small teams are kept to support Trainz Railwayz and Fury.


Company founded.

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