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Color Dreams, Inc.

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  • Wisdom Tree, Inc. (from 1991)

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Color Dreams, Inc. was a developer of unlicensed games for the NES. In the nineties, they launched the Bunch Games label, and in 1992 they reappeared with the subsidiary name Wisdom Tree, with a focus on Bible-inspired games.

Color Dreams left the video game industry in the mid-1990s and shifted its focus on developing closed-circuit television systems for businesses. Wisdom Tree has since spun off from its parent company, now mainly licensing its core Christian video game franchises to external developers.

Credited on 30 Games from 1989 to 2017

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Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree PC Collection (2017 on Windows, Linux, Macintosh)
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure (2003 on Lynx)
NIV Bible & the 20 Lost Levels of Joshua (1996 on Game Boy)
Bonus PC Pack (1995 on DOS)
Sunday Funday: The Ride (1995 on NES)
King James Bible For Use On Game Boy (1994 on Game Boy)
Super Noah's Ark 3-D (1994 on DOS, Windows, SNES...)
Bible Buffet (1993 on NES)
Crystal Mines II (1992 on Lynx)
Joshua & the Battle of Jericho (1992 on DOS, Game Boy, Genesis...)
Spiritual Warfare (1992 on DOS, Game Boy, Genesis...)
Bible Adventures (1991 on DOS, Genesis, NES)
Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land (1991 on DOS, Game Boy, Genesis...)
King of Kings: The Early Years (1991 on NES)
Miss. Peach World: L.A Cop (1991 on NES)
Operation: Secret Storm (1991 on NES)
Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise (1991 on NES)
Challenge of the Dragon (1990 on NES)
King Neptune's Adventure (1990 on NES)
Menace Beach (1990 on NES)

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Bunch Games is set up as a new label for the studio's lower quality games.


Company founded by Dan Lawton, Eddie Lin and Phil Mikkelson

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Color Dreams was an unlicensed game company, they decided against obtaining an official license to produce Nintendo NES carts. Jim Meuer and Dan Lawton developed a way for the cartridges to legally bypass Nintendo’s lock out chip. Nintendo sued, but lost, as Color Dreams did not copy the mechanism and therefore did not violate any of Nintendo's copyrights or patents.

The games released under the Wisdom Tree name are bible adventures. The idea to develop Christian games started as a joke, but it soon became big business.

Wisdom Tree, Inc. was a subsidiary name for Color Dreams, a company who produced and released NES games without an official Nintendo license. They managed to do this by reverse engineering the NES and figuring out how to bypass the lock out chip. Although Nintendo would normally press charges against these various unlicensed companies, they did not take action against Wisdom Tree, Inc. in the fear of a public backlash due to the religious themes presented in the games.

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