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Songbird Productions

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Songbird Productions was founded in 1999 by well-known Atari fan and hobby developer Carl Forhan to develop and publish games for all Atari consoles, from the 2600 to the Jaguar.

Carl does develop directly for the Lynx and Jaguar and a primary emphasis of Songbird Productions is to finish up those games and get them out the door and into consumers' hands.

However, equally important is the opportunity to work with other hobby developers, who may have the skill to develop a beta-quality game but need some help in certain areas (audio, graphics, playtest, etc.) or even a release-quality game, but don't have the contacts or funds necessary to get a game published for an Atari system. Songbird Productions has the skills and contacts necessary to release games for virtually any Atari console.


Credited on 13 Games from 1999 to 2021

Unnamed (2021 on Lynx)
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure (2003 on Lynx)
Skyhammer (2000 on Jaguar)
Hyper Force (2000 on Jaguar)
Championship Rally (2000 on Lynx)
Protector (1999 on Jaguar)
Ponx (1999 on Lynx)
Lexis (1999 on Lynx)
Robinson's Requiem (1994 on DOS, Jaguar, Amiga...)
Soccer Kid (1993 on DOS, PlayStation, SNES...)
Total Carnage (1992 on DOS, Game Boy, SNES...)
Loopz (1990 on DOS, Game Boy, Lynx...)
Centipede (1981 on PC Booter, Game Boy, Game Boy Color...)

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Address in 2002:

Songbird Productions

1736 Chippewa Drive NW

Rochester, MN 55901

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